How To Use A Manual Meat Grinder Properly At Home | Learn It With Tricks

Well! If you have old hand meat grinders but didn’t operate them before, you should know how to handle your grinders. I think you are here actually to learn how to use a manual meat grinder properly at home.

If I am right, you have also reached the right place. Yes, today, we select this topic regarding solve this problem that is for many of us who also search it like you.

It won’t matter enough just to know the operating system; with this, you should know a few tips that make your jobs perfect and straightforward for you. This simple post will assist you in learning and grind meat within a short time.

Let’s see the following steps that you should know.

Benefits of using Manual Meat grinder

If you wonder why many people prefer to use old fashion meat grinders, there indeed have several benefits that forever satisfy the experienced one. There have numerous advantages, such as:

  • The manual grinder easy to use, and you can operate it anywhere without electricity.
  • A hand-operated meat grinder is cheaper than an electric meat grinder.
  • This device can bring better flavor after grinding meat.
  • As you handle it by your hand, you can control to cut the ingredients and mix any elements with the meat.
  • You can enjoy fresh meat to make your favorite burgers, sausage, or other foods.
  • If you go to buy ground meat from the market or hire someone to mincemeat at home, it spends more than using your device.
  • You can get higher quality and better taste of meat at home within a short time.

Though it is so simple to know how to use a manual meat grinder at home perfectly, it is a little tough to find out the best meat grinder from various options. Selecting a hand meat mincer makes it easier for manual meat grinder reviews and a home for you. Read on know how to use meat grinders!

The essential parts of Manual Grinders

How to assemble a meat grinder when it is a manual grinder? Before learning it, you should know with the essential parts of the hand operated meat grinder machine.

  • Clamp – This part is used to mount the device to a firm surface.
  • Hopper – To add the fresh meat cubes, this part needs.
  • Pusher – This part works to push the meat down
  • Screw – It is the most significant part of the hand handled grinder that works well to push the beef or meat down, and they will shift to the blades smoothly.
  • Blade & Plate – Both of the parts actually work to grind the meat.
  • Hand crank – It is another part, and it works to rotate the screw, and it is located on the side of the machine.
  • Other parts – Manual grinder also includes a main body, nut, collar, handle, locking, ring, cross knife, and auger.

How to assemble a manual grinder

Before starting your meat grinder journey, you should know how to assemble a meat grinder when you have to operate it by your hands.

  • At first, ensure the machine is neat and clean, plus free of all types of rust.
  • Check the blades are Sharpe enough to cut the meat or other ingredients.
  • Check all parts are here, and all of them are ready to work.
  • Place the handle with the main body.
  • The screw or nuts of the handle can protrude on the hold.
  • Fix the cutting blade and plate
  • Mounting or place the grinder on the work table and the edge of it have to 1 or 1.2 –inch

Now your manual meat grinder is ready to grind meat perfectly. Let’s grind your favorite meat following the steps.

How to use a manual grinder

Now start grinding your favorite meat following the below steps one by one. Let’s try to know – how does a meat grinder work?

Step-1: Place the machine

At first, you have to use a clamp to make sure the security of the grinder machine into the sturdy exterior like a strong table. To ensure the machine can’t wobble after assembling and make force and try to stir here and there that forward the rank.

Step-2: Prepare the meat

In this second step, you have to prepare your favorite meat or beef, and here you need to trim away excess fats, tendon, and cartilage from the selected meat. Basically, a manual meat grinder can face spare tendon plus fat issues that will clog the machine when you push them into the blade and plat.

So, it will be better the first time you take them off and prepare the meat to put into the grinder machine. It helps you also when you will go for cleaning the device.

Step-3: Freezer the meat

Keep in freeze the meat for 30 minutes so that it can be cold entirely, and they will prepare to cut easily. Freezing meat is perfect to work into a manual grinder and give perfect shape to grind.  Now cut the meat into small pieces and look for how small pieces will be put into the machine.

Step-4: Take a bowl to hold meat

Take a large bowl and place it under the machine’s exit point so that it holds the fresh meat ground easily. Using cold meat in every stage and make sure the meat clean and fresh and also bacteria-free.

Step-5: Start to grind the meat

Now put the meat and turn on the hand crank but don’t give more pressure and do it gently at the machine’s side to lower the first piece of the beef into the mouth of the grinder machine. Give a chance to the blades so that the blades can pull the meat throughout the device.

Don’t try to use your fingers ever to push down the meat into the cavity and ensure you don’t. Otherwise, you have to suffer for a long time, even for a single accident.

Step-6: Crust bread into the machine

When you complete the meat processing, instantly run a few bread slice like meat into the machine to mince. It will work well with meat and clean the excess meat that is fixed with the machine. Again the fat with most of the meat can also be removed by the pieces of bread and can clean the device from inside quickly.

Step-7: Disassemble the machine

At last, side the bowl from the point with ground meat and disassemble the machine carefully. You have to do it instantly so that the meat won’t dry anyway. You have to clean the machine properly and restore it again in the right place so that you can use it next time simply.

We think you guys have realized the necessity of knowing how to use a manual meat grinder with tips as well. So, you have to follow the complete steps properly and do the job carefully.

Tips & Warning


  • After every use, clean the machine instantly. For proper cleaning, you can crust dry bread into the machine that takes away all the fats or ground meat from the machine’s inside where your hand can’t reach to wash.
  • Disassemble the machine carefully and place the previous store again.
  • Before starting a grinding job, wash your hands correctly and clean the work place where you want to set up the grinder to grind.
  • You have to must ensure the meat has refrigerated and made cold entirely, but it won’t be frozen.
  • Read out the individual meat grinder instructions so you can know how to sterilize the component between uses. A few machines come with different types of blades for chunkier or finer mince.
  • Check the attachment that may be available to capture the ground meat into the casing for sausage.
  • The manual meat grinders are able to grind vegetables or fruits with several types of meat. This type of grinder machine will also allow you to grind cooked fruits or vegetables for the baby foods.


  • The first warning is that you have to keep in mind that any machine can’t distinguish between meat and a human finger. So, never place the finger even near the blade anyway until the device is taken separately.
  • Every new grinding plate is also too sharp, so you should handle it carefully and don’t hurry grinding time.
  • Don’t put your fingers into the grinder when you go to put the meat into the machine.
  • IN this case, you want to use any tool to push the meat into the machine, which won’t be a perfect idea. This will be the cause of damaging your grinder.
  • Don’t give too much pressure on the handle to turn the machine. Just hold the handle and press it smoothly with enough push.

Our Last Words!

Conclusively, how to use a manual meat grinder is so simple to operate if you follow the tips and warning with grinding steps properly. So, if you want to get fresh ground meat with the best texture and flavor, you can use a manual grinder and make homemade burgers or sausage easily at home.

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