How Long Does Cold Brew Last

Cold brew coffee is a common drink among coffee lovers who prefer it over a hot coffee. On the other hand, people aren’t sure how long the coffee can stay fresh because it isn’t like other coffee. But, how long does cold brew last?

However, This coffee is prepared with water that has either been chilled or is not warm. It reduces acidity and bitterness. Cold coffee is also generally sweetened with cream or sugar to reduce bitterness.

To brew a cold brew from coarsely grounded coffee, water is boiled or cooled to room temperature, and then coffee is steeped for up to 24 hours.

Why Is Cold Brew Coffee So Much Better Than Other Coffee Beverages?

For the most part, it’s obvious why cold-brewed coffee is a far better choice than other forms of coffee. Cold-brewed coffee has double the caffeine of iced coffee. Iced coffee is just coffee poured over ice with reduced caffeine.

In contrast to hot coffee, cold brew coffee has a more consistent taste, no matter what the temperature is. These goods are also widely available at coffee shops due to their consistency in taste.

Moreover, It can be made at home too. Buying prefabricated ones has certain disadvantages, such as high cost. And if you make it yourself, it will be very cost-effective. Buying whole beans also saves money. Many recipes may indeed be found online. As long as you’ve had coffee grounds for 24 hours, it’s simple to prepare.

Around the world, people are discovering the benefits of cold brew coffee. As many people choose to make their coffee at home. But now the burning question remains, how long does cold brew coffee last before it goes wrong?

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How Cold Brew Gained Popularity

In earlier times, the concept of cold coffee often meant serving iced coffee, known as chilled coffee. However, this method typically resulted in a diluted, less flavorful beverage that quickly deteriorated in taste. Additionally, adding ice only accelerated the loss of the coffee’s flavor.

Cold Brew Versus Cold Brew Concentrate

Cold brew coffee concentrate and cold brew coffee are fundamentally the same. Making a coffee concentrate or extract is why cold brewing is used to make coffee.

However, the main difference between cold brew coffee and cold brew concentrate is the quantity of cold brew ratio of coffee to water. The cold brew concentrate must be watered down first to make it more drinkable. By contrast, cold brew coffee may be consumed straight from the pot.

Besides, steeping times for cold brew concentrate and standard brew vary. Concentrate for cold-brewed coffee is steeped for up to 14 hours, but the coffee you drink requires a 15-16-hour steeping period.

How Long Does Cold Brew Last?

Warm, cold, or specialty coffee beverages are enjoyable ways to start the day. The experts are still on whether the cold brew is made using the iced coffee you get at a coffee shop.

However, cold brew coffee concentrate is lower in acidity and higher in antioxidants. Drinking it directly from the fridge or as a chilled drink can make it more appealing.

Besides, cold-brewed coffee is excellent since it lasts longer than hot roast coffee. Unlike inferior flavorings, which generally decay within a half-hour of brewing, cold brews do not. Conversely, until the cold brew has been prepared, you enjoy the flavor for days.

Coffee experts also advise storing cold brew coffee in the cooler can double the total shelf life. Keeping the concentrate in the refrigerator can increase its shelf life to 2 weeks.

Adding cold water to cold brew coffee will decrease its acidity and extend its shelf life. The beverage can last only 2-3 days if refrigerated with cold brew plus ice-cold water. If you add milk to cold brew, the volume of beverage you can get out of it is shorter. It can last for up to eight hours in a refrigerator after adding milk to coffee.

How Long Does It Last In The Fridge?

There’s a couple of things to note with cold brew coffee. It should only be stored for around two weeks if it’s been undiluted, but as soon as cream or milk is added for a drink, the shelf life reduces drastically.

However, adding milk would shorten the shelf life from two weeks to a few hours. Some geniuses produce a cold brew with flavors added for refrigeration. After that, they find out it’s gone bad within a few days.

To preserve it, the coffee concentrate should be placed in an airtight container immediately after it is brewed. Home-brewed cold brew requires no preservatives and degrades faster than commercially produced. So, it is necessary to refrigerate it once it’s brewed.

Moreover, you can use a cold-drip machine or a fridge or freezer to make cold brew coffee. The latter may affect the acidity since it promotes oxidation, which reduces any remaining heat in your coffee. Of the two, freezers keep much more of this oxidation in check.

In short, this coffee may be refrigerated for two weeks or more, although taste loss occurs after the first week.

How to Tell If Cold Brew Coffee Has Gone Bad?

Fresh, unfiltered coffee generally has a bitter, acidic taste. For some, it can be challenging to recognize a bad brew. Still, we can watch out for signs to confirm that we have indeed brewed a bad cup of cold brew.

Besides, there are a lot of indications that cold brew has gone bad. Frequent inspection of your coffee can help prevent this. Keep an eye out for the following signs when you get a new cup: Coffee begins to go bad quickly.

  1. Not much of a coffee aroma.
  2. Less potent coffee flavor
  3. An unpleasant or acrid smell.
  4. Afflicting or growing mold or mildew.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Cold Brew Coffee?

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The temperature, container, and dilution of this coffee all impact shelf life. If you correctly brew and store coffee, the quality, taste, and smoothness will stay longer.

Choose High-Quality Coffee Beans

High-quality coffee beans will need to be added for a smoother tasting cold brew. Darker roast coffee is also able to last longer than medium roast coffee.

Refining the Beans Ground Finer

When you grind your coffee beans too fine, you will cause over-extraction. So, this leads to weaker coffee, and your coffee won’t stay fresh for very long.

Make Cold Brew Cubes

You can also freeze you this coffee to keep it fresh for a longer time. It’s possible to use ice cube trays and freeze the coffee beforehand. This way, you will have it on hand for up to two weeks! There’s also a ratio of 1:8 to consider.

Use Glass Containers for Storage

You can increase the shelf life of your cold brew coffee by storing it in airtight containers. The best practice is to store it in glass, but be sure to seal the container properly to avoid any smells from seeping in.

The Temperature for Storage

The temperature of your refrigerator is the most crucial factor in how long you can store cold brew coffee. Coffee that contains a high percentage of water will stay strong for about two weeks in your refrigerator.

Leaving cold brew coffee out of the fridge for too long can lead it to deteriorate in hours. Your coffee loses freshness quicker if you take it out of the fridge, so keep it after that brewing.

Final Thoughts

Cold brewing coffee at home has become one of the most popular trends. Use high-quality beans and let the process go for a long period if you want extra caffeine.

Besides, Home-brewed cold coffees have a more excellent caffeine content and a longer shelf life. You can store in airtight containers in the fridge.

The cold brew coffee will stay relatively safe for 7-10 days at the most. After that, you should note any signs of spoilage (a rotten smell, mold forming on the surface, etc.) and discard it if it no longer tastes pleasant. And that’s actually how long does cold brew last, two weeks.

If you’ve had excess coffee for more than two weeks of storage, you can dilute it and pour it on your plants or throw it out. It’s not worth drinking after that long.

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