Best Knife For Cutting Sushi Rolls & Sashimi in 2021

The appetizing-looking of any food makes it more tempting to eat. Sushi roll is one of them which need some extra care to prepare. Most sushi chefs expend their whole career life developing presentation skills. They try their best to prepare sushi rolls more appealing to their customers every time.

Best Knife For Cutting Sushi Rolls
Best Knife For Cutting Sushi Rolls & Sashimi

Do you think how expert sushi chefs always manage their sushi recipes precisely?

Yes, secret of their success lies perfect sushi knife. Without the best knife for cutting sushi rolls, their all attempt will be ruin.

But, how to find out the best knife for cutting sushi.

Well! Continue on and know how to discover sushi roll knives.

Top-3 Sushi Knives

If you don’t have enough time to scroll through our whole article to get the best type of knife for cutting sushi, see our top 3-sushi knives.

Image Product Price
Lucky Cook Sushi Sashimi Knife Best Overall: Lucky Cook Sushi Sashimi Knife Check Price
Mercer Yanagi Sashimi Knife Runner Up: Mercer Yanagi Sashimi Knife Check Price
Paudin Sushi & Sashimi Knife Best Value: Paudin Sushi & Sashimi Knife Check Price

Scroll to know more in details about the best knives for cutting sushi rolls.

Our Recommended Sushi Knives

Product  Brand Size Material Rating
Best Overall: Sushi Rolls & Sashimi Knife Lucky Hook 10-inches Steel & Wood 4.7
Runner Up: Yanagi Sashimi Knife Mercer 12-inches Steel & Wood 4.6
Best Value: Sushi Rolls & Sashimi Knife Paudin 8-inches Stainless steel 4.7
Best Budget-Friendly: Sushi Chef Knife JapanBargain 12-inches Alloy steel, wood, & plastic 4.3
Best Yanagi Chef Knife: Shiroko Sashimi Chef Knife Yoshihiro 10.5-inches Alloy steel, wood 4.2
Best for great performance: Yanagiba Sushi Knife Dalstrong 9.5-inches Steel & Wood 4.4
Best Japanese Sushi knife: Sashimi Sushi Knife Imarku 10-inches Steel & Wood 4.0

Best Knife For Cutting Sushi Rolls Reviews

In this section, we make a review of our recommended sushi knives, describing their important features. This section will help you to make a great decision to pick the best knife for cutting sashimi or sushi rolls.

1. Best Overall: Lucky Cook Sushi Sashimi Knife

Perfect Knife For Cutting Sushi & Sashimi

When you are seeking a sharper knife for cutting sushi rolls with other items like seafood and fish, this sushi and sashimi knife by Lucky Cook will be a great option. This knife is made in Japan following the classic and traditional methods.

It is 10-inches length which boasts a long and narrow asymmetric blade. And the blade is made from stainless steel, which makes it strong, well-balanced, and rust-resistant.

Who Need It?

This wooden handle knife impresses us with its excellent performance. As an ideal sushi knife, it assists you in cutting the sushi rolls preciously. It can be a great gift for the professional and beginners to improve their skills.


  • Best for those who are not skilled in cutting sushi slices properly.
  • It is completely a professional grade sushi knife
  • It includes a beautiful gift box with a magnetic latch.


  • This is not ideal as an everyday knife.
  • A little bit expensive for home use.


  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 10-inches
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Blade Handle: Traditional Wooden
  • Long, narrow, and broad back
  • Stylish gift box

The knife is ideal for: If you are a student learning art & craft of cutting sushi-grade salmon, this knife is ideal for you. It is a stylish and great performing Japanese high carbon stainless steel sushi knife. It is perfect for improving your skill and experiences.

2. Runner Up: Mercer Yanagi Sashimi Knife

Yanagi Sashimi Knife, 12-Inch

To serve good appealing sushi roll slices, check out this traditional razor-sharp Japanese Yanagi sashimi knife from Mercer Culinary. They have been leading in the food industry for more than 30-years. The mercer sushi knife of them made from authentic ingredients, and this knife is the first choice for Japanese and Asian food.

The blade of it made from German stainless steel, and handle comes from traditional wood. It is perfect for cutting meat, vegetables, boneless fish like cut salmon, and any seafood with less effort. This knife has certified by NSF, which makes it safe and secure. 

Who Need It?

