Mississippi Knife Laws | A Guide For Law You Should Know

Mississippi knife Laws emphasize the concealing problems. Plus law for the minor is pretty strict here, and a few restrictions on the knife with a large blade. 

Though Mississippi knife laws aren’t tricky, you have to track some restrictions when carrying a few scrupulous risky knives.

Most municipalities order some knife laws to restrict their state, where a few oblige their laws. The laws compelled by municipalities are stricter than the state laws. Then they focus on concealed carry laws especially.   

To know more details about the Mississippi knife laws, you need to go through the full article.

Overview: Mississippi Knife Law

Some barred knives for concealed take will be carried without any problems. There has no type of knife that isn’t legal to possess in the state. You have to pay notice to the limitation with guidelines.

It is a reasonably relaxed law, but they are different several in different places in the code. It is the difference between Washington state knife laws or Florida knife laws.

To understand the Mississippi knife laws easily, we will go deep into them in this section below. 

Mississippi Knives are Legal

  • Legal to own butterfly knives
  • Legal to own daggers and other slim knives
  • Legal to own belt knives
  • Legal to own knives that can’t set off metal detectors
  • Legal to own throwing stars knives
  • Legal to own other large knives
  • Legal to own gravity knife and automatic knives

Mississippi knife doesn’t give any restriction on the ownership of any types of knife for those who are (18), and they haven’t been convicted of a felony. 

You can carry:

  • Any knives are hidden if it is covered in any motor vehicle plus not any person.
  • Any knife concealed when you participated in a sports activity such as a knife a legitimately used.
  • The knife in Mississippi if not you are a student on the learning property

Mississippi Knives are Illegal

  • Illegal for a minor or a convicted felon to own a bowie knife
  • Illegal for a minor or a convicted felon to own a dirk knife
  • Illegal for a minor or a convicted felon to own a butcher knife
  • Illegal for a minor or a convicted felon to own a switchblade or automatic knife

Mississippi Knife Laws States

Relevant knife laws in Mississippi state statutes covering the use plus ownership of knives.

  • Title 45-9-101
  • Title 97-37-1
  • Title 97-37-9
  • Title 97-37-15

Title 45-9-101: The licensee carries the license together with valid classification to carry the stun gun and concealed pistol or revolver, with license fees or exemptions. No license must carry a pistol or revolver in a purse and briefcase or fully enclosed case.

This type of license will be valid by the state for five years from the issued date. Anyone who can possess a valid license issued according to this part can carry a stun gun and concealed pistol or revolver.

This section lets the concealed carry of any knife you desire so long you are at home or your workplace, or in-vehicle and traveling or from the sporting activity which involves the knife in question.

Title 97-37-1: Deadly guns or arms carrying as concealed and use or try to use; punishment; “concealed” defined. Anyone can carry or conceal on or about any person, any dirk knife, butcher knife, metallic knuckles, slingshot revolver, and any shotgun with a barrel of 18-inches length. Any complete automatic firearm weapon attempts to use against other persons any limited firearm shall be punished as follows.

It won’t violate this part for any person age of 18-years to carry a deadly weapon concealed in the confines at home or any property associated with the home or business place or in any vehicle.

Though I am not your attorney, you have to consult a Mississippi attorney who is comfortable in arms laws as a portion of the preparations.   

Title 97-37-9: Deadly weapons; military protection against condemnation for carrying a deadly weapon.

Any person charged for defiance of segment 97-37-1 may explain as protection:

(a) That he was endangered plus had sufficient cause to arrest a severe bother from any opponent that he did capture. Or,

(b) That he was roaming and was not a trek but was setting out on a trip and was not a trek, or

(g) That he was in legal detection of a felon; or

(h) That he was legally engaging in lawful sports

(j) That at the same time, he was a portion of a minster or place of a respect security program, or was engaged in the presentation of his duties and met necessities of Section 45-9-171.

Lastly, there has a blanket outlaw on minors owning forbidden weapons called in 97-37-1. This is well to know for the minor and for mom or dad. If you intentionally allow the minor child a weapon, you’ll get marked with an offense and bagged the county lockup for up to six months:

Title 97-37-15: Parents are not to let minor son carry the weapon.

Any parent or guardian will knowingly endure or allow any child under the age of 18-years to carry any weapon. The carrying of a concealed weapon is forbidden by Section 97-37-1, will be guilty of a wrong. It will be imprisoned for less than 6-months in the county lockup. This part’s requirements will not apply to a slight that is excused from the necessities of Section 97-37-14.

So, be careful to give a knife to your child lest you unintentionally give the illegal variety and grow to be a criminal!

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Punishment of Violation

The punishment for breaking the Mississippi knife laws differs from several perspectives, such as Minnesota Knife Laws.

The justification of the declaration talks about in this section below has given:

a) The penalty for the first assurance will be:

Custody of not more than six months in the county prison

b) The penalty for the second assurance will be:

Custody of more than one month and not more than six months in the county prison

c) The penalty for the third assurance will be:

Custody of more than one year and five years in the supervision of the Department of Corrections.

d) The penalty for those who have before criminal felon and been a prisoner for this law will be:

Custody in the Department of Corrections’ supervision of more than one year to not less than ten years.

Sum up: The knife laws in Mississippi

Knife laws in Mississippi are pretty broad, and there are many things to keep in mind thoroughly. But, these are not tricky.

There has no fixed knife blade size, which can be a plus point. You have to be suspicious with the knives carrying laws plus for the laws of slights.

Otherwise, you can’t fall into trouble if you have any crime plan.

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