Meat Grinders That Grind Bones | Select & Use

Our regular grinders are perfect, like meat grinders that grind bones? It is a common question to the pet lovers who always stay anxious for their pet’s food.

Yes, you can grind soft and small bones like chicken bones of wings, back, or neck easily using your meat grinder. But before thinking about this, you have to know the best meat grinder for bones and how to grind the bones properly.

This post will help you know about the meat grinder that is perfect for bone grind and how to do it quickly.

Meat Grinder That Grind Bones

If you are the owner of pets in your house, you must want to feed them a raw diet that is such a significance. For this reason, you should know which meat grinder also well best to grind bones for your pets because bones are an essential part of the raw diet of pets.

Grinding bone is not an easy task, and this type of challenging task requires selecting the right grinder with the capacity and heavy motor to grind bones quickly.

Method-1: Select the best Meat Grinder

As the first point, you have to select the best meat grinder for meat grinding. In this case, you should remember you will go to grind, just raw bones not cooked. So you must check the powerful motor and heavy capacity meat grinder. How to select a meat grinder for bones? Let’s see.

1. Choose electric meat grinder: The best electric meat grinder with a powerful motor will so durable and perfect for raw bones grind. However, they are more expensive than lower capacity and durable meat grinders but can provide a large number of crumbling bones every week.

2. Manual Meat Grinder: If you search for the best meat grinder that is not so expensive but durable, you can think about a manual meat grinder. You can get several types of machine in reseller websites or secondhand stores quickly. You can use them also to grind raw bones though they are not easy, but it real that you can clean them quickly and use them for a long time.

3. Heavy-duty Grinders: If you have a large budget to pick a heavy-duty grinder machine, you can think for size 22 or 32 grinders that will make your life easy. They always allow you to grind chicken bones or other animals’ soft and small size bones quickly. Many pet owners have not to budget to invest for heavy-duty grinders. But if you can afford, we suggest you pick a heavy-duty meat grinder without thinking more.

Method-2:   Process the Bone To Grind

Before grinding the bones, you have to prepare the bones to feed into the grinder that makes your job easy.

1. Separate the Meat: IN the beginning, you need to separate meat from the bones. But keep in mind some meat always right for your pet, don’t meat completely the bones. It needs to provide protein and nutrition that is good for your pet’s health.

2. Cut the Bones: Now cut the selected bones into small pieces so that you can feed them into the grinder without any trouble. It also helps to grind the bones finely.

3. Bones’ thickness:  You need to put a higher-level focus on the thickness of selected bones that you are thinking to grind. It will better to choose those bones that are as thick as the thumb of your.

Method-3: Tips for Best Grinding

Grinding small or smaller pieces of bones is easy, and the following tips make your job too smooth.

  • Keep the bones in the refrigerator to cold for a while.
  • When you will grind the bones, use the coarsest grinding plate for the first grind.
  • Use a large bowl to hold the grinding bone.
  • You can add vegetables and water with the bones while feeding it into the grinder.
  • Store the excess grinding bones into a food-grade container and keep it in the freezer for 3 to 5 days.

Last Comments!

Meat grinders that grind bones, Yes we know you can already understand which types of grinder machine you should pick and how to use it to crush bones for your pets. Thanks for staying with us and enjoy with your pet to feed fresh ground bones daily.

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