What Is Kubbe Attachment On A Meat Grinder?

The Kubbe attachment on a meat grinder is a unique add-on used for making special dishes such as the Middle Eastern Dish, kubbe is also known as kubba or Kibbeh. Kubbe is a tasty dish loved by people all around the world. It is made with minced meat (especially lamb) stuffed inside a wheat-based shell. 

In the past, the kubbe dough and shell were made completely by hand. It was a time-consuming process. Nowadays, meat grinders come with different kinds of add-ons, and the Kubbe attachment is one of them. It can also be bought separately for both electric and manual meat grinders.  

Different Parts Of Kubbe Attachment

What Is Kubbe Attachment On A Meat Grinder

It is quite easy to prepare the Kubbe dish with the help of the Kubbe attachment. The attachment is made of aluminum or steel, and it has two pieces. They are:

The extruder tube 
The round threaded flange.

Both of these pieces are important to create the unique hollow tubes of the Kubbe dish. The solid tube in the middle of the extruder tube creates the hollow space inside the kubbe shell. The round-shaped flange supports the tube to create the outer layer of the shell.

How To Use The Kubbe Attachment

Here is how to use the Kubbe attachment to make the Kubbe Dish:

In the video below you can see Kubbe Attachment very easily.

First, remove the current attachment or add–on from the meat grinder to connect both parts of the Kubbe attachment. Also, don’t forget to remove the blades and plates inside the meat grinder. 
After that, put the extruder tube through the round flange. Then, attach the pieces to the mouth or end of the meat grinder. Lock the ring-shaped flange securely.
Prepare the Kubbe dough with Wheat and the necessary amount of meat. Next, fill up the meat grinder hopper with the dough and turn on the meat grinder.
The kubbe attachment will produce long, hollowed cylinder-shaped shells. These shells are even and thin, which is necessary for the taste of kubbe.
Cut the long tube shells in pieces according to preferred sizes and fill them with meat and other fillings. Then, close both ends of the tubes. Finally, the dough is ready to be fried or baked.

This way, the kubbe attachment made the entire process of kubbe making the process easier, and less time-consuming. The user of the meat grinder can also experiment to make different dishes with the kubbe attachment.

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