What Size Meat Grinder for Deer [Tips and Tricks]

Are you thinking of purchasing a meat grinder without any previous experience? Don’t understand from where you will start and what point has to come at first?

We think you should consider the essential point that is the intention of using the grinder firstly. Why will you go to pick the machine for your home or your restaurant or industries?

Besides, tons of meat grinders are flooding the market, which will confuse you to make the proper decision.

So, which point can make the right way?

Knowing the right size according to the requirement can be the perfect path to take the first step.

So, know what size meat grinder for deer will suitable from this post and select the correct mill directly.

What are the Grinder Sizes?

When you are in the market for the meat grinder, you will a sign like “#” this with numbers. This sign will refer to the size of the grinder machine. The format is decided by measuring the distance at the center of the grinder plates.

Most of the regular sizes for home use devices are #5, #8, #12, #22, and so on. Below has a chart to fix the meat grinder size.

Grinder Size







Plate Diameter

2 1/8-inch

2 1/2-inch

2 3/4-inch

3 1/4-inch

3 7/8-inch

5 1/6-inch

Blade Diameter

1 7/8-inch

2 1/8-inch

2 3/8-inch

2 7/8-inch

3 1/2-inch

4 5/8-inch

Blade Hole Size







A smaller meat grinder comes with a smaller feeding tube where a larger one has a larger feeding tube. The smaller size meat grinder contains less power than the larger one.

So, what do you want to do using the grinder? Do you want to make a homemade burger, meatballs with deer meat for your family or friends now and then? Do you desire to make a party after hunting? Such a lot of questions have that will assist you in determining what size meat grinder for deer you need.

Meat grinder plate sizes

You have to know all plat’s size with types that are available for a different meat grinder. Some plats ha similar sizes were some differences according to their standards.

To pick the meat grinder for deer, you should have experience with the machine’s plate size. It’ll help you to select the right size grinder for your use.

Below we have discussed all of the plate sizes. Take a look at all sizes and find the size meat grinder for deer as accurate as your need.

#5 plates

The great benefit of the #5 plates is the ability to cut meat or fat into smaller pieces around 1-inch using the feeding tube into the drill. It allows you to grind the chicken skin simply.

However, you can prepare 5lbs batches of sausage using this plate that needs less than 5 minutes. You can use the #5 plate for fine grinding if you want to do much more double grinding.

 #8 plates

What is the difference between #5 and #8 plates? The #8 plates are more significant than #5 plates and can pack a more considerable punch. It can offer you to grind up to 10lbs of meat together. This type of plate will provide thick beef.

If you could do with double-grinding meat, don’t forget to place the first time grinding meat back to the refrigerator before crushing it for the second time.

#10/#12 plates

The # 10 plates are mainly reserved for commercial use though there is a lot of home where you can be seen it for clog their large family, or parties, occasions, and even for holiday’s uses. The grinding capacities of this type of plates are as big as small size plates, and it can be provided at least 25lbs ground meat at a time.

#20/#22 plates

The # 20 or #22 both of them are larger than #10 or #12 plates. They are reserved for grinding a larger quantity of slices of beef, meats or hard vegetables. They weren’t designed to organize larger parties or holiday functions and also not for a home-based business. They are perfect for industrial use only.

#32 plates

This type of plate is the largest size that only comes for commercial and industrial usage. They can provide a larger amount of ground meat at a time that only needs for industry.

Meat Grinder Hole Size

You may see the plate size fixed into the meat grinder. But it’s frequently about the hole size than the plate size. The plate sizes, as well as the number, make clear that it mostly the quantity of meat and you have to grind it.

Besides, the hole size differ only one of those plats that offer several options of hole sizes.  Below we have a few hole size and their uses that need to know must.

 The 1/8-inch

The size of hole works to grind the meat for bologna hot dog, jerky, plus hamburgers.

The 3/16-inch

The 3/16-inch diameter hole size is idea for second grinding that can make coarse hamburgers.

 The ¼-inch

This is a quarter-inch hole size that is ideal for making the sausages like summer, salami, as well as pepperoni.

eTThe 3/8-inch

The 3/8-inch diameter hole size is wonderful for the real champion when it applies for the first grind. You can use it for wonders with chili plus linguica.

 The ½-inch

This is another wondering diameter size that needs for the first grind, and it is fantastic for the coarse chili and new meats.

So, what size do you want?

Well, it depends just on the personal needs as well as first choice. The #20 and #22 plate sizes are perfect for only home use.  Far as the hole diameter will go to pick the off list that depends on what types of beef you desire to grind.

As the rule of thumb, start your grinding works with a small plate, a small diameter that helps you ground the food quickly. The more meat grinding, the more grinder plates you can start getting. Start with small and work way up. Enjoy the foods that you have prepared.

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