What is a meat grinder? All About Meat Grinder!

A meat grinder is one of the important kitchen appliances for meat lovers. This is a machine that chops or mixes meat for cooking. Besides, users can also use the item to chop vegetables as well. Using knives for chopping is troublesome while a meat grinder brings a sense of relief. what is a meat grinder used for.

The key reason for using a meat grinder is the fineness of the meat. But many of the meat grinder users are unaware of the appliance and its other applications. The lines below will provide them with a comprehensive idea about meat grinders.

Key benefits of a meat grinder 

A meat grinder provides a couple of services to the users. The primary benefits are explained in brief below.

Top 3 Benefits

Smooth meat chopping

Commonly, people chop meat by using knives or other sharp materials. But using the meat grinder will result in something special. The electric motor inside the appliance makes the meat sharply chopped. This is a tremendous assistive tool for domestic butchery.

Healthy processing

Besides, while using a meat grinder, the users can ensure the hygiene issues. The meats available in super shops are often processed in an unhygienic environment. But when you are doing it at home, you can control the hygiene factors.

Managing food ingredients

While processing meat with a grinder, as a user, you can also control the ingredients. If there is a large amount of fat, you can remove the portion. But this is often impossible with those meats available in the marketplace.

Types of meat grinder 

There are three types of meat grinders available. They include:

  • Manual meat grinder.
  • Electric meat grinder.
  • Commercial-grade meat grinder.

Meat Grinder Types

Manual meat grinder

The manual meat grinders come with simple functions. A user needs to operate the meat grinder using their hands. The manual operation takes a bit more time than the automated ones. But those grinders are best suitable for home use only. If you plan to run a restaurant or other commercial operation, it will not suit you.

Electric meat grinder

They are better than hand-operated meat grinders. Besides, due to automatic operation, they take less time to chop meats. Within a short time, electric meat grinder users can process a large number of meats. Such grinders are suitable for families with a large number of members to meet their everyday needs.

Commercial-grade meat grinder

As the name suggests, such grinders are for a larger operation. When you are planning to run a restaurant or food shop, you will need it. Professional meat grinders are more durable.  And they have heavier blades for continuous meat chopping.

How does a meat grinder work?

The working process of a meat grinder is simple. There is a feeding tube on the upper part of the grinder. The blades are inside the body. So, when you start the grinder, the blades spin inside the body. The chopped meat comes out from the delivery tube. For a manual grinder, you are to rotate the handle using your arm.

Interestingly, you can get different shapes of the processed meats using an electric meat grinder. If you want to get the meat for your sausage, you can have it. Or if you plan some juicy meats, you can get that too. However, this feature is absent from the manual ones.

The operation process is almost the same for all types of grinders. But the body construction and blade materials differ only. It happens to provide a greater or relatively lower performance.

Size and price of meat grinders

The meat grinders are available in various sizes and shapes. The meat grinders for domestic use come in a smaller size. For extensive operation, the size gets bigger. As the larger grinders need to process meat on a massive scale, the dimensions are bigger.

The average price of a meat grinder is under 50 dollars. But if you plan to have a commercial one, the expenses are higher. The price also varies considering the brands. The famous brands have a bit higher price for their durability, performance, and other features.

How to buy a meat grinder?

To get a meat grinder for home or commercial use, you need to be careful about the following issues.

Raw materials

Before you get the meat grinder, you must check the raw materials used for making the appliance. The manufacturers use a wide number of elements to manufacture them. But the best idea is to get the one that has steel framing or structure.


One size doesn’t fit all. So, if you wish to get a meat grinder, you need to know your needs. If the meat grinder is bigger, you cannot use it for domestic purposes. Similarly, the small meat grinders won’t meet the needs of the commercial. Hence, you are to select the size minding your needs.

Operation mode

On the other part, you are to check the operation method of the meat grinder. For small scale use, you can opt for the electric meat grinder. But for occasional use, the manual meat grinders can perform best. While getting an electric meat grinder, check the motor power for smooth operation.


Besides, you need to check the maintenance issues as well. Ask about the meat grinder maintenance to the manufacturer or the seller. This is a common symptom that the meat grinders get jammed. A reverse function will help to clean the meats inside. Hence, ensure the cleaning process and other maintenance is easier.

F​​​​AQ’s – What is a meat grinder

Which is the best meat grinder for domestic use?

The electric meat grinders are best for domestic purposes. They are moderate in size and shape. Besides, they take less time for meat processing.

Which one is better – metal or plastic base grinder?

Of course, the metal-based grinder is better. They are durable and provide smooth functioning.

Do I need to change the grinder blade?

In general, the manufacturers use sharp and durable blades that run for long. Overloading the grinder or longer use may result in numbing the blades. So, after a particular time, you might need to change the blade.

Final words

Meat grinders are of great use for meat-loving people. They can cook delicious courses using the processed meats. To get the right meat grinder, spend some time analyzing the quality, available features, and brand. I hope, it will help you get the best one What is a meat grinder.

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