It is ideal for professional and home chefs who also just start to make sushi rolls at home kitchen. People who want to cut meat, fish, and vegetables just like butter will be happy to use this knife with a razor-sharp blade. If you also love to get a lightweight handle and cut any foods without more pressure on your wrist, this knife will ideal for you.  


  • High-quality and performance.
  • This knife resists three key enemies – rust, discoloration, and corrosion.
  • Allow hand washes the whole surface of knife.


  • Some reports have about finishing of handle.
  • The wood handle is unsealed.


  • Dimension: 3 x 2 x 20-inches
  • Weight: 6-ounce
  • NSF certified
  • Single bevel blade
  • German Steel
  • High carbon steel blade

The knife is ideal For: If you love Asian Cuisine like sushi and want to make them in your home kitchen, you can invest in this knife. It helps you to make the sushi rolls in great slices perfectly with an artistic touch.

3. Best Value Knives: Paudin Sushi & Sashimi Knife

Carving Knife

This sushi curving knife offers a unique appearance via a superior quality son-slip grip with a razor-sharp Japanese blade. Paudin always provides high-performance carving knives in the market.

Who Need It?

This model is one of them which are ideal for sushi rolls slicing. It was specially designed for sashimi, sushi, and rice rolls with a single edge and comes with a stylish gift box. You can also use this sushi knife for cutting meat. 


  • Surprisingly low price than quality and performance.
  • This knife resists three key enemies – rust, discoloration, and corrosion.
  • Non-stick blade with ergonomic handle knife design.


  • Some users reported that handle could loosen.
  • It is only an 8-inches knife.


  • Dimension: 13 x 2 x 0.8-inches
  • Weight: 6.4-ounce
  • Single bevel blade
  • German Stainless Steel blade
  • Non-stick blade
  • Wooden handle

The knife is ideal for: This is an ideal sushi knife for home kitchen and for your professional use which is also budget-friendly. It features a basic and utilitarian design that helps to manage an attractive appealing. It is also ideal for cutting roasts, poultry, fish, vegetables, and even fruits.

4. Best Budget Friendly: JapanBargain Sushi Chef Knife

Sushi Chef Knife Yanagiba

When you look at this JapanBargain Japanese sushi chef knife, you can see that the manufacture used the Japanese sword-making secret tricks. The shiny and slight design of this sushi knife makes it eye-catching.

Who Need It?

If you are a newbie in the world of sushi maker and love very much to prepare professional quality sushi and sashimi, this knife is a great guy. Though it can’t be compared with any professional sashimi sushi chef knife, it can deliver valuable performances.


  • Wooden handle offer comfortable service
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Cut thin and loved sushi rolls


  • No left-handed version
  • Less flexible than other sushi knives.


  • Dimension: 2 x 2 x 1-inches
  • Weight: 9-ounces
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Wooden handle
  • Right-hand knife
  • Made in Japan

The knife is ideal for: Most users will be happy with this sashimi chef knife who wants to get fine slices of fish, vegetables, and so on. This knife is strong durable, and lightweight, which makes it suitable for delicate tasks. The sharpness of blade surprised the users, and it makes the knife more versatile than its price range.

5. Best Yanagi Chef Knife: Yoshihiro Shiroko Sashimi Chef Knife

Sushi Rolls & Sashimi Chef Knife

Yoshihiro sushi knife made in Japan following traditional materials and design features a length single edge. The manufacturer notes it is the best sushi and sashimi knife for boneless fish, But it is not well for hard items or use on low-quality cutting boards. 

Who Need It?

As this Yoshihiro Yanagi sashimi chef knife needs special care, we recommended this knife for serious or professional sushi makers. It can be an ideal sushi knife for newer chefs who are searching for authentic Japanese sushi knives at a reasonable price. “Amazon’s Choice in Sashimi Knives by Yoshihiro


  • Allow hand washes and dry only.
  • Handcrafted traditional Japanese knife
  • Well-balance, razor-sharp, and enough long to slice fish for sushi or sashimi.
  • D-shaped handle


  • Need frequent sharpening after 2-years for constant usage.
  • Carbon steel won’t be durable without proper care.


  • Dimension: 21.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 –inches
  • Weight: 1-pounds
  • Style: Yanagi sushi & sashimi knife
  • Made in Japan
  • High carbon white steel blade

The knife is ideal for: This Yoshihiro sashimi knife is so impressed by its top-quality and incredible price range. It is a beautiful plus well-executed classic Japanese knife that comes with shaping.

