STX 3000 Meat Grinder Series Electric Meat Grinder Review & Sausage Stuffer

If you aren’t satisfied with the meat grinder you are using, you are just searching for a fantastic meat grinder.

Are we right?  

We acknowledge it is truly tough to discover the best meat grinder that comes with fantastic top-quality but budget-friendly.

There have several types of meat grinders that fail to provide better service. Some of those models are too little to handle the right quantity of meat.

So, we like to suggest to you an STX 3000 meat grinder review that is so different from others. We compare it with other STX meat grinders, Lem Meat grinder, or Weston meat grinders also.

There are a ton of valid reasons why we suggest this grinder machine over a ton of grinder out there.

Don’t speak more. Just dive in and know why the STX turboforce meat grinder is the best.

Best Choice: STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer

If you are seeking a long-lasting stx meat grinder with safety features, this grinder machine is for you. This review provides a clear concept about why we select the grinder and it can meet all demands of you or not.

Who should you use STX 3000-TF electric meat grinder?

  • People who love burgers, meatballs, sausages, and many other delicious meat items
  • Hunters who desire to process the meat of the games so faster
  • Owners of pets who need ground bones with meat to prepare the pet’s food

A General Overview

Being formed by STX International, the STX-3000-TF Electric meat grinder is made of adequate cast iron. It has four parts that easy to assemble and clean. With AVI technology, the augur can hold a larger piece of meat to make ground quickly.

When the question comes for cutting blades, you will get a stainless steel food graded cutting blade with this grinder. If you are waiting to make sausage, the sausage stuffing tubes help you to make three different sizes with an adapter.  A storage proficient meat pusher plus kibbe attachment are available.

It can process and grind any meat like chicken, beef, venison, and even softer chicken bones. You can rely on this STX grinder to crush plenty of meat quickly.

Feature Analysis


The STX turboforce meat grinder is designed with paired with blades and plates. This unit presents food graded stainless steel blades for every plate. The blades can sharper and offer faster grind texture, maintaining the meat texture and taste. 

The larger plate of cutting includes 12 grinding heads that capable of grinding 4-pounds of meat per min. It allows you to grind meat 175lbs to 225lbs per hour at high speed, where you can grind 110lbs to up to 140lbs per hour at low speed.

Grinding Power

The STX International meat grinder comes with 3000 wattage that is top-power. This power runs smoothly and quickly to grind meat super faster. But this grinder honestly uses to grind meat from 800-1000 watts.

In addition, The STX 3000-TF includes a circuit breaker that can lock down the grinder. The circuit breaker `is one kind of security tool that protects your grinder machine from making a loud noise. If any issue makes while grinding meat, the device will stop automatically.

Grinding Head

The STX turbo comes with a 12 size grinder head with three feeding tubes. Every tube is 2-inch diameter each one, and the head starts from 2 to ¾ inch diameter that helps you push the meat quickly.

Grinding Plates

The STX turboforce 3000 meat grinder comes with three different grinding plates that quickly get medium, coarse, and fine meat. The grinding plates are 2-5/8-inches in diameter. The plates have a unique design, like coarse plates using a wagon wheel with three large holes.

Cutting Blades

This STX 3000 meat grinder comes with three cutting blades, and all of them are equal in size. After using grinding plates, you can follow the uniform on one side of the plate.

If you want, you can continue the similar side while you grind. The cutting blades will help to cut the meat accurately for better ground meat. The grinder blades with plates work well to grind into flawless grinding meat textures.

STX 3000-TF VS STX 3000-MF

After showing the STX 3000 meat grinder features, we can compare it with the same series and another version of the STX international stx-3000 meat grinder.

The STX-3000-MF electric meat grinder comes with also exciting features that most similar to the STX-3000-TF model. The STX 3000 Megaforce gender is pretty design and great looking for your kitchen.

It is perfect for those who like to grind meat by hand. This grinder operates on 3000 watts, which has three different speeds to cut of meat.

Best Suitable For

As we have already mentioned, this grinder model is suitable for those who have less time for their kitchen rooms. For those who haven’t sufficient patient and strength to grind a larger portion of meat by themselves.

Most people like to buy electric meat grinder to make ground meat easily within a short time. And this job makes simple only these types of the meat grinder. The thing is that when you pick this grinder model, that grind faster, so if you will get in a rush.


Two of the STX 3000 series model is ideal for fine meat grinding. But the main difference between STX 3000-TF and STX 3000-MF is that for heavy-duty, STX 3000-TF is perfect. For home kitchen and extended-lasting use with vital jobs, STX 3000-MF is perfect.


  • #12 No. grinder machine
  • 3-years warranty
  • Circuit breaker make sure safety & security while using
  • AVI technology in the auger
  • The grinding head built of cast iron
  • Three different speeds with stainless steel blades

What We Liked

  • Big in size but handy plus light in weight
  • Grinds a larger size of meat within a short time
  • Easy to assemble, and even clean
  • Grinds any types of meat with the vegetables or fruits
  • Three different sausage stuffing tubes with adapter
  • Wider head with a high-capacity feeder tray
  • Food grade Stainless steel blades

What We Didn’t Like

  • Plastic reduction gear
  • The instruction manual doesn’t provide a clear concept
  • It is not dishwasher-safe

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Can you use soap to wash it?

We don’t suggest you to use soap to wash it. You should use mild detergent instead of soap.

2. How much electricity do you need to run it?

For heavy-duty and high speed, you should use 1200W, and for lower speed, 800w is ideal.

3. What about grinding bones with this meat grinder?

We remarkably suggest you not to grind bone, but only softer bones are allowed.

Final Thoughts!

After extremely careful observation and comparison with a similar series grinder, we find out the STX 3000 meat grinder review as the winner. We believe that purchasing it would genuinely be a great deal for you. 

As it is not expensive plus comes with a replacement guarantee and 3-years warranty. So, if you don’t like it or face any issue after purchasing, you can replace it. We would recommend it as it looks to be an excellent value for your deal.

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