How to sharpen meat grinder blades – Surprising tips to follow

Meat grinders are now available everywhere as kitchen gadgets. They chop meats, vegetables, and other food ingredients smoothly. But at times, the grinder may malfunction. The sharpness of the grinder blades may reduce. The chopping, then, may not be up to the mark. No worries!

Sharpening the blades is the best idea. A couple of ways are available to sharpen a meat grinder blade. Although the sharpening process is simple, it takes time for the preparation. The sharpening process of a meat grinder blade is briefly narrated below. The tips will save your bucks too.

Available Processes

You can sharpen your meat grinder blade using three basic methods. They are:

  • Using a sharpening stone
  • With a belt sharpener
  • Using sandpaper

All the ways are easier and require less effort. But the sandpapering process appears the most prominent one. Sharpening with sandpaper is comparatively trouble-free too.

Required tools/ items 

To complete the sharpening of your meat grinder blades, you will need the following items.

  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves
  • Sandpaper (120 grit)
  • Clean, soft cloths
  • Water
  • Sheet of glass

Let’s Start to sharpening the blades

Please Hardly Follow these step by step Guide: 

Setting a place for sharpening

The first thing you will need to do is the selection of a place. The site should be safe and secure and open. It should also be free of obstacles and flat too. Now, you have to lay down the mirror on the floor.

Disassembling the meat grinder

In this stage second stage, you have to disassemble the meat grinder. The process is easier. Getting some ideas from the operation manual will help you a lot. In fact, the manuals come with the instructions of disassembling and mounting the appliance simply.

Unluckily, many of the users are ignorant about security issues while disassembling. They do not wear gloves. Losing the screws is the other common fact. So, make sure you keep the screws in a safe place and all together.

Besides, skipping gloves is the other tendency. Remember, there are some sharp elements. They may cause accidental injury. So, if you use gloves while disassembling the machine, it would be better. Your hands will remain safe. 

Cleaning the parts 

Moreover, you are to clean the parts. Often there is an excess of meats, greases, or oils that remain attached. Use a clean cloth to wipe the additional wastes from the components.

Place the mirror

In this second stage, you have to place the mirror on the flat surface. Make sure you select a completely flat surface. If the surface is not even, the mirror may break. Or you may not feel comfortable during the sharpening.

Now, use the sandpaper of 120-grit on the mirror. You may need some minor adjustments with the mirror and the sandpaper. If the sandpaper does not fit with the glass size, cut some of its lengths. Without a fitting size, this is tough to use the sandpaper with the glass.

Test the blade

Before you start sharpening, you have to check the sharpness of the blade. It will determine how much more you need to sharpen it. Use scrap paper to check the sharpness. Gradually, you will get an idea about the sharpening process.

Start Blade Sharpening 

Now you are on the stage of sharpening the blade. Hold the blade to a 45-degree angle. Now rub the blade on the surface of the sandpaper. Check the edges are coming in close contact with the sandpaper. Besides, you need to rotate the edges to get a uniform sharpness.

Continue the process 

To make the blade sharper, you are to continue the rubbing on the sandpaper. Unless there is a glazy shade on edge, keep doing it. Besides, you can also check the sharpness of the scrap paper. When you are satisfied with the sharpness, you can stop the process.

Clean the area 

Once you are done with the blade sharpening, clean the area. There might be water around. Or there might be some scraps. Therefore, you are to clear them. Check the place and remove all the unwanted elements. Wiping the floor with fresh water is a great idea.

Mount the meat grinder 

Further, you are to reassemble the meat grinder. Collect the dismounted parts. Attach the pieces in position one after another. The best idea is if you can label them in the beginning. It helps to remove confusion and cuts assembling time too.

Do not forget to use safety gadgets while assembling the meat grinder.

F​​​​​AQ How to sharpen meat grinder blades

Can I sharp a commercial-grade blade in this process?

No, you cannot sharp the commercial meat grinder blades. The process applies to domestic ones only. To sharpen industrial meat grinder blades, you need to get professional services. 

How long it takes to complete the sharpening?

The entire process will take less than an hour. If you take preparations correctly, you can reduce the sharpening time as well. 

Is belt sharpener easy to use?

Well, using the belt sharpener requires skills. And most of the ordinary users lack that. Many of the users are even not familiar with a belt sharpener. So, experts suggest skipping this idea if you have alternatives.

Additional Safety Measures 

Alongside wearing a glove, you might use goggles. When you are rubbing the blade on the sandpaper, there might be some tiny sparks. Entering into your eyes may damage the eyesight.

Besides, you need to place the sandpaper on a flat surface. A table is better that will help you stand. Holding the blade would be more comfortable. But if you cannot manage a table, arrange for a comfortable sitting position.

Last words

Sharpening a meat grinder blade is simple. Get all the elements and sharpen them. But remember to check the sharpness periodically. And check that the scratches vanish from the surface of the edge. Repeat the process as long as it needs, or you are satisfied. You can also share this article if it meets your needs.  

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