6. Best for great performance: Dalstrong Yanagiba Sushi Knife

Yanagiba Sushi Knife

‘Dalstrong’ is one of the most demanding brands, especially for sushi and sashimi knives. This is one model of their brand, which is also the most wanted knife to professional sushi chefs. This dalstrong sushi knife features a long and narrow, single bevel edge which suitable for dragging cutting. 

Who Need It?

Any professional sushi chef prefers to get this sushi knife to improve their sushi-making skills. They also want to find a high-quality knife that will be last longer than few years. 


  • It helps to make a clean and perfect size fish slice.
  • D-shaped pakkawood handle to prepare it more comfortable and let you cut after cut effortlessly.
  • This knife is elegant and as well as agile


  • Less flexible
  • The blade is pretty thicker plus heavier


  • Dimension: 9.5 x 0.08 x 1.3-inches
  • Weight: 1.5-pounds
  • High carbon steel blade
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Phantom series Yanagiba knife

The knife is ideal for: This is a sharper knife that is important for success to cut sushi rolls preciously. This is perfect for its sleek and elegant design to cut boneless fish. It is more different than other regular Yanagiba sushi knives and feels friendly at a decent price.

7. Best Japanese Sushi knife: Imarku Sashimi Sushi Knife

Sashimi Sushi Knife 10 inch

This is our last sashimi chef knife is also the best knife for cutting sashimi. It features a single bevel Japanese blade with forged construction which ideal for raw fish filleting and slicing. The ergonomic pakkawood handle. The lifetime guarantee makes sure its quality of craftsmanship with services. 

Who Need It?

This Japanese professional knife is an excellent choice for home chefs at an affordable price. It offers an attractive appearance and provides a great performance. Every professional and experienced cooks love to get it, also as the top-rated sushi knife. You can call it the fillet knife for salmon fish.


  • Good appearance
  • Well-balanced with great ergonomics design
  • The handle provides the most advantageous performance.


  • A few consumers reported poor quality control
  • Less stretchy than other sashimi knives


  • Dimension: 15 x 0.8 x 1.3-inches
  • Weight: 9.6-ounces
  • Blade thickness: 4mm
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Include elegant gift box
  • Total Length: 15-inches

The knife is ideal for: Why should you pick this knife? It is remarkably sharper with a single bevel edge. It is the best Yanagiba knife for cutting sushi rolls. The hard sharpen design makes this knife safer to use.

Why should you use Sushi Knife?

If you have other kitchen knives already in your kitchen room, so, do you go for spending your valuable on another knife?

sushi roll knife
Sushi Roll Knife

Yes, it’s a good question. But use of sushi knives is not only for cutting sushi rolls but also more other benefits. Let’s see some key importance of sushi knife:

  • Sushi knives are specially designed for slicing sushi or fish.
  • To make sure the correct ratio with the correct structural integrity of the sushi rolls, sushi knife is essential.
  • The high-carbon stainless-steel edge makes knife sharper and durable. 
  • The handle of sushi knives is very sturdy and ergonomic, It allows the users to operate knife for a long time.
  • The variety of weight, size, and blade style let users work best with other objects.

Penalty of Bad Sushi Knife

If you fail to select the best knife for cutting sushi rolls, you will face some issues.

  • Sushi knife is an expert in cutting sushi rolls; if you select wrong knife, all your ingredients will spoil.
  • Sushi is an art. So, the presentation of cutting rolls of sushi is very important. For this, you should select right tools that help you give an excellent appeal to sushi.
  • For cutting sushi rolls, knife has to have a sharper because cutting the sushi rolls needs sufficient time. A cheap knife can’t hold an edge for cutting rolls safely.
  • The weak handle of wrong sushi knife is discomfort to hold and cut rolls. It makes your task so hard to manage.
  • The cheap plus low-quality sushi knife won’t provide service for a long time.   

Types of Sushi Knife

When you are staying in the market to pick the best Japanese knife for cutting sushi rolls, you will notice that there are many options. For the purpose of this article, we have made an outline of various types of a sushi knives.

1. Deba Knife: It is a more traditional and single bevel Japanese knife. It features a thick spine.

2. Kiritsuke Knife: It is another traditional Japanese knife. It is very versatile and can be used as a sashimi knife. Only professional chefs allow using this type of knife.

3. Nakiri Knife: These types of knives are western-style and double edge, It contains a straight blade. They are perfect for cutting vegetables in many angles like julienne, allumette, and so on.

