Can You Grind Bones with a Manual Meat Grinder?

Since the invention of manual meat grinders, it has become quite easy to prepare ground meat for burgers and sausages. Manual meat grinders can effortlessly grind boneless meat. It is also possible to grind bones with heavy-duty manual meat grinders. However, they are not as competent as heavy-duty electric meat grinders. Moreover, it requires physical strength. 

If you end up having a lot of leftover bones from animals for some reason, you may wonder how to use them. Bones have a lot of calcium which is great for animals. So, you can use the bones to make pet food. A heavy-duty manual meat grinder can be used to crush the bones.

Can You Grind Bones with a Manual Meat Grinder
Can You Grind Bones with a Manual Meat Grinder

But, you must know the proper way to grind bones with a manual meat grinder. It cannot grind thick and hard bones. Also, the meat has to be uncooked. Therefore, you should use a manual meat grinder to crush only the small and soft bones of small birds and animals like chicken, turkey, rabbit, and fish. 

To grind bones with a manual meat grinder, first, you have to get rid of the tendons from the bones. Cut the bones into small and thin pieces, and then put them in the grinder in small portions. You have to use a lot of physical strength to crush the bones. The texture of the crushed bones depends on not only the grinder but also how much effort you apply. 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using a manual meat grinder for crushing bones: 


  • Electric meat grinders are expensive and require electricity to run. A manual grinder requires no power.
  • Heavy-duty manual meat grinders are enough to crush bones to make pet foods for your dog or cat. Thus, the animals get a good amount of nutrients. 
  • Manual meat grinders are easier to clean compared to electric meat grinders. You can soak it in water and brush it. 
  • The size of a manual grinder is also smaller than electric meat grinders. So. It does not occupy much space in the kitchen. 


  • Cannot grind bones as effortlessly as electric meat grinders. 
  • The ground bones can have splinters and chunks of broken parts. These can be harmful to pets, especially for little kittens or puppies. 
  • Manual meat grinders are time-consuming and require physical strength.

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