The 6 Best Meat Grinder for Bones: [Reviews & Guide]

You are on this page, so I can guess you are searching more online for the best meat grinder for bones. But haven’t found reliable pages or products under your budget, still now?

Take an interval because you have reached the right page where you are going to get the right product according to your wallet.

But we should know why you have searched for the grinder before going ahead.

Most of the meat grinders will work well for various purposes, and for this reason, we have to have the perfect type of meat grinder even if your intention to add bones to the ground meat for your pet’s good health.

That’s why a right meat grinder for bones are essential for raw pet food.

This article will help you to know all the essential information so that you can get a budget-friendly meat grinder quickly.

Let’s see a comparison chart where you will get the top meat grinder from our reviews.

Best Choice

STX – 1800 – Magnum electric meat grinder

  • Grind 220-260lbs of meat per hour
  • Locked wattage: 1800W
  • Dimension: 14 x 7.5 x 11.5 inches

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Top Pick

AOBOSI electric meat grinder

  • Grind 2-pounds of meat per minute
  • Locked Wattage: 2000w
  • Dimension: 18.9 x 8.86 x 11.02 inches

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Best Value

SUNMILE SM-G50 ETL electric meat grinder

  • Grind 200-pounds of meat per hour
  • Locked Wattage: 1000w
  • Dimension: 12.2 x 11 x 15.1 inches

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Why normal meat grinders and grinders for bones aren’t similar?

Well, verities grinder you can see in the market these days. You can think of selecting anyone from them for a lot of jobs, even for grinding bones. But you should know that all types of grinders are not suitable for mincing the bones.

What can the reason?

The reason is the blade because all grinders don’t include sharper blades that a meat grinder for bones has, and they are enough to cut and grind the bone like soft meat. The normal grind is enough to grind the chicken or beef finely. If you try to grind bone using them, honestly, they will damage by first push.

Are the meat grinders suitable for all types of bones?

The meat grinder for bones is not fit for grinding all types of bones like tougher ones. They are allowed you to grind just softer bones of chicken, fish, and other animals. So, select the commercial meat and bone grinder that would be an ideal idea in that case. 

What types of bones are suitable for grinding?

Most of the meat grinders are capable of grinding different types of bones and meats that are available today. Heavy-duty electric mills are the best meat grinder for bones that are perfect to use for non-commercial and commercial meat grinder for your kitchen room.

Many people would like to pick their meat bone grinders not only grind meat for them but also grind soft bones for their pets. But for crumbling bones, you have to select the right types of bones that are allowed to run into the meat grinder.

  • The meat grinder offers you to grind some particular bones such as cage bones, neck-pieces, backbones, and the chicken’s wings.
  • Some other animals also allow grinding like rabbit and rodent bones.
  • You should skip leg bones and larger bones to put them into the grinder because they are tough to crush and harm machines.
  •  The bones of beef, deer, and pork are so more extensive and more robust. So, you should not think to mince them using the grinder machine at all.
  • You should know how to grind bones without a grinder if you don’t want to miss grinding the selected bones when your device won’t company with you in an emergency.

Top 6 Best meat grinder under $200

All types of electric meat grinders are not expensive. There have many manufacturers who think for their every sort of consumer and provide many grinder machines with standard quality, and they are so affordable. Below we have covered the best meat grinder for chicken bones under $200.

1. Best Choice: STX – 1800 – Magnum electric meat grinder

You don’t need to seek more in the local market to get the best meat grinder for bones. This electric grinder size no-12 is ideal for grinding soft meat to more robust even bones simply.

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  • Loading capacity: 600 watts to 1200 watts
  • 3-stainless steel blades that are 304 food grade and can be washed using the dishwasher
  • 5-size grinding plates and banner plate for stuffing sausage
  • 100% polished cast aluminum grinding head, auger, and meat pan
  • 3-sizes sausage tubes
  • New design raw meat pusher
  • Kibbe attachment with burger slider press
  • Platinum additional meat claw

The STX – 1800- Magnum electric meat grinder is ideal for bones with ground meat and vegetables. It is perfect for the larger family though it can make a difference for commercial use. This machine is durable and affordable that offers you to mince raw rabbit and even turkey.


