Best single cup coffee maker with grinder in 2024 [Reviews & Advice]

The best single cup coffee maker with grinder can be a great idea to make your morning routine simple.

If you have any urgency and want to find out exactly the best coffee maker with grinder single cup, we recommend stop hare and take a look on this post and find the best option quickly.

You don’t drink litters of coffee daily, so you should not compromise with the quality of the coffee anyway. Ground coffee from beans always offers the best taste than pre-ground that only can present before you the single coffee maker with grinder machine easily.

In this review post, we decided to share a closer look at the best single cup grind and brew coffeemaker that is accessible in the market right now.

Before going deep, we have put a buying guide to assist you and inform you of precisely what the essential device is.

In a Rush?

Here, we have made a comparison chart list of the three best single cup coffee makers with the grind to save your time and make more accessible the picking jobs.

Top 10+ Best single cup coffee maker with grinder

In this section, you will get an excellent review of the best single cup coffee maker with grinder, and it must help you pick the best option that you are searching for still now. So, save your time and invest your valuable money in the best product.

1. Winner Pick: CUISINART DGB-550BKP1 Automatic Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1


  • Pre-program system over 24-hour
  • Offers for pre-ground coffee
  • Adjustable auto shut off 0-4 hours
  • Materials: Metal
  • Warranty: 3-years (limited)


When you are after a fantastic feature-packed and super durable coffee maker with a grinder, you should press to look at the Cuisinart automatic grind and brew single-cup coffee maker. As a smart maker machine, it can automatically grind coffee beans and serve 1 to 12 cups of fresh coffee within a short time.

Use the pre-program able setting option and just replace a required alarm clock. Then, forget for over 24 hours until wake up and enjoy a fresh brew cup.

Fill the water tank using 12-cup glass Carafe into the lid. Now add one teaspoon of coffee beans per cup into the bean’s chamber and fill the mixer line to get 12-cup coffee.

If you think it makes little bit loud in the early morning, this grinder machine offers you to switch for pre-ground beans. The beans are ground and dispenses automatically into the reusable chamber. It lets you use a paper filter instead of a reusable filter.

We Like

  • Produce fresh and flavorful coffee
  • Use whole coffee beans
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Separate chamber include
  • Easy to use and clean

We Don’t Like

  • Make a little bit loud for the morning.

2. Editor’s Choice: KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start

KRUPS Coffee Grinder


  • User-friendly design
  • LCD screen
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Capacity: 10-cups
  • 5-setting burr grinder


Like other grind and brew makers, the KRUPS coffee maker with a grinder is capable of providing the same service at the same price. This is the best single cup coffee maker with a grinder machine that comes with all standard programmable features for those the users don’t need to mess in the morning. After using it for the first time, you won’t ever think of going for another one.

Another additional benefited feature of this unit is that it offers three special strength powers for coffee making according to your need. You can go for mild to medium level jus push one button simply. The intention is not single cup coffee, so; you need to set for two to ten cups coffee at a time.

In blend with the two-hour brew coffee maker and you get a tremendous coffee maker with a grinder. It can make an excellent addition in your kitchen. So, just put the coffee beans in the particular chamber, set the time, and enjoy a super quality beverage in your home with a good morning.

We Like

  • Removable gold toner filter
  • Auto start the brew cycle
  • Perfect coffee pack with the excellent coffee
  • Optimized setting for bold coffee
  • Combine impressive features

We Don’t Like

  • No single-cup option

3. Editor’s Choice: BREVILLE BDC650BSS Control Coffee Maker

Breville BDC650BSS


  • Capacity: Up to 12-cups
  • Wattage: 1100W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • 1-year warranty from purchase


Do you think for heavy-duty and more coffee maker capacity than 12-cups? If you are also seeking for high tech option grind and brew making world, this BREVILLE control coffee maker is for you that can be capable of serving up to 12-cups of coffee for a dozen family members.

This grind control coffee maker is one of the attractive pieces of technology and comes with eight strength setting options that can hold half-pound coffee beans. You can use it anywhere to brew between single cups to 12/14 cups at once quickly. The removable drip tray lets you fill the traveling mug directly.

The final feature of it is a programmable auto-start that is a favorite option. It will give you more chances to wake up in the morning, take a shower and grab the coffee in the travel mug on the way out of the door.

We Like

  • Large capacity
  • Suitable for travel
  • Strength body and LCD screen
  • Easy removal, storage, and transfer
  • Include pre-ground option

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

4. Cuisinart DGB-650BC Automatic Coffeemaker


The Cuisinart grind & brew thermal automatic coffee maker is another great coffee machine. A few consumers think it is a promoted form of the automatic brew coffee maker with grinder.

Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind

It comes with all significant and standard features expected with a high-end grinder with a coffee maker. You can serve single cup coffee to at least 10-cup coffee, and it is enough for guests.

The coffee beans ground inside the particular chamber automatically and set the machine to make coffee when you are sleeping. The outlook of it is good and supply fresh coffee with excellent aroma.

