Why Is My Meat Grinder Clogging?

Clogging is a common malfunction of any meat grinder. You can face this problem while using both manual and electronic meat grinders. However, it is not that difficult to avoid this problem.

First of all, let us know the common reasons behind meat grinder clogging. These are:

Meat Overload: People often ignore the instruction manual that comes with the grinder. Thus, they end up trying to grind too much meat beyond the capacity of the meat grinder. As a result, the grinder gets clogged.

Grinding with bones and sinew: Manual meat grinders, or less powerful electric grinders get clogged because of the bone and sinew of the meat. Not all meat grinders are powerful enough to grind bones. Too much sinew and fat also cause clogging.

Problem with cutting plates and blades: After extensive use of the meat grinder, the cutting plates and blades will eventually lose their sharpness. So, the meat does not get ground properly and gets clogged.

What to do when meat gets clogged in grinder:

Meat Grinder Clogging

If meat gets clogged or sluggish, you have to stop grinding immediately. Then, disassemble the parts of the meat grinder and clean the cutting plate and blades. You may find sinew and bones parts that are causing the problem. Get rid of them and sharpen the blades if needed.

How to Avoid Meat Grinder Clogging:

  • You should remove bones from the meat. Then, try to take off the sinew and extra fat of the meat as much as possible.  You meat grinder may not powerful enough to grind them with the meat.
  • Freeze the meat for a while before putting in the grinder. It will help to keep the fat and protein intact while you grind the meat. So, the meat will not smear in the grinder.
  • Do not over load the meat grinder. Read the manual of the meat grinder and find out how much meat it can grind. Put meat in small parts in the grinder.
  • As I have mentioned before, the plate and blades need to be sharpened. These parts can get dull and fail to grind the meat.
  • Properly clean the meat grinder after using it. Use lukewarm water. Meat fat and sinew are oily. Use baking soda and lemon to clean the blades.

Powerful meat grinders may not get clogged as often as regular meat grinders. So, you can buy one to grind meat with bones. But, try not to overload the machine.

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