4. Santoku Knife: These types of knives are ideal for cutting fish, poultry, and even vegetables. In a word, you can use them for all purposes.

5. Yanagiba Knife: These types of knives are particular for sushi and sashimi dishes. They can be sued to fillet boneless malls or medium fish.

What Should Notice To Buy Sushi Knife?

All sushi knives don’t build in equal quality. Different types of sushi knives vary based on their unique features. But some factors have which you can notice to pick the best type of knife to cut sushi roll from any type of sushi knives.


The blade is a main part of knife. So, at first, check the blade construction and blade length of your selected sushi knife. The qualities of the best sushi roll cutting knife depend on quality of its material.

The top-quality material makes knife very precious, durable, and even sharper. In this case, you have to give priority to a high carbon stainless steel knife, which makes the knife perfect to fight.


Don’t need to surprise; consider this fact must because some knives come with low-quality origin. For cutting sushi rolls, you must go for the Japanese knives, which origin from Japan, instead of non-Japanese knives.

Dominated Hand

There are a few sushi knives have which are made for both hands. Most knives are based on the use of the right hand or left hand. So, think about what types of hand knives you can use.


Besides materials of the blade, you should focus on handle materials. It is also essential for durability and comfortability. So, think about security with some facts like slip-resistant grip, well-finished, and easy to clean.


A flexible blade is always demandable to beginners because it is easy to handle. Stringer blades are heavier to balance to cut rolls. So, think about what you want at first.


Most of the sushi roll cutting knives is lightweight and very thin, ideal for precise cut sushi rolls. Professional chefs always love to pick heavier sushi knives for thicker sushi slices.

Bonus Tips: How to Take Care Of Sushi Knife

You have already attempted quite to choose the best sushi cutting knife, probably. If you discover your sushi knife, you have to make sure to care about it properly.

How? Let’s know:

  • Wash and dry the knife: Wash your knife by using your hand, not dishwasher machine. Use warm water, soap to clean knives without using bleach. When you finish washing process, leave the knives for air dry.
  • Oiling: If you choose stainless steel sushi knife, you need to apply food-grade mineral oil to knife to save it before restore. It saves the knife from damage and discoloration during storage.
  • Storage: Store the knives separately to protect sharp and handle properly. Don’t store your knives with other kitchen tools. If possible, store your knives on a knife bar.
  • Sharpening: When need sharpens knife properly. If you don’t do it before, you have to know how to sharpen your knife without any hazard. You also can use a professional knife sharpener to sharpen your knife from time to time.
  • Proper Use: Sushi knife especially was designed for cutting sushi rolls. So, don’t try to use it for other purposes, which can ruin the ability to cut the sushi rolls next time.

With taking care ideally, your new sushi knife can provide great services for more years. One knife can help you to make amazing sushi and enjoy it for years.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What’s a great knife for cutting sushi?

Classical Japanese style knife is excellent for cutting sushi rolls. Its length and sharpness let you slice the sushi perfectly without squashing it. In this case, you can choose the sushi knife of Lucky Cook classical knife or the Yanagiba sushi knife by Dalstrong.

Should you pick a sushi knife to cut sushi?

Yes, to make great sushi perfectly, you should use a sushi knife. For cutting fish, seafood, and sushi rolls, a sushi knife is a great tool. A really sharp sushi knife is most essential for making clean sushi slices.     

Why do you wet the knife when cutting sushi rolls?

Wet the knife with water after each cut of sushi slices. You should moisten blade only, not whole knife. It will stop knife from crushing the sushi roll. It also needs to prevent rice with seaweed from attaching to the blade.   

What knife is best for cutting sashimi?

The Yanagiba knife is a single-bevel knife. It is ideal for cutting sashimi and sushi preciously. Deba is also perfect for butchery and filleting boneless fishes. 

Which Yoshihiro knife good for sushi rolls?

Yoshihiro knife manufacturer comes with different sizes of sushi knives in the market. All of the items are great. But as the best knife for sushi rolls, we recommend the 10.5-inches sizes knife. 

It’s Time To Best Sushi Knife!

Hopefully, you have seen our recommended 7 best knife for cutting sushi rolls. You already went through reviews and have gathered more skills from our sushi knife buying guide.

I also believe, this article will help you to pick the best tools by yourself. Now you can choose the knife to depend on your desire and your budget following the criteria above.

So, have a nice day with your first sushi slices!

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