Ultimate buying a meat grinder & Features Information

Seeking to buy a meat grinder but have no idea or unsure where to start or which one to go for? This meat grinder guide will give you the best understanding of grinders generally.

A meat grinder is an outstanding adding to any kitchen room. It is fantastic to control the food and what goes into it. If you are a hunter, this is very economical to capable of processing your own game as you pay hundreds of dollars to find a meat grinder.

This buying a meat grinder helps you select the perfect grinder based on your requirements and correct direction. With so many obtainable, all present similar functions creating the right decision will be challenging.

A Short Brief On Buying Guide

If you are thinking of going into the market for a meat grinder right now, you have to read out this buying guide series meat grinder taking a short time. At first, take a look at the short guide below.

  • Grinder Sizes

At first you have to settle on is what size do you require? You can see a sign like (#) and think what the number is precise? This sign reveals the size of the grinder. This meat grinder size chart displays the grinding plates’ measuring, and the most common grinder sizes are #5, #8, #10, #12, #22, and #32.

Below has an ideal chart to disclose standard grinder plate sizes. A small size grinder will have a small feeding tube, where a large has a large size feeding tube. A smaller size grinder will have less power than a large size grinder.

Grinder Sizes







Diameter of plate

2 1/8-inches

2 1/2-inches

2 3/8-inches

2 3/4-inches

2 1/4-inches

2 7/8-inches

  • How Often Will You Use It?

If you need a meat grinder for an infrequent or small amount of quantities or use it every month, you have to select a small and inexpensive grinder for meat. In this case, you have to use a hand meat grinder. If you think for an electric grinder, you should pick size #5 or #8.

  • How Much Do You Expect to Grind

If you plan to grinder large batches of meat, you should take a large size grinder. You have to think for a large amount of meat for a #12, #22, or #32 size grinder machine.

  • What Are You Grinding

First, think about why you want to pick a grinder and what are you thinking of grinding? If you buy a grinder to grind raw pet food, you have to look for such a grinder that allows grind bones. This job will be more comfortable with a #22 or 32 grinder of LEM or Weston.

  • Budget

The last point is the budget that is the essential factor to consider before picking a meat grinder. So, you should check the grinder machine’s price that can vary depending on size, brand, and quality.

A Lengthy View Of Meat Grinder

The above short brief can be helped you to find out the best meat grinder. But it is not enough to know about the meat grinder; without those factors, you have to know much more information about the grinder machine.

Types Of Meat Grinder

Two types of grinder machine are available in this current market. They are:

  • Manual Meat Grinder
  • Electric Meat Grinder

Let’s talk about them so that we can take plan actually what we need.

Manual Meat Grinder

Manual grinders are perfect for handing out small amount of meat. They are classically made with hold tightly to a countertop or hand-cracked that able to grind 2 to 3 pounds of meat within per minutes. This type of grinder includes several cutting plates that can be rotated to produce several sizes of ground foods. It allows turkey, chicken, pork, venison, or vegetables.

Electric Meat Grinder

Electric meat grinders are involved in design but the same in function. They include a food pushing tool with an assortment of sausage tubes that help with the ground sausage flow into several casing types. Most grinders have several operational functions for reversing the power source if, unfortunately, meat jam into the grinder.

Features of Meat Grinder

Reversing Feature

Every meat grinder can be jammed at some point. For this reason, many brands and models of electric meat grinders now offer a Reverse Feature with a motor that helps to clear up any jam.

Sausage Attachment

Most of the consumers like grinder machine to make sausage. Considering this factor, most of the electric meat grinder machines include sausage attachment or sausage stuffer that are along the funnel to assist lead the meat into several casing types.

Parts of Meat Grinder

All types of meat grinders like manual, electric, and standalone or attachment that has these parts in common.

Buying a Meat Grinder
  • Screw: It forces the meat from the feed tube to the blades.
  • Blade/knife: The blade or knife has two to four cutting edges.
  • Plate: It is also identified as a disc. The plates come with holes that the meat passes through.
  • Ring: It keeps the blade with the plate in place when in use.
  • Tray: It is called a hopper that holds the meat and sends down the feed chute.
  • Pusher: It is used to feed cubes of the meat down the feed chute.
  • Feeding Tube: It is where the meat goes into the ground. 
  • Auger: The screw or warm grabs the meat and then pushes it towards the blade.

What Do You Do With A Grinder?

Electric and manual grinders are suitable for processing different types of cheese, nuts, vegetables, and foods besides meat. Before going to take the final decision for the best meat grinder, you should think about what you do with a meat grinder.

  • To make mouth-watering fruit sorbet by grinding favorite fruits, you need a grinder machine.
  • If you want to make nut butter, you have to take the help of the grinder.
  • A meat grinder also can be used to prepare baby food.
  • A meat grinder is perfect for preparing parmesan to crumble or cheese crumbles.
  • Bread crumbs: To make bread crumbs with toasted bread, a meat grinder is ideal.

Is it possible to make sausage with a meat grinder?

Yes, electric and manual meat grinders have sufficient space to allow sausage stuffing tubes that can be used for stuffing sausages.

Most of the manufacturer includes two stuffing tube into the grinder. But always you have to buy the stuffing separately that is not so expensive. Just make sure that tubes match with the grinder well.

Can A Meat Grinder Be Used For Bones?

Some manufacturers come with a few models that allow you to grind bones for your pet’s food. You have to select heavy-duty grinder machines to grind bones because they come with strong motors and can try to force the bones. For example, LEM & Weston brand offers their #12 or #22 size grinder to grind bones. But keep in mind that they are also not allowed hard bones. It would be best if you ground the soft bones of the chicken.

Commercial Or Domestic Use?

Some meat grinders are specially designed for commercial use, like butcher meat grinders, where some ideal for domestic use. When you go for a grinder, you have to think about why you purchase the grinder- for your kitchen meat grinder or your restaurant.

If you need a grinder for your domestic use, you can select small size grinder that is mainly designed for your home kitchen, such as LEM 17791 #8 Electric Meat Grinder. But if you plan to pick the grinder for your restaurant or commercial use, you have to think of a heavy-duty grinder with a powerful motor like Weston 10-2201-w #22 Pro Meat Grinder. 


Now let’s talk about the meat grinder brands that are familiar and popular in this current market. So, you can invest in the best brand and good quality meat grinder. Some more familiar brands are:

  • LEM
  • Weston

Making the Final Call

Thanks for staying with us at the last of this buying a meat grinder, and we hope you have gathered a lot of information about the meat grinder world that you need to know before going to buy meat grinders. We always suggest you find the best and most giant grinder machine based on your wallet.

If you still can’t understand what grinder will be better for you, you can visit our Weston meat grinder, where you will get more options with several categories.

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