STX Magnum 1800 Electric Meat Grinder Review

The STX Magnum 1800W is an MG series Gen 2 Electric STX Meat Grinder. It is so famous for those who like to use it for versatility with the faster grinder.

In fact, it is the most wanted for the pet owners who would like to make their food with soft bones and meats.

What more?

There has a lot of reasons to select this meat grinder as the best one.

This post will tell you why you have to select it and why not go far away skipping it.

STX International Magnum 1800W Electric Meat Grinder

STX magnum 1800 reviews

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Why STX Magnum 1800W Meat Grinder?

​Why this STX 1800 MG is different from STX 3000 TF? Let see the key points to think about this meat grinder.

  • It is so powerful to simply grind even chicken bones and features a more significant than regular meat pan to facilitate faster grinding.
  • Another marvelous feature is the air-cooled system that is planned to remain the motor from high temperature.
  • The brand states that this device has twice the life of the motor. And it’ll save your money for a long time, particularly when you think that stainless steel plus cast aluminum are the main elements.
  • This grinder machine was designed for more extended time peak performance with overall longevity.
  • If you would like to get tomato juice, you can be thankful for the attachment that works for tomato juice. That juice can be used to drink as juice or use for any recopies.
  • Lastly, you can choose the three sausage tubes if you plan to get fresh ground meat through your hand.


The value of a giant grinder becomes obvious when arranging and dealing out the meat.  If you have experience with the attachment of the meat grinder of any stand mixers, you are conscious of how much time needs to end a meat group.

The meat has to be cut into small pieces, and the quantity of time it needs to grind the large size meat.  Preparing a large size of meat using sausage attachment quickly becomes an odd job.

Not a matter with the STX Magnum 1800W.  The STX Magnum 1800 includes identical #12 components.  The 2-5/8 inch size grinding plates extensively decrease the processing time. The components are consistent, and it is easy to discover extra components.

Features: STX Magnum 1800 Meat Grinder

Design – an influential air-cooled STX grinder supreme for home-made  any meat recipes with the pet’s food

Cooling System – The cooling power system is untested and make sure of the durability of the motor.

Peak Output Power – 1800 watts of motor power presenting the utmost locked powerful motor wattage for the highest performance

Power Without Load – 600 watts

Power With Load – when you are grinding meat, the wattage runs from 800 to 1200 watts.

Grinding Head –  The grinding head size of this grinder machine size #12. So you are sure that it is a large size grinder and makes the sure ability for handling a ton of meat quickly. The head is prepared with 100% polished food-grade cast aluminum.

Feed Tube – the feeding tube has a 2-inch diameter for the trouble-free placing of the meat section.

Output Tube – This tube is 2 ½-inch in diameter making confirm the simple output of large quantities of ground meat

Safety – a circuit breaker included to remove overload of the motor

Operating Speed – three operating speeds are presented to select from based on the grinding job.

Grinding Plates – three grinding plates made from stainless steel. Different grinding sizes like medium 1/4″ reverse, and fine 5/32”. Those plate sizes are planned to supply elasticity for any grinding tasks.

The coarse plate will offer the most significant grind. It is suggested that you save the grinding plates with the food-graded oil or food-graded silicone after cleaning plus before storing in the plastic bag.

Cutting Blades – three cutting blades are available that are stainless steel and included for use in conjunction. They are sized depending on matching up the grinding plate with a cutting blade of a similar size to utilize as a couple.

Sausage Tubes – It is an amazing set with three sausage tubes with Kubbe attachment included. The sausage tube’s sizes are 3/4″, 5/8″, and 1/2″ with so you make different measured sausages.

Meat Pan – It is more significant than standard and lets for bigger cuts of meat to feed into the meat-grinding plates, considerably dropping meat preparation and handing out times

Tomato Juicer – It is an additional fantastic attachment for making tomato juice but not planned for other kinds of juicing

Cleaning – The cast iron aluminum parts haven’t safe for dishwasher. Instead of hand wash try to use hot water with a gentle detergent. The Grinding plates need to be hand-washed; hence cutting blades can be washed with a dishwasher.

Storage – this STX international meat grinder can be stored in any cool place or room and dry place when need not use.

STX Magnum 1800W Specifications

  • Dimension of Unit: 19 (L) X 8 (W) X 14 (H) –inches
  • Locked wattage: 1800W
  • Grind: 125 to 225 per hour
  • Weight of the Unit without parts: 12-pounds
  • Weight with other parts: 16.5 pounds
  • Voltage: 110/120 – 60 oz
  • Under No Load Watt: 800W
  • Under Load: 1200 W
  • Warranty: 3-years on parts with labor
  • Replacement warranty: 90-days

 Accessories: STX Magnum 1800 Grinder

The complete electric meat grinder STX Magnum 1800 Included:

Meat grinder unit 18001
Cutting blade3
Grinding Plates6
Stuffing plate1
Sausage stuffing tubes1
Kubbe making attachment1
Meat Pusher1
Meat claws1
Burger slider patty maker press1


Cutting bladesStainless steel
Grinding headPolished aluminum but not coated
Grinding PlatesTempered steel
Grinding unitStainless steel

What’s Great

  • The stainless steel body of the unit is easy for cleaning.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fantastic look and you can store it on a countertop.
  • Perfect for grinding the chickens bone and other elements for preparing pet food
  • Allow grinding through chicken wings, bones, legs, and carcasses.
  • Doesn’t worry about jam while grinding
  • Grinds very faster
  • Easy to wash tubes and each small parts by hand-washing

What’s Not so Great

A plastic ring needs to use for joining the grinder tube tends to smash.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

During writing, a few consumers have left some feedback for the STX Magnum 1800 Grind machine. They give it an excellent rating. They would like to include the fastest operation, fitness for chopping pet food, the capability to grind through bone effortlessly, and its appearance and easy-clean features. Many customers noted a few problems with the formed plastic ring.  But experience the accessible customer service regarding substitution made up for it. Check customer reviews at amazon


The STX Magnum 1800 Grinder is accessible on Amazon. You can get the latest price for this grinder machine here. Customers are intimidated by the whole presentation and activity of this electric grinder. They felt that they’d established worth for their money with some issues near the molded plastic ring. According to the customer feedback, warranty with the company’s status, we are cheerful to recommend it.

Final Comments

If you are a food fan or a pet owner and looking to prepare high-quality food in your home kitchen, the STX Magnum 1800W Series Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder can get the work done. I haven’t scuttled into any problem with it, and so we highly recommend it.

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