Can Meat Grinder Grind Fish Bones?

Meat grinders have been used for grinding meat and mincing bones for a long time. Some meat grinders are suitable for mincing small pieces of soft bones of cow meat, deer, lamb, chicken, rabbit, and turkey.

Since meat grinders are used to make pet foods by mincing bones of small animals like chickens, turkey, and rabbits, fish bones can also be minced in a meat grinder. However, not all meat grinders are suitable for grinding bones. The heavy-duty electric meat grinders are best for grinding bones of small animals and fish.

Reasons to Grind Fish Bones

Can Meat Grinder Grind Fish Bones
Can Meat Grinder Grind Fish Bones

There are a few reasons why you may feel the necessity of grinding fish bones. Maybe the dog or the cat enjoys eating fish bones. So, why not turn the extra fish bones into pet food? Kittens that just started to eat other foods than milk can easily eat the minced fish bones instead of struggling with whole fish bones. It can be a good source of calcium for pets.

People also use meat grinders to grind a whole fish to make fish patty or sauce. In this case, it takes a lot of time to remove the fish bones. So, they want to grind the whole fish with the bone.

It is not always possible to grind bones with a manual meat grinder no matter how soft the bones are. Therefore, use a durable heavy-duty electronic meat grinder to mince fish bones. It is also important that the bones are uncooked. Bones of cooked or fried fish hardens and creates splinters when minced. These hard splinters can harm the pets if they try to eat them. 

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How to Grind Fish Bones

To make pet foods with fish bones, choose soft uncooked bones. You can also grind whole fishes that fit in the meat grinder to make fish patty or sauce. Fish or fish bones, both have to be cut into small pieces to put in the meat grinder. If you have to add some other ingredients, chop them and put them inside the grinder hopper with the fish.

The meat grinder should be on a smooth and hard surface because it will vibrate while grinding. Place a bowl below the grinding attachment to catch the mincing bones or fish. Turn on the meat grinder and start putting fish or bones in the hopper in small portions. Do not throw too many bones at once. It will block the insides of the grinder.

Wait until the batch of ingredients comes out entirely. Then, put in the next batch of fish bones. As you can see, mincing fish bones with a meat grinder is quite easy when you follow these rules. Can Meat Grinder Grind Fish Bones?

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