What more? Yes, it moves toward with superior features, great design, excellent & modern looking, and an ergonomic handle on the carafe. It is compact to sit on your kitchen counter simply. Even with the permanent filter, it is gold-toned, including the overall excellent sense quality.


  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Setting: 1 to 4 cups at a time
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Voltage: 120V

We Like

  • High-quality charcoal water filter
  • Product fresh with good flavor hot coffee
  • A beautiful addition for any kitchen
  • Amazing control panel
  • Simply adjust and clear after use

We Don’t Like

  • The machine has to be known to act up

5. KRUPS KM550D50 Personal Coffee Maker



The KRUPS personal coffee maker knows the requirement of particular use in a small family or office and can fulfill the demand of what they need. Though it is a specific grinder and coffee maker, it has come with so many standard features. First of all, it is a stainless steel burr grinder and is the topper of the lineup stuff.

There have essential thing and you love it about this maker is the attractive supper look that can enrich the beauty of the kitchen. The exterior and handle of it are black and silver, where the buttons are orange. It is an excellent extra extension to any smart kitchen with the latest appliances.

It comes with all essential accessories like stainless steel permanent filter, coffee scoop, cleaning brush, and glass coffee pot with water line marks. The pot adding a new futuristic style and the cleaning brush can assist you in maintaining it easily.


  • Capacity: 1 to 4 cups
  • Material: Stainless steel & plastic
  • Warm-up to: 30-minutes
  • Included accessories
  • Allow whole bean and pre-ground

We Like

  • Removable parts to clean easily
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact and perfection
  • Powerful grinding system
  • Give pleasure to use

We Don’t Like

  • There has no single serve option

6. Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Maker


Mr. Coffee is an older favorite fantastic coffee maker and grinder selected as the best single cup coffee maker with grinder for advanced features. It is the highest quality coffee maker that offers precisely what you need. It let you use whole coffee beans and another option of pro-ground beans.

Honestly, you love all features of this model coffee maker and affordable at under $100. It is compact, precision, and passion that is easy to fit, use, and clean. With a stylish travel mug, it attached attractive tasks to fulfill all desires of the users.

Though this unit doesn’t include a high-tech program feature, it can hold a lot of beans for at least 10 cups of carafe at once. It enables you to make excellent coffee to fill a single container up to 16-ounce that is ideal for a travel mug.

So, we think this single cup grind and coffee maker if the best machine for a single people who live with a small family or small space individually.


  • Permanent filter and grinder
  • 2-ways to brew
  • Built-in grinder
  • Adjustable cup tray
  • Material: Stainless steel

We Like

  • BPA-free
  • Perfect as travel mugs
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Grind whole beans or classic ground coffee
  • Permit to customize different types coffee mugs

We Don’t Like

  • Only suitable for single-serving coffee

7. Mr. Coffee WTF4-RB Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Maker


Mr. Coffee switch coffee maker comes with superior functionality and helps you make rich-tasting brew coffee without mess. Do you want to get a cup of coffee before the brew cycle is finished?

The grab a cup auto push setting system works as a lifesaver that stops brewing and let you pour freely and finished the brewing cycle after place the carafe get back in position. It features a removable basket that lifts out for easy filling and clearing.

If you desire to want a single cup to four cups of coffee, this unit no-fuss automatic grind and brew can deliver a good result time after time. Now make a delicious coffee without any bells smartly and simply. Just select the favorite coffee, add water, and then brew.

Lift and clean the filter basket simply removes and cleans up easily. Just pull it out and wash off. It makes great quality brew sizes with all way up to single cup into the better carafe.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 4-cups
  • Dual water windows
  • Wattage: 650W
  • Weight: 2.2lbs

We Like

  • The coffee warm up to three hours
  • Lightweight
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Brew at a high temperature
  • Easy to clean

We Don’t Like

  • Take a little time to calibrate to grind

8. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker


The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew single-serve coffee maker is one the best single cup coffee maker with a grinder machine that serves coffee using pro-ground coffee that you prefer with or without K-cup pods and brews up to 14-ounce.

This is ideal for travel mugs with grounds that included pod holder with ground basket. If you try to get a personal coffee maker, this unit will be perfect for college students, a smaller kitchen, or your office time for anyone who can prefer a single fresh coffee cup each time.

Use the adjustable cup to fit your selected mug in the right and store the single-serve pod holder to brew the basket. The removable pod lets you to clean it easily and to prevent clogging after frequent use.


  • Capacity: Up to 10 cups
  • Material: Plastic
  • 8-inches tall traveler mug
  • Auto shut off option
  • Removable parts to clean

We Like

  • The filter basket is easy to use and clean
  • Super compact and perfect for smaller kitchen
  • Very simple to control
  • Easy view water window
  • Serve fresh coffee even in travel

We Don’t Like

  • Make a little bit loud noise

9. Mr. Coffee Grind Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Maker


Mr. Coffee grind coffee maker is a favorite for superior functionality that helps make rich-tasting smartly brewed coffee without any stress. Just follow the function and set up, pour the coffee beans, water, then turn it in and get brew within a few minutes.

