How to Stuff Sausage With a Meat Grinder

Are you thinking of just take some meat and stuff them into the meat grinder that will make sausage automatically? It is not absolutely right. The meat grinder will work automatically, but you should know the proper processing on how to stuff sausage with a meat grinder.

If you don’t have previous experience, you need to get knowledge of it. It is not a difficult task, but it can be easy if you know the correct tricks.

Hit our today’s post where we have shared a few handy tips that will help you from first to last for make sausage using your new stuffer. Have you a new or old one? If you don’t have, thinking to pick, you can room from sausage stuffer.

Let’s go to the deep and know more.

Tips to stuff sausage with a meat grinder

How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder? To stuff your favorite sausage at home with your meat grinder, you can go after the following process step by step so that your first journey can succeed.

Collect The Right Meat

Before starting your job, pick the correct types and amount of meat from the butcher. Ensure the meat fresh and keep it going sausage.

Freezer The Meat

Keep the picking meat into the freezer for some time. It will easy to hold the cold turkey during preparing sausage.

Chop Up The Meat

Remove the bones with all unwanted fat from the meat and slice or chop them up into smaller pieces using a Sharpe knife. A little bit can easily place into the grinder.

Use The Grinding Plate.

Take the grinding that has with the grinder. Different types of plates may have small holes and bigger holes. Their works are different such as small holes use for lightly ground meat. The bigger one right for vulgar ground meat.  Now, you can select the plates you need.

Casing Action

The casing is the most essential part of processing. It is made from pork bowels. Dip the housing into the bowl of the cold water and allow it for a half-hour and let it for half an hour after changing the water.

Add Seasoning

Add seasoning depending on your need. And know how much fat do you put in sausage.


Cook the meat for a few minutes was mixing sufficient seasoning with the ground meat according to the taste and flavor.

Finally Stuffing

The time has come to stuff the meat into the casing. Use the sausage stuffer to send the meat into the casing. To make the job easier, use a little bit of vegetable oil.


Different types of funnel come for different intentions. Please select one and use it for the final work.

Finishing Point

Now your meat is ready to make sausage. Just clip to seal the finishing point of the casing and get fresh sausage meat always.

 The Final Verdict

The following process “How to stuff sausage with a meat grinder” is always the same for the electric meat grinder or manual grinder machine. Though a meat grinder is one of the simplest devices for the sausage-making, it works effectively to provide the best service with less effort.

You can simply get different sausage machine makers on the market, and the quality of them won’t change the same as the homemade sausage stuffer. In this case, if you have a grinder grande, you can enjoy a party.

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