How to Grind Chicken in a Food Processor?

How to grind chicken in a food processor? It’s an easy strategy but has a few conditions to know before jumping in-depth with both feet.

If you think only a top food processor or meat blender can grind the meat perfectly, you are still in the wrong. Your food processor can put back almost every task that your food grinder or blender can do.

Grinding chicken yourself can only ensure a fantastic taste with full nutrition without any preservative that you can’t get super market’s ground meat.

As a bonus point here, you will allow adding more ingredients that you like to combine with the chicken during grinding, making a better food item, and cook an excellent recipe.

So, let’s grind favorite chicken using a food processor.


  • Does a food processor allow you to grind chicken?
  • Prepare chicken and Food Processor
  • Tips for grinding chicken in a food processor
  • The ratio of fat and meat
  • Benefits of the homemade ground meat
  • Can you grind chicken after it’s cooked?

So, Do all yourself

Does a food processor allow you to grind chicken?

Yes, you are certainly permitted to grind chicken in your food processor. But it’s not a simple tossing it in the food processor as well as turns it on.

You should ensure the device can manage it before it started. Then you pay attention to the volume and types of chicken meat that you are going to grinding.

Then check the machine include how strong and powerful motor and the sharpness of the blades.

If the motor will power and the blade will shaper, the chicken will grind super fast, and you can mill much more meat at a time.

Prepare chicken and food processors.

When you go for grinding the chicken with your food processor, you should prepare the poultry before pouring it into the machine.


  • Decide how much chicken do you want to grind for your recipe. Then take the fresh chicken that has to uncook and even boneless.
  • Cube the chicken into as small pieces as possible. For example, you can chop the meat into 1-inch. It makes the job easy for you and your machine.
  • After chopping the meat, you can notice that it can change the texture and become so soft. Put the cubed chicken into a tin foil and freezer it about 10 to 15 minutes before grinding. This process makes the meat to grind finely.
  • Freeze the blade of the food processor for a while with the meat.

Tips for grinding chicken in food processor

Here’s how to grind chicken in a food processor at home yourself:

  • Prepare the chicken and the food processor’s blade.
  • Bring the chicken and blade from the refrigerator.
  • Pour the meat into the work jar or bowl of the device.
  • Remind put the meat according to the capacity of the machine.
  • You should full the food processor half during grinding that works well to grind.
  • Avoid over the process because your aim to chop the meat not make a paste
  • If you should take extra time to grind much more chicken, give an interval of 2 to 5 minutes to prepare the device again for grinding.
  • After using the machine, don’t forget to clean it.

The ratio of fat and meat

Does fat a matter during grind meat? Yes, it does.

Naturally, some fat needs for a good recipe. You can grind lean chicken meat, but it’ll challenge you to cook without a bit of fat, and it can be tasteless.

At least 20% of fat can be allowed to grind the meat smoothly and increase the taste of the cooked food, too!

If the chicken will fattier, much more meat will go left behind after ground up the turkey. It will clog the blades up that will difficult to clean it. But if you maintain the right measure of the fat and meat, it won’t be worse.

Benefits of the homemade ground meat

Homemade ground meat is superior to buying from any supermarket. There are a ton of benefits if you use homemade chicken mincer for chicken burger recipe.

It not only provides quality food but also allows adding your favorite spices or vegetables during grinder.

Without those, there are more other benefits.

Risk-free & Healthy

You can never know how clean are the food processor and the chicken at the supermarket? It is ever possible to know at all for you.

They also preserve meat in a thin layer of plastic that has a great chance to grow bacteria.

So, how can you control it, and will you ensure you bring the risk-free and healthy ground meat from the market?

If you purchase the chicken whole at home, you can grind them instantly when you want that reduces the risk of getting the worse meat. It will be healthy and fresh ground, and you can make it as your demands.

Hold Real Taste

You may think that grinding at home can waste more time and better buy from the market with less time. It is logical, but you can get the real taste from those meats that you can get from homemade grinding beef.

When you purchase the ground meat from the market, you will get the smell of salt and pepper but lack of real flavor and taste of meat.

The homemade grinding meat will give you real taste with good flavor that increases the taste of the meat-grinding recipe.

Save money

You have to pay more convenience to get the ground meat like pay butcher and pay extra for packaging or containers. On the other hand, if you buy the readmit pack, you have to count more money than raw meat.

In this case, if you use your food processor for meat to grind the chicken at home, you have to pay only for the chicken to buy.

Can you grind chicken after it’s cooked?

Can you grind meat after it’s cooked? Yes, absolutely can. You can rub a whole turkey using the best food grinder or food processor when it is evenly cooked.

It can be more comfortable when the turkey is raw, but for cooked chicken, you have to use powerful motor and blades that may be more exclusive in price but also quality.

So, Do all yourself

Yes, you can do it yourself if you have a food processor just following how to grind chicken in a food processor.

Just take the device with your favorite chicken or turkey, grind them correctly, and prepare the delicious food and then make a party. It is confirmed that your friends will wish you and say wow that achieving a big achievement for you.

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