How to solve common meat grinder problems? [2021]

Around 40 to 50 percent of Americans consume ground beef -as an alternative protein. The rest of the population is divided into pork, lamb, etc.

Why is ground meat popular?

Ground meats are easy to make. This meat takes less time to cook and tastes better. That is the reason for getting in the limelight. So:

Who is behind the scene of this ground meat?

It’s a machine. We call it a “meat grinder.” And this machine was invented by Karl Dais. His invention changed the cooking industry. Such as; people in the USA are earning from selling processed ground meat.

So, as a small entrepreneur or home cook, you are one of them using a meat grinder daily. Using this machine, one might have been facing problems, right?

These problems are common. You can even fix it. How? Let me give you a walk-through with a bonus section. Here it is:

Do you not want to face this problem? The top can see the meat grinder list.

Problems and solutions:

Every meat grinder user encounters these four problems. So, here are the solutions in-depth.

Common Meat Grinder Problems

Problems with switch:

The new meat grinders are two types. One is rechargeable, another is corded. If you find the grinder is not turning on, check the battery and power cable.

A slight repair can help to run the corded grinder. Or changing the battery can help to run faster. Boom! You are on.

Head problems:

Next are the head issues. This part pushes down the meat into the blade to shear. If it is jammed, grinding will be tough. Now, how to solve the problem? Just open the head and clean it.

There you go! If the issue still exists, go to a nearby repair center.

Teeth problems:

This problem arises for continuous bone grinding. For instance, beef chuck has a bone. The grinder uses its teeth to cut the small bones. These teeth become blunt sometimes.

It results in disappointing ground meat. This disappointment can be cured. How? Open the screw and check the teeth. If it’s in the position of repairing, fix it. Or install new teeth. It will work.

Friction problems:

Most of the owners face this issue. This is because of two reasons. Either they are putting dry meat or tendons in the grinder. Now how to solve this problem?

Never grind dry beef. Keep it in the fridge for thirty minutes; if you don’t have the option to use edible oils. It will work.

So, these are the common meat grinder problems everyone encounters. Regular cleaning can help a lot to solve the issues. Here is the bonus section with cleaning tips and tricks.

The goal of this section is to keep your grinder alive. To extend the grinder lifetime, apply this cleaning process.

How to clean a meat grinder?

Meat grinder cleaning is easy. One can do it by following the six easy and common steps. These are effective ways to keep the grinder alive.

Use bread to clean inner oil:

The meat grinder breaks the fat and meat together. This procedure leaves grease inside the blade. If this cannot be clean on the spot, chances of teeth issues are high. To avoid this issue, use dry dread.

Bread will soak up the oils and clean blades.

Clean after each use:

When your grinding is done, clean it right off the bat. Prompt cleaning saves the material from crusts. This sort of ignorance costs a lot to many users. The user thinks, “alright, I will do it after next use.”

No, don’t do this, if you want to have smooth ground meat.

Break up the parts:

Disassemble is another way to clean up the pieces. A user can go detail cleaning for this reason. Even the mechanical experts suggest breaking up the parts. Now, how many parts are there in a meat grinder?

It depends. But some common parts are as follows:

  • Blade
  • Die or plates
  • Blade and plate cover.
  •  Screw
  • Hopper
  • Feed tube
  • Pusher

These parts can be disassembled for cleaning. To clean up the parts, follow this single instruction. Pay attention to each part. It will save your cost.

Detergent and warm water therapy:

This is an effective way of cleaning. One can start it with a bucket. Here is the process:

  • Fill the bucket with warm water
  • Mix detergent
  • Stir the water until it gets foamy.
  • Soak each part for a minute.
  • Rub the dirt gently.
  • Use a sponge to clean the blade, screw, and cover.
  • Use a bottle brush to clean the hopper, feed tube, and plate holes.

Wiping up and drying process:

After the warm detergent water therapy, it’s time to wipe and dry up. Wipe every part with a soft dry cloth. Then let the parts dry for a minute. Again wipe up the parts for removing residual water.

Store the grinder:

Proper storage processes can enhance the lifetime of a grinder. This is not only essential for a lifetime, but also for smooth grinding. To store it properly, here are some tips.

  • Put each grinder part inside a rice bag. Rice soaks up the moisture.
  • If a rice bag is not possible to use, leave the parts inside the refrigerator.
  • Use mixed bleach water for oiled parts. This will sanitize the parts.
  • Oil up the metal parts with metal lubricants. This will save the grinder from rust.


  • Sharp the blade before grinding
  • Remove the cord from meat before grinding.
  • Use frozen meat to grind. This is good for taste and grinding.


So, the article covers all the common meat grinder problems. It tried to give an effective solution. Besides the answer, this article covered some bonus sections. The aim of including these bonus section -is to make the grinding life easier. Now the question is, did you get the help? Leave the answer below.

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