Best Bushcraft Knife Under 100 | Expert Picks with Buying Advice

Are you ready for bush adventure? Have you prepared everything like a flashlight and fire starter with your carry bag or sleeping bag? If yes, now you only have to get a bushcraft knife for yourself.

A bushcraft knife isn’t just like a fish cutting knife. Bushcraft knives will become your assistant in your bush adventure. It works well for carving, batoning, and any other possible jobs in the wood. So, you should get the best bushcraft Survival knife.

But how do you find out the best knife from the market?  From floating thousand and hundreds of brands, it can be so difficult for you.

You can get back for a while and continue with the next few minutes in this post. After researching our best and testing the consumer’s reviews, we have completed the list of the best bushcraft knife under 100.

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First Look

Top Pick: Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife

“High-quality knife from Swedish Sandvik 12C27 carbon steel to provide excellent edge performance let razor high hardness.”

Best budget bushcraft knife: Kershaw Camp 10 Knife

“It was designed for toughest use applications like clearing brush, stripping park, and as small size tree removal.”

Best tactical bushcraft knife: Schrade SCHF9 Carbon Steel Knife

 “The schrade makes this knife reliable that is perfect for all outdoor adventure.”

Best survival knife: Morakniv Bushcraft Knife

“For the highest quality and features make it more popular to the consumers.”

Best for pocket size: Morakniv Eldris Pocket size Knife

 “Like the best pocket survival knife, you must fall in love with it for its quality, design, and even sustainability.”

Best bushcraft folder: KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Knife

 “You should pick this knife if you are preparing for camping, hunting, or spending time in the wild or bush adventure.”

Best molle carry bushcraft knife: Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife.

“This bushcraft knife is the ebst for batoning, carving, and fire starting.”

Best combo bushcraft knife: SOG Survival Machete Knife

“Trust on the SOG survival knife based in Seattle and made it machete to travel and keep the way clear.”

Why the Best Bushcraft Knife under 100

In the wilderness, why the top bushcraft knives under 50$ or 100$ are significant?

Answer in a word: For survival.

Yes, when you are busy with outdoor exercise and investigating the wild, it won’t be easy to furnish you with the right tools to ensure your safe survival.

But don’t think that other tools which you have carried with you, all of them are useless. Though they are the main ally to guard you against any threat, you must have to take a bushcraft knife instead of the cheap Japanese knives to investigate the wild. This type of knife is a more useful survival tool help in several manners in nature.

If you have no clear thought about this type of knife, you can go through what is a bushcraft knife?

A full tang bushcraft knife helps you in various exercises for survival, such as gathering nourishment and setting up. A bushcraft knife is just like a perfect self-defense tool and works to improvise ingredients from nearby what you need.

Look For The Best Bushcraft Knives Under 100

Selection of the best bushcraft knife under 100 is a tough job. You should find out a strong and long-lasting bushcraft knife so that it can stand up to the hard-hitting cutting jobs.

But how can you understand which will the best bushcraft knife for you? This section breaks down everything you should know about the best bushcraft knife before choosing the top choice.

Full Tang Design

A full tang design explains that the knife’s handle and blade are made from a similar material within the same consistent piece. A full tang blade offers the most extended lifespan of the bushcraft knife. Plus, you shouldn’t worry about the handle separating from the knife. This robust design of the blade plus handle presents an unbreakable unit.

Blade Steel

Four types of blade steel are perfect for use in the cheap bushcraft knife.

  • 1095 Carbon Steel: This feature’s knife is super durable and good finish.
  • 1095 Cro-Van Steel: The combination alloy creates the most inflexible edge on bushcraft knife design.
  • CPM-3V Steel: Perfect to use in a coastal environment that is corrosion-resistant plus super tough.
  • Sandvik Stainless steel: Presents a hard and sharp edge on the knife.

Blade Design

The blade design is important to choice the best bushcraft knife under $100.

Center blade design presents the best usefulness around the whole hunting. This design is perfect for everything for skinning the animals or striking fire steel.

Drop point knife contains a more tactical feeling, and this design can be ideal to select as the bushcraft knife. 

Blade Shape & Size

The blade shape and size are a big difference based on their performances. You can control much more the shorter blades and can also give better control to the cutting materials. The 5.25-inch handle and 3.6 to 5 inches blade will an excellent dimension for the bushcraft knife. 

