Types of meat grinders and their hidden benefits

Do you love to grind meat manually? Well, if you ask the question to mainstream people, they will have a sad smile on the face. In fact, grinding meat manually is a big deal. And it takes time too. But what if you use a meat grinder instead? In that case, the smile will turn satisfactory.

Anyway, do you have a clear idea about the types of meat grinders? What are the benefits of using different kinds of meat grinders for various purposes? All the issues are complicated. Most of the people lack the complete idea about the meat grinder types. The texts here will address all the facts in brief here.

Types of meat grinder

Usually, there are three basic types of meat grinders available. For the case of needs, people have also modified and made several versions. But those are not on the primary list. The types are

  • Manual meat grinder
  • Automatic meat grinder
  • Commercial meat grinder

What is a manual meat grinder?

As the name suggests, the manual meat grinder needs manual operation. The users need to rotate the handle to grind the meat. The mechanism is almost similar to the other automated meat grinders. But the fundamental difference is that the users have to use the handle.

What is an automatic meat grinder?

Well, an automatic meat grinder is a piece that runs on electricity. There are no manual applications. Besides, they also take less time in processing meat or other ingredients like vegetables.

The impressive benefit is that such devices can provide some smooth finishing. Any level user can operate an automatic meat grinder with efficiency.

What is a commercial meat grinder?

Have you ever taken the sausage out of home? Well, those sausages are the outcome of commercial meat grinders. They look gigantic and can deal with a massive amount of meats at a single time. Most of the food manufacturers, especially the business dealing in meat, use such grinders.

The benefits 

The benefits of using meat grinder are huge. But to comprehend the facts gradually, we have arranged separate explanations here for a greater understanding.

Benefits of manual meat grinders

Great look

The first thing is that you will have some striking manual meat grinders. They look excellent and meet your needs with care. Many of the users are reluctant as they do not have machines, but they can serve you better.

Saves your spaces

Moreover, manual meat grinders are relatively smaller in size and shape. So, they occupy less space than the other meat grinders. You can store the grinder at anywhere you want.

Less maintenance

At the same time, manual meat grinders require less maintenance. Usually, using an electric meat grinder will take several types of maintenance. Cleaning those grinders is also troublesome. The view is different from the manual meat grinders. All the maintenance process is simple.


Simultaneously, manual meat grinders are economical. They do not consume power for operation. They are budget-friendly as well. Based on all the reasons, many of the experts recommend manual meat grinders.

Benefits of electric meat grinders

Saves your time

If you run a race against time, electric meat grinders are the best option. They can grind the meat at an incredibly short time. Often people need to take immediate decisions about home events. In those cases, electric meat grinders play a vital role to cook some delicious meat meals. 

Simple operation

Experts also recommend electric meat grinders for the beginners. Being the simple operation process, anyone with less meat grinding skills can operate it. The users are to pour or put the meat into the feeding tube. The meat grinder will do the rest.

The blade that runs with electricity chops the meats sharply. However, this is not possible for manual meat grinders. Moreover, the motors are durable and last for a more extended period. The entire meat grinding process is almost effortless.  

Several grinding options

The electric meat grinders come with a couple of meat grinding options. If you want, you can make sausage or even chop for your burger. Dealing with the bones is more comfortable too with an electric meat grinder. Also, if you put the most robust meat or bone, the grinder will process that in no time. 

Benefits of commercial meat grinders 

For professionals

People who deal with meat can use industrial meat grinders. They are larger and can process a smart amount of meat in a short period. These grinders are perfect for butcher houses or commercial meat sellers.

Extremely Durable

Since they deal with a more massive amount of meats, the manufacturers provide the best raw materials. As a result, such grinders are far durable than their cousins (manual and electric).

Multiple grinding options  

Interestingly, commercial-grade meat grinders have numerous options. The ordinary meat grinders are devoid of the features. Speed is the most adorable feature, while the meat cutting process is accurate. The meat shapes are finest and look great.


Why the commercial meat grinders are so pricey?

Which one is better for home – electric or manual?

Can I attach a mixer with a meat grinder?

Last words

Regardless of the categories, the meat grinders are of great use. With the support of the kitchen machines, the users can get the chopped meats in the most exceptional quality. Experts suggest getting a meat grinder that suits your needs at home.

Wishing you luck in preparing varieties of recipes.

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