How To Use A Kitchen Knife | Proven Tips & Tricks

How to use a kitchen knife? It is the most important though common question, especially for the newbie people in the kitchen area.

If you are one of them and want to start cooking yourself, you should learn to properly handle the new knife or knives. For this, you have to know how to select a good kitchen knife at first.

Better knife skills can add to the general experience and deep comfortable level to prepare foods. So, learn to select the best kitchen knife for the kitchen tasks, handle them correctly, and manage it.

Get start and know essential tips to handle the knife effectively.  

Part-1: Choose The Correct Knife

Before knowing how to use a kitchen knife, it is essential to select the best kitchen knife. In this case, you can choose the cheap Japanese chef knives or follow the below tips that help you to determine the best chef knife for the home cook.


  1. Invest in a multi-purpose kitchen knife that can be used for any types of cutting
  2. ┬áInvest in a chef’s knife that can be used for chopping, mincing, cutting, smashing, and even dicing.
  3. Choosing the heavy-duty blades with super sharpness will be ideal for slicing the fruits or vegetables, even cutting the meat with softer bones.
  4. Check the knife is made from ceramic, stainless steel, or polycarbonate blends with several styles. Western-style blades tend to chop oriented, where Japanese knives are sleeker and sturdy steel.
  5. Try to pick the peeling knife that will be ideal for cutting fruits and vegetables.
  6. Invest in a bread knife for good slicing
  7. Choose the knives considering the weight, comfort, and balance.

Part-2: How To Use A Kitchen Knife

Yes, how to use a whetstone to sharpen a kitchen knife or use different types of kitchen knives. All of them are most important to know when you will go for work in your kitchen room. When you have any previous experience, you should know the processing ways.

1. Know-How To Hold Knife Correctly

Different types of kitchen knives come in different styles but use the other system. If you planned to shake with the handle, hold your knife. While you buy a kitchen knife, index your fingers that have to be on the outside of the flat side. The other three fingers have to be choked up to the top of the knife handle at the blade.

It needs to be parallel to the body. It is called a pinch grip, and it is the perfect process to hold the kitchen knife that offers optimum control with precious with your cut. As the fingers are so closer to the blade, you may control it better and keep it going what you desire it to go.     

  • While you are griping the knife-edge chop, keep the tip with the blade pointed down at any times that can stay on the safe side. The kitchen knife needs to be kept very sharp, so you should be careful to use it.
  • While picking up the knife, many inexperienced cooks can use a hammer grip in that all fingers are wrapped around the handle. The blade sticks straight out from your body.

2.  Learn How to Chop Properly

The first way to learn to use a kitchen knife entirely is by finding the chop down. When there are different styles for chopping any foods, and there are some basic guidelines, any beginners may learn to follow quickly.

Learning to keep the guiding fingers with safety tucked to secure the cut is significant to the kitchen security.

  • In the tip-fulcrum method of slicing or chopping, the knife’s tip can never truly leave the cutting board. You can use the information like a fulcrum to raise the blunt at the end of the blade. Pushing the knife down in the food you are chopping.
  • In the wrist-fulcrum process, the black side of the knife’s blade closes where you want to grip it. But don’t leave the cutting board plus point out plus down from the back pivot point cutting by the food. It is regularly used while slicing vegetables, onions, or other fruits.
  • Never slap the knife onto the cutting board by a vegetable. There is no reason for doing this, and it is so risky, and you can make dull your blade.

3.  Learn How to Guide the Foods Correctly

 Hold your knife with the dominant hand and prepare your other hand into the claw, fingers curled inward. Practice the cutting process with an onion, carrot, and place the claw of your hand on the foods for chopping.

Place the knife’s blade’s flat side against the claw’s knuckles with the knuckles tucked under. Process the food under your knife with the claw hand, plus pivot the knife’s blade with your hand.

  • Many chefs would like to prepare a show of being capable of doing this too quickly. It just looks so risky and seems fancy when it needs the perfect slicing method and chopping having the guide of fingers so close to the kitchen knife makes a lot of cooks nervous. It is safe and secure than having the fingers out plus exposed, but it takes a few practices getting used to. Feel such comfort and go to show till getting more skill.

4.  How To Learn To Top & Tail

Trying to chop or cut rounded items can be dangerous. It is a regular practice to make a flat working top from where to cut what you need on vegetables plus fruits.

Toping our tailing refers to the practice of chopping off at the end and top what are sometimes somewhat thin of making a flat surface to work from.

Potatoes, onions, and other fruits and vegetables all have to be topped before starting. Hold the fruits and vegetables on both sides and cut the ends off, then discard them.

5. Use The Dice For Small Pieces Of Vegetables

Chop vegetables into small pieces and use dice for smaller vegetables, usually a few cm. square. A fair dice is pretty relatively uniform that will be accomplished by scoring fruit and vegetables before chopping them at an ideal angle. 

Final Thoughts!

To sum up, it is clear that after good research sharing, we hope you have got a better idea of how to use a kitchen knife. If you are a beginner level cook, you must enjoy this content with super essential tips to use a knife properly.

So, enjoy your new kitchen area with your new knives.

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