We suggest always getting the shorter blade than the larger one because the large-size knife can’t control or manage easily. For the large size, you need to give more force and have a chance of injury.  

Blade Thickness

The stability and flexibility of the knife generally depend on the breadth of the blade. Most of the consumers focus on the edge when they are going to pick the knife. But a number of people think about trying the spine. The spine is a good portion of a knife, which is important for the bushcraft knife.


The handle is the largest part of any knife. The handle screws into your knife’s body and full-tang blades provide the users with fine hold. Handles come with several types of design, flat and ergonomic.

A flat handle you will get just like the cold steel SRK that helps cover the bushcraft and survivalist needs.

But the ergonomic handle design will give you a better grip for your finger, and you feel more support and comfort to handle any tasks.

Knife Sheath

Most of the consumers don’t think about the knife sheath of the knife. They only focus on the blade and knife and neglect the importance of sheath. But it is the most significant feature of the best bushcraft knife under 100. When you select the knife, you need to notice the following options:

  • Nylon: This element is extremely tough, durable, and even budget-friendly. The lightweight design makes it more portable.
  • Plastic: Plastic sheath present more safety to use the knife.
  • Hybrid: The feature is combining with nylon plus plastic. The belt is nylon, and the blade features a plastic sheath.
  • Leather: Leather sheath is a traditional bushcraft knife feature. If you think to pick a conventional knife, you need to focus on the leather sheath.

Choose the right model that will perfect for your bushcraft knife you need.

Best Bushcraft Knife (At a Glance)

Morakniv Companion Outdoor KnifeBlade length: 4.1-inch
Overall length: 8.6-inch
Plastic Sheath
Kershaw Camp 10 KnifeBlade length: 10-inch
Overall length: 0.20-inch
Molded Sheath
Schrade SCHF9 Carbon Steel KnifeBlade length: 5-inch
Overall length: 10.4-inch
Polyester belt Sheath
Morakniv Bushcraft KnifeBlade length: 9.1-inch
Overall length: 4.3-inch
Plastic Sheath
Morakniv Eldris Pocket size KnifeBlade length: 5.6-inch
Overall length: 2.2-inch
Plastic Sheath
KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion KnifeBlade length: 4.1-inch
Overall length: 8.6-inch
Nylon Sheath
Morakniv Bushcraft Survival KnifeBlade length: 18 -inch
Overall length: 5.25-inch
Plastic Sheath
SOG Survival Machete KnifeBlade length: 15.3-inch
Overall length: 9.5-inch
Tactical machete Sheath

What Is the Best Bushcraft Knife Under?

The best bushcraft knife under 50 or 100 is a challenging task for any hunter that can cover all the requirements they need. To make this job easy and simple, we have selected the best bushcraft knife based on your budget, which is reliable and suitable for you.

Let’s move on and see them at a glance.

The 5 Best Bushcraft Knife Under $50 Reviews

When you seek just less than 50 dollars to invest in your bushcraft knife, the below list will be suitable for you. But you should not only for the price they are less qualified than the above knives. All of the knives are equal in quality though they are different in price.

1. Top Pick: Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife 

morakniv bushcraft knife review

If you are searching for a legendary knife, the Morakniv Companion will be ideal. It is an entry-level knife that has earned a good reputation just for its comfortability. The drop-point blade is available in 12C27 stainless Steel plus high-carbon variation.

With other features, the consumers choose the rubber handle to grip with an effective Scandi grind. When the blade spike can’t help you fragment a Ferro rod, it creates a pleasant landing position for the thumb. 

The companion is available in several types of colors, with a matching blade sheath made as a hardened plastic featuring a thumb ramp for quickdraws. It can ride on the belt plus unobtrusive.

Traditional full tang design makes the knife more durable and flexible. Most excellent construction lets you use it for any toughest wild job with full comfort. The fixed stainless steel blade is suitable for carving, food prep, plus hunting or cutting tender. 

2. Best budget bushcraft knife: Kershaw Camp 10 Knife 

Kershaw Camp Knife Review

Tackle the most challenging outdoor jobs easily with a Kershaw camp knife. Featuring the 10 blades plus crafted with the toughest and durable carbon tool steel, the camp knife is designed for the most challenging use application with wear resistance.

