How to grind bones without a grinder You Can Easily Find Out

If you have unused bones after dinner lying around, grinding them into powder is a grand way to use for another job.


Ground bones are a great source of calcium that can be used as a portion of raw food for cats and dogs or as an organic fertilizer for plants.


For doing this, need a good grinder that quickly makes the chicken or other small animal soft bones into powder. But when the bones become tougher, use a grinder machine to mill them will danger for the device.

So, what can be the right solution for this issue? How to grind bones without a grinder?

In this article, we have shared an excellent solution for this topic from our good experience.

Read on, know something new.

How to grind bones without a grinder?​​​​

How to grind bones? Thinking to use the top grinder machine to grind the bones, the device has to have more durable motor power with other advanced qualities. Unfortunately, in regular, you don’t get them together.

So, you have to purchase the meat grinders for bones that will be more efficient to handle even the sturdy bones. But if you don’t have any bone grinder for a bone meal or not interested in picking instantly, what can you do?

Well, there are a few options that you can use alternatively. Most of the interested people wish to use their regular food processor or blender as a bone grinder.

Can a food processor grind meat and bone? Is it safe for the blender?

No, the same problem as grinder machines arises for the blenders that need powerful power motor to handle tough bones.

So, what can be the solution?

You can take a blender or food processor without grinders to grind; for this, you should follow a few processes that won’t affect the machine, and you can turn the bone into powder.

Before Blending

Before putting the bone into the blender machine, you should do a few words to make the task uncomplicated.

Select the right bone to mill

Select so soft and uncooked bone so that the machine can manage it quickly. When you are thinking of preparing the food for your pet, you should consider how they can eat the meal. Which bone will ideal for grinding:

  • Chicken wings, rib cage, necks, and even back will right choices for crushing.
  • Any other small animal’s bone-like rabbits and fish can work, too. Select the bones that are not so longer or thicker, and you can break them suitably.
  • Avoid cooked bones to take because they will danger for your pets to consume. They have fewer nutrients than raw bones.
  • Skip using the larger bone of cows, pig, and lamb.

Prepare the selected bones.

Divide the selected bone into small pieces that will make it easier to turn them into powder.

  • Take the sharpest and strongest knife-like chef’s knife. If you have more durable kitchen scissors, you also can use them to cut.
  • Separate the bone as small as possible so that they can fit into the blender. For example, take the chicken wings and cut them into the joint where the bone is attached.
  • If you are thinking of mixing vegetables with the meat and bone, cut and chop the vegetable into small chunks so that they also grind and mix with the bone and make an excellent meal for your pet.

During Blending​

After selecting and preparing the bone, they are ready to turn into powder for your pet or your plants.

  • Take the blender or food processor that you have selected to grind the bone instead of the grinder.
  • Put the bone into it and grind multiple bones altogether.
  • Pour sufficient bone at a time into the device, not more or less, but pay attention so that it can run smoothly and grind the bone finely.
  • If grinding needs more time, you should take an interval for a few minutes at least three or minutes.
  • Don’t put pressure on the food processor or blender. Do this job gently.
  • Add water with the bone that needs and make sure everything blends perfectly together.

After Blending​

Finishing grinding now take and feed the pets or use in the garden as a fertilizer. Maybe ground much more that can be used for a few days? Don’t think more. You can store the extra grinding bones for next time use.

Below we have discussed two points: how to store the additional grinding bones and second points on how to clean the blender correctly.

Both of the points are essential to know though we knew it from before. Sometimes we don’t give pay attention after using the food processor or blender; as a result, the device will ruin very soon.

Store the ground bones:

Use the ground bone that you need and store additional for the days.

  • Keep the extra into a container and sealed them perfectly to prevent spoiling.
  • Keep the container into the refrigerator for a long time. But remind that it can be freeze for a long time but will lose quality after 5 to 10 days.
  • If you keep the liquid meal that you blended vegetables and bones with water, store it in the same process. But it should feed fresh to your pets.

Clean the blender or food processor

Don’t put the user blender, bone meal grinder, or food processor without washing clearly. Do the following works that will good for the device.

  • After using, take the blender apart to wash it. Use the dishwasher if you are allowed or use alternative soap and water to clean the device properly. If the machine has any removable parts, remove first and wash them separately.
  • After washing all the parts and tools, let them wet naturally. Use clean clothes to mop them so that a little bit of water doesn’t remain even in narrow space. If you store with water in a hurry, the blender will harm or damage slowly and maybe don’t work next time.
  • At last place the right machine place for next use.

Final words!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post and know more unknown tips and tricks on grind without the grinder. Now you don’t want to throw the useless bones instead of use as the pet’s food or fertilizer for the garden because you have known how to grind bones without a grinder.

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