How To Clean A Meat Grinder? Tips For Clean Your Grinder

Using a meat grinder makes meat chopping easier for delicious meals. You know what- they attract various types of dirt easily. Thereby, meat grinders need proper cleaning. But cleaning this kitchen gear requires time and focus.

A notable number of people do not clean the meat grinder properly. They merely wash the grinder with water only. As a direct consequence, the devices turn victims of rusting or oxidization. They lose their usual capacity of grinding.

Taking the right care will increase the longevity of the appliance. Simultaneously, the grinder will perform much better than before. It is wise to know the ways of cleaning the grinder. Despite several types, the cleaning process is almost similar.

The readers will have some solid ideas about the cleaning process here. The process is explained in four simple steps.

Things you need

How To Clean A Meat Grinder, you will need the following items.

  • Bread
  • Sponge
  • Liquid Soap/ cleaner
  • Rice
  • Towel/ dry cloth
  • Small brush
  • Plastic container
  • Food-grade oil
  • A sprayer/ spraying gun

How To Clean A Meat Grinder: Step By Step Guide

1.Feed the bread

The first thing you need to do is to feed the bread into the meat grinder. When people grind the meat, different types of ingredients from the meat get attached to the grinder blades. Of course, you need to clean the blades. And the slices of bread will play a vital role here.

The pieces of the bread will remove the unwanted elements from the blades. Generally, the edges come in touch with oil, stray meats, grease, and others. The bread will remove the unnecessary portions.

Ensure that the bread is fed well in the tube. And there are not portions left. It will help to clean the blade without any tools.

2. Disassemble the grinder

In this stage, you have to disassemble the grinder. If you are using a hand-held grinder, the process is simple. But if you are using an electric grinder, follow the manual provided by the manufacturer. However, the dismantling process is easier for both types of appliances.

For an electric grinder, you need to unscrew the parts. Keep the screws in a single place for next use. Bring out the blade, pusher, feed tube, and hopper carefully. Watch out the motor. You need not submerge it in water. Water may damage the inner parts and circuits of the motor.

Besides, the blades are sharper too. So, get some additional cautionary measures. Handle the blades with care.

Now, pour the liquid soap into water. Stir the water to make enough bubbles. Once there are bubbles, place the dismantled parts on the water. Keep the parts that for an hour or more. The process will remove any attached grease or meat particles from the components.

After about an hour, use the sponge to rub the parts. If there are grease or meat bars attached, it is better to use a scrubber. Rub the parts with the scrubber to clean them properly. Now, wash the parts with clean water. Rub the parts with a small brush.

3. Drying the parts

In this third stage, you have to dry the parts. Generally, people leave the components into an open space for drying. But it may cause rusting. If the water is not entirely dried out, assembling the parts will result in an adverse effect.

Instead of leaving them open, use the towel. Wipe the water completely. Check them again and again lest any water drops are remaining. Remember the food-grade oil? Use the sprayer to spray oil on the parts. It is a kind of lubrication to keep them smooth for operation.

After the end of wiping and spraying pour the parts into the plastic bag. Place the bag inside the rice.

4. Reassemble the grinder

The cleaning is complete. But you have one more job to do. Reassemble the device. Position the parts into their respective places. The blade needs extra focus here. Try using a glove while handling the blade. Besides, you also check the sharpness of the blade too.

Now, collect the screws. Attach them with the grinder in their respective position. Your meat grinder is in a perfect state. Store it in a secured place.

F​​​​​AQ Meat Grinder

How long it takes to clean a meat grinder?

Cleaning a meat grinder may take around over an hour or two. The process is simple, And you do not need to clean around the hours. Instead, After soaking the grinder parts into the water, You can finish any other job. It is not mandatory that you have to wait all the time.

How to disassemble an electric grinder for cleaning?

The Inner Construction Of An Electric Motor Is Simple. Get A View Of The Manual. Unplug The Appliances From The Power Source. Use The Screwdriver To Unscrew The Device. Remove The Parts One After Another. Place Them Aside. Be Careful About The Blade As It Is Highly Sharp. The Disassembling Process Is Complete.

Do I need to clean the grinder every day?

You Do Not Need To Clean The Meat Grinder Every Day. It Would Be Best If You Can Wash The Grinder After Every Use. And You Can Clean It Once In A Week Or Twice In A Month. This Is The Standard Process That Experts Suggest To Follow In Cleaning A Meat Grinder.

Last words

A meat grinder is an essential home appliance. But remember, even a brand new grinder can create problems before their first operation. Maintenance of the tool is simple. Keeping the grinder dirty will help develop bacteria on it.

So, you might not get a hygienic use in the next time. Therefore, it is wise to follow the processes of how to clean a meat grinder on your kitchen gadget regularly. Besides, you can periodically sharpen the blades. It’s simple!

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