  • Have room for a more significant amount of meat or bones
  • The electrical operating system is effortless
  • High-feeder volume meat tray
  • Ready for heavy-duty grinding
  • 30-days unconditional money-back guarantee


  • A little bit heavy and need some more space to counter-top

2. Best Value: SUNMILE SM-G50 ELT electric meat grinder

Are you thinking of getting the heavy-duty meat grinder that includes a big gearbox? It can able to withstand the pressure to chop meat and bones. It is ideal for making raw dog food and sausage, even frozen meat for their own consumption.

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  • Lock motor power: 1000 watts
  • Metal gear and gearbox
  • 3-stainless steel cutting plates: Coarse, medium, and most excellent.
  • Rated power 350 watts
  • Grind up to 200 lbs. per hour
  • 1-big sausage stuff

The SUNMILE SM-G50 is an affordable meat grinder that is ideal for home use, where you should use it every day. Though it is a heavy-duty grinder machine, it can lose efficiency for regular use. The body, blades, plates, and gearbox of this machine were designed with stainless steel that makes it so durable.


  • Provide faster grind even bones
  • Easy to assemble, use, and clean
  • Lightweight and take a small place to setup
  • Easy to start with on/off and also rev. switch options
  • Solid and sharper cutting blades


  • Plastic housing but work still properly

Best meat grinder under $150

Are you seeking the best meat grinder under $150 for your home kitchen?  We have another option for you below, where you will find the right mill as your requirement.

3. Top Pick: AOBOSI electric meat grinder

Start a good life, save your time, and save your money because the AOBOSI electric grinder will offer you those benefits. One food grinder and enjoy multiple cooking like fish, beef, pork, chili, garlic, and so on. You can allow it to make homemade food for your dog.

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  • 3- stainless steel cutting plate
  • 3- sausage tubes that are different from each other
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Locked motor power: 2000 watts
  • 1-food pusher with a food tray
  • Lifetime service support with a warranty

Do you want to grind your favorite meat with normal texture, flavor and keep the meat cool with fiber? This is not impossible if you take this meat grinder in your house. It is a super-fast meat grinder that able to make 2-pounds meat per minute.

This meat grinder will offer faster, convenient, and also an economical way to make perfect ground meat that includes full nutrient and healthy meals at home quickly. You can make meat paste, hamburger, meatballs, and mouthwatering sausage quickly.


  • Ideal for multiple cooking
  • A single button control system
  • Use simple and safely
  • High-power super faster meat grinder
  • Work more stable


  • The cleaning process may be disturbing you.

4. STX Turboforce Cadet Electric Meat Grinder

This premier meat grinder is super powerful to make raw food for your pets. It can operation about 80 to 120 lbs per hour. Despite being pricey, it values it. It is perfect as a household meat grinder, not for commercial use.

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  • Size: 8-polished not coated
  • 3-304 grade cutting blades
  • 3-sizes of grinding plates
  • Locked motor wattage: 1200 watts
  • Main unit: 8lbs
  • Voltage: 110/120v

From raw softer and small bones to partly freezing meat, you can use it to grind rabbit, chicken, turkey, and even soft pork rib bones without blocking it. It will be an excellent choice for your home that can operate medium or heavy-duty grinding tasks quickly.


  • Convenient and easy to carry with the hideaway handle
  • Most portable grinder in the market
  • Perfect meat grinding package
  • Frozen meat also allowed to grind
  • Have the option to select the right holes from several


  • Not dish washable

Best meat grinder under $100

If your thinking of finding out the best meat grinder under 100 will suitable for bones, there has another for you below. Two types of meat grinders that grind bones have shown here that won’t be disappointed you anyway.

5. AOBOSI 3-IN-1 electric meat grinder

The AOBOSI 3-IN-1 electric meat grinder is an affordable medium or heavy-duty grinder. This electric grinder is designed to procedure the toughest meat to softer bones that is ideal for home and commercial use.

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  • 3-different cutting plates: coarse, medium, fine
  • Save 15% power
  • Locked motor wattage: 2000 watts
  • Holes for all types of sausage
  • Kubbe kits
  • 1-year replacement warranty with lifetime service

The powerful HP motor will be able to knob small and soft bones. You can use this machine to grind all types of game meat, locked flavor, texture, and taste. It can manage 1kg of meat per minute. The means of it you will be capable of processing up to 60-65kg of meat per hour.

