What is the best way to grind venison?

Ground venison is smooth and firm. Thus, it is ideal for making burger patties, meatballs, taco fillings, and sausages. You can easily use a large and heavy-duty meat grinder to grind venison and prepare many delicious dishes. So, people thinking of grinding venison for the first time often wonder about the best way to grind venison. 

Here is what you have to do: 

Preparing for Grinding

First of all, remove the bones of the deer from the meat. Make sure to remove silver fats as much as possible as well. Then, cut the venison into pieces. The pieces should be according to the size and motor power of your electric meat grinder. 

What is the best way to grind venison
What is the best way to grind venison?

If you use a manual meat grinder, you may have to grind the venison twice. It is better to use a heavy-duty and powerful meat grinder to ground venison/deer as the texture of the meat is firmer than beef.

Keep the It Cold

To get the best taste of the venison, you must ensure that it stays cold. It does not have to be frozen, but cold enough to keep the fat and the protein intact. So, put the prepared venison in the freezer for a while before you start grinding it.

It is also easier to grind cold venison with a meat grinder. A powerful meat grinder can even effortlessly crush frozen venison.   

Adding Fat

Venison is not as juicy or succulent as beef. Thus, it may taste dry for many recipes. Therefore, it is advised to add extra fat when you are grinding venison. You can buy cow or pork fat at a cheap rate from the local butcher shop. 

How much fat you should add actually depends on how succulent you want the venison to be. The more fat you add, the juicier it will get. You can add 10-15% fat for hamburger petty and 20% for making sausage. 


Now, it is time to decide how clean you want to be the ground venison. Do you want it coarse? Or, do you prefer smooth and fine texture? 

Typically, a meat grinder has two grinding dies- a fine die and a coarse die. If you want the texture coarse, then use only the coarse die. And if you want a finer texture, then grind the venison again with the fine die after using the coarse die. 

As you can see, the process of grinding venison is not that hard. You can easily process venison meat on your own with these steps.

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