How To Use A French Press With Pre-Ground Coffee | Guide & 7 Step By Step

It is not only a cup of coffee but should be tasted, good flavor with high-quality. Only French press coffee provides you the best way to make top-quality coffee. For this reason the people most coffee lovers like to get French press coffee. 

A French press offers the natural oils and great flavors of the fresh coffee grounds instead of filtered out. But using a French press process isn’t so simple and not so difficult.

But some people jump through with all hoops while it comes to find the most out of the French press coffee. Whichever process you select for the French press will be boiled down to some simple steps.

Continue with and try to know how to use a French press with pre-ground coffee. Here we also can learn- how can you keep it clean for every brew.

What Have to Collect For French Press coffee?

When a question comes to prepare a coffee in a French press, some tools have to collect to process the French press coffee brewing.

You will obviously need:

  • Hot water
  • Pre-ground coffee for French press
  • Or choose the coffee grinder for grind fresh coffee beans
  • French press
  • Measurement cup for water
  • Tablespoon for measurement

You also need to use:

  • Burr grinder
  • Scale to measure accurate coffee and water
  • Timer need for exact steeping time
  • Thermometer for measure the water temperature

Parts Of The French Press

Before going to make French press fine ground coffee, you have to introduce the parts of it. There are some parts of a French press. Let’s know them.

  • The lid fits on the top of the breaker with a plunger and metal filter ground coffee.
  • The breaker that normally made from glass and some from plastics, metal, or ceramic. The body and handle come from various types of materials.

How To Use A French Press With Pre-Ground Coffee


Have you all of those materials around you, or have you collected them? So, let’s start using your French press with your selected pre ground coffee.

Can you use ground coffee in French press? Yes, just follow the press instruction step by step:

Step-1: Heat The water

The first task is to heat up the water. The more you filter the water, the better the coffee can be.

But you have to know the water’s ideal temperature for French press coffee, and it is 195 to 205 F degree, or you can measure it in 90 to 96 Celcius. Here you can use your thermometer to measure the water temperature.

If you don’t have any thermometer in your hand, you can let your water on the stove just for boiling. When the water start to boil, remove it from the stove and keep it a site for a while to reach in better temperature.

If the water is 24oz, it needs time 4-minutes into 200 F., And if the water is 36 oz, it takes just 8 minutes in 200 F. Don’t pour the hotest water into the French press directly. Let it calm for a while, and then use it for coffee making.

Step-2: Pre-heat the French Press

This is an optional step, but you need to do it if your French press has taken a break for many days. So you should preheat it as a warm-up for coffee making.

Take some warm water that can be filled up ¼ portion of the French press. Now pour the heated water and push the plunger. Then swirl the water around so that it can break up any elements that can be available into it.

Once you have washed your French press and take the top off to discard the water. Now your French press is all warm and washed to ready to go.  

Step-3: Measure the Coffee

There are some ways to measure the coffee.

  • If you want to grind fresh coarse ground coffee beans, you have to measure the beans using a scale before grinding. Measure your selected coffee beans in grams so that it can coordinate with your required coffee strength for the size of the French press.
  • If you desire to measure pre ground coffee, you can use a tablespoon just scoop out the ground coffee and dump them into the French press.
  • If you wish to use a scale, you may set a container on it plus reset it to zero. Then scoop in the coffee ground until you reach the correct amount of what you need.

Step-4: Mix Coffee Ground With Water

If your coarse ground coffee for French press coffee ground and water is ready to go, it is the right time to add them into the French press. Dump the pre-ground coffee in and press for a shake to them out.

Now add the water that you have put in after measuring. It will well if you let the coffee bloom before pouring a complete quantity of water on top of it. Pour the water with coffee ground into the French press. Now covered it, stir, and then leave it to sit for 30 to 35 minutes. 

Step-5: Steep The Coffee

Put the lid as soon as you have to check the time from the timer’s start. It is important to steep the coffee for a while, or it can cause over-extraction, and as a result, your coffee will make bitter or change the taste.

If you are not sure the exact time, start for 4 hours and also you can take a short or long time based on taste what you want.  Ensure the lid remains on the French Press for the whole steeping time to keep the coffee hot.   

Step-6: Stir in or Take out the Crust

After seeping the time, you can lift the lid of the French press. There has to be a crust made on the top of the liquid during steeping.

If you like a fuller-bodied to flavor the coffee, use a spoon to mix the crust, which helps it fall back to the bottom of the French press.

If you would like a lighter-bodied flavor coffee, you are allowed to use a spoon to scoop the top layer and then discard it wholly.

Step-7: Press, Pour, & Enjoy The Coffee

Now it is the best time to press the coffee. You should press down on the plunger to go all the way bottom of the French press. It’ll sift out the coffee grounds from the liquid.

Now pour the prepared coffee into the coffee mug instantly after pressing to continue the coffee from excess extraction. If you need another coffee for the next hours, you can save rest for later hours.

How to Clean The French Press


After paying much more careful attention to using the French press to prepare your more delicious coffee, you may desire to ensure you clean it properly between uses.

What you need:

  • Spatula
  • Dish Soap
  • Clean water
  • Sponge
  • Bottlebrush

The process to wash:

  • Empty the French press and let the machine cool off.
  • Use a soft spatula or hands to dig out the coffee ground from the bottom.
  • Add some water into the French press and drop some liquid dish soap.
  • Deposit out the soapy water and then wash out the French press properly.
  • Separate the needle for a deep clean.
  • Mix water with a little bit of baking soda to make a paste. Use the paste with a soft sponge to scrub the needle. Rinse it after scrubbing properly.
  • You can use water with vinegar in a 1:1 ratio to scrub the plunger and the inside or outside of the French press
  • Leave all parts to dry for hours, and you can store them in this situation before reassembling them for next use.

Enjoy Your French Press!

How to use a French press with pre-ground coffee? This process is a simple and easy process to make coffee that wishes a more robust flavor than other coffee preparation types. This fascination style coffee brewing extracts for all delicious coffee flavors directly without the need for any filter.

Enjoy your fresh coffee with the pre-ground coffee using French press!

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