With high-performance, this blade finishes with a super durable essential black powder coat. So, cut, slash, and split everything closely with this camp 10. Wrapped with the rubber over-mold, the handle features a contoured grip with a fixed hand protector.  

The high-performance Steel is tough, long-lasting, and designed for the toughest use of the application. 65MN Steel is formulated and produced to offer exceptional wear resistance, hardness, and strength.

A rubber over-mold is a quality rubber layer on the knife handle level, which offers additional grip normally molded over a hard polymer handle.

With an attractive look and exceptional performance, a rubber over-mold presents the knife to become more active and durability using. The rubber over-mold is textured to provide a more secure, more safe, and nonslip grip.

3. Best tactical bushcraft knife: Schrade SCHF9 Carbon Steel Knife

Schrade SCHF36 Review

The Frontier is the Taiwanese knife, which is coated with a 1095 HC steel blade. It is a full tang knife with a 90-degree spine and works great for prominent a Ferro rod. The overall knife length is 12.8cm where the blade is 5.05 inches.

The handle is designed from Thermoplastic Elastomer. The contoured design with the ring texturing offers a strong handle. It features a lanyard hole with aggressive jimping on the spine plus underside.

In addition, the bushcraft knife comes with a black nylon sheath, which includes a storage compartment and sharpening stone. The spine thickness will let it stand up to handle heavier jobs such as batoning well.

However, if you are fixed your mind to pick the best bushcraft knife under 100 with a comfortable design, this knife will compact. It is suitable for handling any heavy-duty, and you can get it at an affordable price.

4. Best survival knife: Morakniv Bushcraft Knife

Morakniv Bushcraft Knife Review

The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon knife is a beautiful tool to behold, plus it lives up to makes it impressive. The 4.3-inch length blade is made from a carbon steel blade with a contoured handle, which is lightweight.

The blade is tough enough to complete all wild requirements, which can’t back down to help offer shelter and sustenance despite the condition. This knife takes an edge simply and then manages to retain the performance for multiple tasks.

The bushcraft knife takes a step with the bushcraft carbon fixed blade. This knife feels great in the user’s hand and makes all the performance of typical survival jobs so that you will concentrate on things such as plotting.

The thin blade is great for curving and tough enough to produce the wood you want to get a fire going with a shelter built. This DLC anti-corrosive coating saves the high carbon blade from the ingredients to give years of reliable services.

5. Best for pocket size: Morakniv Eldris Pocket size Knife

Morakniv Eldris Pocket Knife

The last Moraniv knife on our list is the Eldris pocket-size useful knife. It appears like your kitchen knife but comes to your life while it is essential in your wilderness. This bushcraft knife includes a mid-sized category, 3 5/8-inch blade that comes from high-grade stainless steel.

The TPE rubber handles, and it is responsible for providing the knife a tremendous domestic air, which is incredibly comfortable and lets the grip while leaning. 

This is the best bushcraft knife under 50; it is perfect for hunting, fishing, backpackers, and even maintaining rescuers. For all those toughest tasks, this knife is an effective shelter. The knife is saving to save your finger and the stainless steel blade, and it is made with a hard plastic combination sheath for incredible transport. 

Top 3 Best Bushcraft Knife Under $100

If your budget not less under 100 for the best bushcraft knife reviews, you can focus on the below knife. They are not more expensive but also are great for bushcraft.

6. Best bushcraft folder: KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Knife

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Knife

We cover all types of survival knives here, and we don’t like to miss including this KA-BAR legendary Becker BK2. It is a fixed blade knife and suitable for a strong job in any field.

Planned by Ethan Becker and made by Olean USA, this knife length is 10.75 inches. It includes a flat-ground and 1095 blade, which is coated with a fully protective and comfortable finish. Only the blade is 5.25 inches long and quarter-inch thick. The Zytel handle is just like blacked out, which is like the model of nylon sheath.

Ka-Bar believes that the Campanion work as happy split-out kindling. It can be snooping joints plus skinning game separately, but not to talk about chopping only vegetables or onion for your campfire chili.

But it is real that this knife just allows you to remove the vegetable skin in the wild. Here you have to conscious of a thin slice of potatoes, onions and tomatoes. 

The BK2 normally excels, which takes benefits of its full heft, such as chopping or batoning. It is a big and heavier knife to tackle much more refined outdoor tasks. For those reasons, we can see the Campanion on this list as the best bushcraft knife under $100. 