This machine is an excellent entry-level grinder for an affordable price. It is easy to use, assemble, and powerful enough to grind bone that needs.


  • Powerful chopper motor
  • Have to overheat protection
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Ensure durable performance
  • Make sausage and grind meat or bones quickly


  • A little bit tough to clean

6. Metal Food Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

The KitchenAid stand mixer is silver in color and affordable in price as a medium or heavy-duty grinder to handle much more processing needs. This grinder machine is designed to procedure the frozen meat to softer bones.

KitchenAid stand mixer

Check The price at amazon


  • 2-sausage stuffer tubes
  • Silver in color
  • Larger food tray
  • 2-grinding blades
  • 1-food pusher and 1- cleaner brush
  • 4-grinding plates:

The grinder attachment for Kitchenaid produces the ground meat with locking texture and taste. The superpower can able to fast grind and easy to cleaner grind or mince. This machine is affordable and durable and flexible.

With the two-size sausage stuffer tubes, you will able to make any types of sausages like boudin, Italian, summer sausage, and chorizo. The attachment of the grinder is made of food-grade material that provides fresh and healthy food.

See also: KitchenAid meat grinder reviews.

  • Pros
  • Durable
  • Compatibility
  • Greta for even gift
  • Perfect for grind and mince
  • Grind meat and bones effortlessly
  • Cons
  • Can’t use for fruits and vegetables   

What to consider before selecting the best meat grinder for bones

Selecting the best meat grinders for bones isn’t an easy task by any means. When you go for it in the market, you will dip into the grinder sea where you can’t make the right decision wasting your lot of time in a day.  

So, make your job easy and short; you can remind some significant points that can ensure you what you have seen is right or not.


Before buying the electric bone grinder for bone meals, you have to give focus on the motor of the device. Think first about the rating of the engine and find out the ideal one. The best meat grinder for bones requires 110 voltages for better functions. Make sure the device will work in your home kitchen with no trading off other electric equipment.


Give your focus on the grinder’s weight. You can get lightweight and heavy-duty mill in the market, and they are suitable for different jobs. If you need the machine for your home, you should select a lightweight one, and most grinder lovers do it. But for commercial use, you might choose a heavy one though you don’t want.


The sturdiness of the meat and bone grinder is another essential factor to consider to the best meat grinder for bones. Durability for machines, especially for the electric machine, is the most significant factor. So, consider the materials like metallic and stainless steel bodies that make the device more long-lasting than others.

Grinding capacity

Finally, look at the grinding machine capacity, which means what amount of lbs of meat or bone can crush the machine per hour.

Some grinders are capable of grinding 160lbs within 60-minutes, and some can crush 300lbs for every hour. In this case, you have to check the weight limit must.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a meat grinder for grinding bones?

Ans: Yes, you are completely allowed to grind bones using the meat grinder. Only soft bones are permitted, not dense bones though some mills offer to overload bone to grind. Remember, harder or larger bones not suitable to grind using a meat grinder.

Is it easy to clean a meat grinder?

Ans:Some grinders are dishwasher safe, and they are easy to wash and clean. But a few meat grinders are available that are not dishwasher safe, and they are challenging to clean.

What types of materials are suitable for the best meat grinder?

Ans: You can several types of material meat processors like plastic, metallic, and stainless steel. If you desire to pick a durable machine, you have to consider metallic and stainless steel material.

What else are allowed to use for the grinder?

Ans: Without using for pet’s meal, you can use this machine to grind meat for your kitchen. You can mince or chop your favorite beef, beef for making sausages, burgers, and other delicious meals.

A meat grinder is essential for the dog’s food?

Ans: Yes, a meat grinder for bone is essential for dog’s or pet’s food. It is the best option to grind the bone for a pet’s meal, which is such a nutrient. And you can ensure sufficient bone with vegetables and meat for your dog quickly.

To Round-Up

So, we have covered the best meat grinder for bones reviews that are budget-friendly. We have listed the best options for you so that you can easily find the perfect one for your home kitchen. 

Now you have known what the perfect meat grinders for grinding bones and meats for yourself are?  So, why are you thinking so and wasting your time, people?

Go ahead and start purchasing.

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