5 Things You Must Know About How To Use A Meat Grinder?

‘How to use a meat grinder’ – it’s a common question moving around. Well, many people use meat grinders to process various types of meats. But fewer of them are aware of ideally using this particular kitchen appliance. As a result, the final cooking is not up to the mark.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the appliance’s use, the guidelines are here. The article deals with all the necessary answers to meet your requirements. There are only two basic steps with some preparatory issues. Hope those would be beneficial for your everyday meat grinder use.

The Preparations

First of all, you need to have some prior preparations to use a meat grinder. Unless you follow the preparations, you cannot get a great meat meal. They are here. 

Cleaning the meat grinder

The very first thing is to clean the meat grinder. Check all the parts are okay and functioning. Now, disassemble the grinder by parts. Remove the screw and wash the parts with fresh water.

Wipe the device with a fresh towel. Now preserve the grinder at the refrigerator for better functioning.

Wash your meats too

Besides, you have to wash the meats you want to grind. The best way is to wash them one or two hours before and freeze them. The cold meat comes with the most pleasing shape. Instead of instant raw meats, follow this process.

Moreover, you have to remove the skins and bones from the meat. The bones will reduce the sharpness of the blades. They may also break the edges as well.

Set the grinder

Now assemble the parts and mount the grinder on a table or suitable place. The hand-held meat grinders need to attach with a screw. Make sure you attached the screw tightly to prevent unnecessary moves.

The meat grinder is ready for the operation.

Using the meat grinder in two steps

1. steps For Meat Grinder

Place the meat in a bowl. Ensure they are clean, free from bacteria, and safe. Now place a portion of the meats into the feeding bar or pusher. Pushers are available in different types. Some of them look like a tray, as well.

Place the meat inside the pusher. Check back that the pusher is filled with meats and there are no empty spaces around. Besides, place an empty bowl under the tube to hold the processed meats.

2. steps For Meat Grinder

Switch on the motor (if this is an electric meat grinder). Or you have to rotate the handle if the meat grinder is not automatic. For the electric grinder, plug in the cable and press the switch. The meat grinding will begin automatically.

In this phase, you have to select the types of meat you want. Accordingly, you have to set the tube for receiving the meat. If you’re going to make a sausage, attach the tube that will shape the meats like sausage.

When you have a sufficient amount of meat, press the stop button. The button will stop the machine’s operation immediately. Get the meats out from the bowl and prepare your necessary items.

Remember, using trimmed meats will result in a smooth operation. They are safe for the blades too.

Post-grinding activities

Right after the meat grinding, most of the users forget about specific issues. Cleaning the grinder, sharpening the blades, storing the parts, etc. are some of them. However, the after grinding aspects are briefly explained.

  • Run a couple of bread slices through the meat grinder. They will remove the oils, grease, and other unwanted elements. This is the first thing to do immediately after meat grinding.
  • Disassemble the grinder (you know how to do it). Clean all the parts correctly. Wash them with soapy water and wipe with dry clothes. Make sure there are no sticky materials attached to any of the parts.
  • Oiling the parts will result in a better performance in the future. You can use some food-grade oils for the device.
  • Sharpen the blade. Each time you use the grinder, the blade needs to perform. So, this is a good idea to sharpen them after every use. This is a more straightforward process and increases the longevity of the meat grinder.
  • Storing the parts in a safe place is the other thing you need to care about. Placing the sharp device in an open space might turn risky. Serious accidents may occur. Thereby, please store the kitchen gadget in a safer place.

F​​​​​AQ – How To Use A Meat Grinder

Can a meat grinder chop vegetables?

Without a second thought, you place any of your vegetables to chop. This is a type of kitchen gadget that will smoothly process different kinds of vegetables. So, you can add the vegetables to your meat item too.

Can I overload a meat grinder?

The wise idea is not to overload a meat grinder. Instead, you can place as much as the pusher wants. Check the pusher is filled with meat, but it shouldn’t be overloaded.

Can I use frozen meat to grind?

No, you cannot do this. You can use cold meat, and you have to do that. But you cannot place some frozen meats on the grinder. The frozen meats are solid and will create pressure on the blade to chop.

Which is better – electric or hand-held?

Both the grinders are better. But using the hand-held one will let you do some workouts for free.

Free tips

  • Read the operation manual. It helps to prevent untoward situations.
  • Have the safety precautions to avoid injuries.

Last Words

Meat grinding is easy. But due to a lack of knowledge, a notable number of people misuse the kitchen gadget. Now, you are aware of the using process. Following the guidelines will ensure the better performance of your meat grinder. Check the wikiHow

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