7. Best molle carry bushcraft knife: Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife.

Morakniv Knife Reviews

If you are seeking a complete package at an affordable price, this Morakniv bushcraft knife will ideal. The firestarter sheath with sharpening stone makes this knife have given an incredible value this knife.

The 4.6-inches carbon steel blade gives a perfect range of most outdoor types, with the anti-corrosive coating assist in keeping the corrosion at bay. Scandi grind, comfortable handle, and squared spine are all gangs. 

When some of the consumers argue the new Mora Garberg has eclipsed the bushcraft black knife, I always disagree. The Garberg blade, though it is adorable, it comes with a rigid plastic holder, which makes it difficult to hold after a short period.

The high-resistance rubber is so closer to what you would get on the brand’s Companion line. It is more “Comfy Couch” and fewer than “waiting room chair” for the user’s finger. If you stomach the black-on-black aesthetic, it is a stellar deal for the best bushcraft knife under 100. 

8. Best combo bushcraft knife: SOG Survival Machete Knife

Camping Machete Knife Reviews

This is another carbon steel and fixed blade knife which provides much more power for chopping and cutting. The knife’s overall length is 15.3-inches, where the blade is 9.5-inch and made from high carbon steel.

The blade is perfect for any tough chores when you are outdoor or on a bush adventure. This blade is super long-lasting and able to remove rust.

The handle is made from TPE, which is the mixer of rubber and plastic. It includes three finger cutouts, and they are feeling you super comfy during use it. This handle lets you crush or break anything with the end of it. 

What regarding the blade sheath of this cheap knife. The blade sheath is extremely looking nice and contains a detachable storage pouch. We have considered this knife the best cheap bushcraft knife, which is ideal for camping, hunting, bushcraft, and even emergency kits.    

Best Editor’s Choice For Knife

After analyzing the topper model of those reviews, you are now trying to build out which bushcraft knife will be the best choice for your tracking or camping.

We are aware it is a great challenge to choose the best bushcraft knife under 50 from all the series from this review post.

If you feel challenging to settle the right knife model based on your requirements, you can rely on our editor’s choice.

The “Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife” is the best overall bushcraft on our review list. This model have won the top pick as the best budget bushcraft knife. This knife’s total length is 4.1-inches, where the blade is 3.88-inch and Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade. It makes the knife more durable and flexible.

FAQs: Best Bushcraft Knife Under 100

What is a Bushcraft Knife?

A bushcraft knife is a fixed blade medium size knife. It mainly comes from the most useful carbon and high-quality stainless steel. The comfortable holders, sharpened spines, and other firestarter features are suitable for splitting plus curving any natural ingredients smoothly like woods.

Does a bushcraft knife work well for Everyday carry?

Bushcraft knife can’t be the right choice for everyday carry. The bushcraft knife needs sheathing with the belt, which is a longer and bulkier design. For this reason, it isn’t suitable for carrying with your car key or your wallet. For everyday carry, you should pick a lightweight folding or tactical knife.

Which place is the best to purchase the best bushcraft knife?

We always recommend the bushcraft knife Amazon where you will get a world-class knife. They are shipping their product so faster, and you will get your knife in just time for your next hunting trip.

Which Steel Is the Best for a bushcraft Knife?

Normally, the major material of the bushcraft knife is carbon steel. Carbon steel is the best Steel for the best bushcraft knives though it is the softer version and needs to re-sharper after a time. This material makes the knife super effective and rust-resistance.

What need you to search for the best bushcraft knife?

When you are going to bush adventure, a kitchen knife won’t be the right tool for you. Without the bushcraft knife, you will achieve a miserable experience because the knife for kitchen or other purposes won’t fit your bush adventure.

Summing Up!

Discover the best bushcraft knife under 100 can take a few times and understand all the features and characteristics that built the knife nicely. Those knives are designed to last you reasonably whereas. So make your decision carefully on the only one that can keep on with you and will be as trustworthy as realistic for years and years to come back.

All of those knives are the simplest, reliable, and powerful, which will help you to perform well all of your survival jobs quickly and expeditiously.  

If you still have confusion, you should follow our editor’s choice, which is the best bushcraft option.

So, enjoy an excellent bush venture with the best bushcraft knife under $100.

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