After each use, just remove the filter basket and clean it simply so that you can operate it well for the next time. The power on/off indicator lights is ideal for displaying the coffee maker status and also reminding you to shut off just time.

What an easy and simple task! Don’t need to think about flavor or taste. This unit also can serve fresh and drinkable hot coffee at home, just like a professional coffee shop. So, get a pleasant experience with Mr. Coffee grinder.


  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: 110V
  • On/Off indicator
  • Wattage: 900W

We Like

  • Allow viewing dual water window
  • Serve fresh coffee with good flavor
  • Automatic coffee maker
  • Deliver pretty quickly coffee
  • Modern design

We Don’t Like

  • A little bit of cleaning up required once after each finished brewing.

10. BLACK+DECKER CM2035B Thermal Coffeemaker


Fix your whole day with the Black+Decker thermal coffee maker. The thermal carafe is stainless steel and vacuum sealed that makes sure the coffee stays hot and drinkable for hours. The digital control system makes it easy to use and set for batches of 4-cups to maintain the taste and flavor with a more massive brew.

You are allowed to select the potent brew and set up regular, reliable, and bold options that you need. The LCD display feature adds a fresh brew timer and indicator that spent for brewing up to 120-minutes.

Quick touch programming features let you control every function and marked the button, and now you can wake up when you want and enjoy a fresh and hot coffee.

The clear water window displays the measurement depending on the marks and ensures the right measure of water that needs to make your required coffee.


  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Material: Plastic
  • Water level indicator
  • Quick touch program
  • Warranty: 2-years

We Like

  • Perfect pour spout
  • Enjoy the full and rich flavor
  • Easy to view water window
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Digital controller

We Don’t Like

  • The bland grinder that is less compact like a burr grinder

Buying Guide For single cup coffee maker with grinder

When you made your mind pick the best single cup coffee maker with grinder device, it is worth remembering the following points:


It is interested in making a quality single cup of coffee using a coffee maker with a single grinder cup. But there has a perfect option to hold an event where you have to make a sufficient brew for the guests or members who are living in your house.

So, you must consider the maximum serving size and the capacity that you need. Though there is no more option than a single cup grind and brew coffee maker, you can get more than a single cup quickly when you need it.


Do you get a single cup coffee maker with a grinder just for use at home? Hope you may think of traveling with your coffee maker if possible. If you want to visit your coffee maker, you can go for a coffee maker with a mug and enjoy a coffee there easily.  

So focus on a maker that can adjust a cup and must check the container that can hold the machine under it. Some of the makers provide a travel mug into the maker pack. That means you can pick this type of maker confidently.

Types of Grinder

There are two types of grinder & brew that are differents from blade or burr grinder.

Burr grinder with coffee maker typically can supply better quality coffee, overall ensuring a consistent mill.

Blade grinder won’t be terrible to handle but always try to go for the burr grinder that is easier than blade but presents the same quality result.

Fresh Beans

You should always get fresh beans instead of pre-ground coffee beans to make a fresh cup coffee. The bean shells shatter apart, and this process of flavor evaporation starts. No matter the ground coffee packed well and it is an unavoidable factor of the grinding system.

Advance Set Up

If you have begun to continue a young family, you must think of preparing the first coffee the night before. It is a little life hacks that I have done to start a good morning in our new life.

Some coffee maker with grinder machine includes an advanced set-up option that can be work for 24-hour notice, which means you can get your day started with less effort.

Brewing Options

If you would like to make a strong coffee cup every morning, you must enjoy a mild brewing option.

But when you are thinking of operating different strength to run around with, you need to choose the maker with a different option like strong, medium, or mild setting.

It is a handy feature, and it can provide different tastes according to your requirement.

Using System

A lot of functions of a machine packed with the ticker of it that can be used easily without any previous experience. If you get a lot of options to play the device in terms of brewing strong to size, ensure it contains a bright LCD screen with a minimal button to navigate all functions.

There are several options to find, like following the machine that offers super simple with two buttons options where you can trade off all functionality quickly that is an excellent and essential thing.

Cleaning Process

All types of coffee machines have to include a little bit TLC keeping good working order, and it has no difference when it is designed to grind and brew a single cup of coffee. For more expediency, find a coffee maker with brewing ingredients that is so simple to remove the filter basket and even dishwasher safe.  

Excess Noise

All coffee maker or grinder makes a little bit noisy when you operate it. It is an essential factor for a few mills that make a lot of noise when used.

To discover the best grind & brew machine without excess noise, you have to look for the coffee maker including a short grinding time without compromising the best quality cup coffee.

Final Words!

It’s challenging to pick an overall favorite because all coffee makers with grinders are suitable individually according to their use and features.

Our top pick on the best single cup coffee maker with grinder is a list where every product is perfect specifically. After that, if you are still confused, we recommend you to select:

Best Shoice: KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start

This coffee maker with grinder provides a great job and comes with super features under your budget and the right choice even for travel.

However, you have several options to use another one with an LCD screen that you want, depending on your necessity.

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