Ninja BL641 Vs BL642 Reviews | Which Blender Is Winner?

Ninja BL641 Vs BL642? Which one will be better? Are you confused?

Yes, it is not a wondering matter at all. Because both the ninja blenders are the best model than others.

Ninja BL641 Vs BL642
Ninja Blender BL641 Vs BL642

Both of them come with high-quality features following Auto-IQ technology. So, you will confuse about selecting between one of them.

In this page, I will try to remove your confusion by discussing them separately. And then, I will make a comparison section to make the winner depend on the quality.

Let’s start and search for the winner of Ninja BL642 Vs BL641.

Comparison Chart: Ninja BL641 Vs BL642 Reviews

Image  Product Specifications Warranty Rating Price
ninja bl642 Reviews Best Overall: Nutri Ninja Duo BL642 Auto Iq Blender Color: Black
Wattage: 1200w
Material: Plastic
Function: Blender
Free: Recipe Book
1-year 4.8 Check Price
ninja bl641 Reviews Best for Power: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo With Auto-Iq (BL641) Color: Black
Wattage: 1300w
Material: Plastic
Function: Blender
Free: Recipe Book
1- year 4.4 Check Price

Best for Power Blender: Ninja BL641 Review

The ninja blender model BL641 is an amazing blender for any home kitchen. It is capable of doing anything which a regular ninja blender can do within a few seconds. It will be a good choice for beginners and also experienced or professional cooks. Its auto-IQ sets are very well for the former when manual controller buttons are the best for the latter.

Ninja BL641 Review

It includes a complete 72-ounce crushing jar with two travel cups. Each cup comes with mutual mixing blades set wrap so that you can make smoothies or juices easily.  

Features: Ninja BL641

Let’s scroll and know the key features of nutria ninja blender BL641.

  • Water-resistant front panel lets you clean easily.
  • Locking jug with serving cups is safe and secure.
  • A large size button allows anyone to see it easily.
  • Ice crushing device isn’t similar to others.
  • The serving cups include two sips with seal screw-on lids. It makes the machine secure and portable.
  • The handle of jug makes it effortless to raise.
  • The jug design is square and makes a vortex inside of it, which can mix everything carefully.
  • The control panel is lighted and displays a small LED screen where the users can see time and speed.
  • You will get recipe books with manual free. Here you will learn a lot of new recipes with smoothies, juices, soups, and much more.

Pros & Cons: Ninja BL641


  • Not hard to use with manual mode
  • Better for families who like to cook some foods in their kitchen
  • It will be good for ice-crushing. Turn any ice cube into powder within a second.
  • It is very durable and reliable.
  • All parts of this model are BPA-free and also dishwasher safe.


  • It is complicated to use in Auto-IQ mode.
  • The handle of jug won’t padlock into place
  • Pretty large and heavy
  • Incredibly loud and noisy

Best Overall Blender: Ninja BL642 Review

The ninja blender BL642 is an excellent product and can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. It can do any blending jobs fantastically. The specialty of this blender is ice crushing ability to make creamy smoothies.

Ninja BL642 Review

That’s not all. It also includes a recipe book that helps you to make amazing drinks. Anyone can operate it without any previous experience, and easy to clean and store.

What makes it most popular and people like to purchase. Of course, its price attracts most people with its great features. The ninja nutria ninja duo BL642 is worth money and pretty versatile. 

Features: Ninja BL642

The Nutri Ninja BL642 comes with various outstanding features. That’s why most people always desire to get this blender. For example, Amazon has achieved an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. It shows how fantastic it is. Below has shown some key features:

  • Auto-IQ features a blending series that works well.
  • Pro extractor blades ideal for crushing fruits, vegetables, and even ice without affecting vitamins and nutrients.
  • A dominant blender with 1200 watts with 2hp power.
  • This blender comes with three multi nutria cups with seal lids. The cups are small, jumbo, and of regular sizes.
  • To control blending speeds, you can see five manual programs.
  • It is a complete crushing technology.
  • Auto-IQ with one-touch drink-making with various presets.
  • Duo with Auto-IQ technology features serve a professional performance

Pros & Cons: Ninja BL642


  • Include Various size cups with spout lids
  • Provide professional performance
  • Turn ice into snow in a second for creamy smoothies
  • Contain vitamins and nutrients in drinks from fruits and vegetables.
  • Include digital timer
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe


  • Weighty and bulky cord twist
  • Sticky materials on plastic jugs.

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Comparison: Ninja BL642 Vs BL641

We have already discussed both of the blenders individually with their features, benefits, and drawback. We hope those sections inform you about both of them specifically.

To clear their difference, now we will compare Ninja BL642 Vs BL641, and this part will help you decide which one will complete your all requirement as the best ninja blender.

Let’s compare them with some features.


The nutria ninja blenders duo with Auto-IQ have been the top space of the world’s talk. Do you know why? They are the most wanted gadget in every household list still now.

  • Weight & dimension: In terms of structure, both blenders add similar strong motor power. Their overall dimensions are also similar, like weights – 10.10-lbs and dimensions – 7 x 10 x 17.5 inches. So, both are portable and can be moved anywhere simply.
  • Button: Each of them includes a 9-button setting with a LED display with a timer setting option. The display timer starts from Low, Medium, High, and pulse features. Both gadgets offer users three programmed modes like smoothies, blend, and puree.
  • Auto-IQ technology: Both blenders are constructed following this technology which makes them more reliable. The machines deliver five unusual preset programs according to the ingredients plus kinds of jars of blenders.
  • Ultra blend button: Any user can adjust speeds by pressing the ultra blend button. This special design of the ninja cups can spin extractor blades super faster and give a better smoothie.
  • Stylish & Elegant: Apart from all of those above incredible functions, both blenders are so stylish and elegant to look at. They are presented in black and silver colors, which are most preferred for kitchen.       

In this round, it is a tie, and both are winners based on design.

Wattage & Noise

Now try to find any difference based on their wattage and noise system. The wattage of the ninja BL641 blender is 1300-watt. And the wattage of ninja BL642 is 1200-watt.

About the noise, both blenders make a very loud noise. In specific, the ninja BL642 blender can make sound up to 100 decibels. 

In this round, we want to make the winner the BL641 Ninja blender.


The ninja DUO BL642 blender comes with a pitcher of 72-ounces. It also includes three different sizes of cups of 18, 24, 32-ounces with spout lids.

The BL641 ninja blender includes a pitcher of 72-oz with a lid and one regular ninja cup of 32-oz.

Obviously, this round wins the Ninja BL642.

Ninja BL641 Vs BL642 Accessories

Why do you skip thinking about the nutria ninja Auto-IQ accessories? Here we present accessories that allowed use for both blenders’ models.

Ninja Replacement Parts

The key features:

  • Ideal combination replacement blade
  • 7-fins blades made of stainless steel and even food grade.
  • Every component is durable, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free.
  • Blade components are perfect for various nutria ninja Auto-IQ models with BL641 & BL642.
  • This blade is ideal for 18, 24, and 32-oz cups.

FAQ’s For Best Ninja Blender

Are Ninja products safe?

Yes, ninja products are safe and easy to operate. But their blades are very sharp, for which you should use them safely. 

Which is better ninja or Vitamix?

Between those two manufacturers, blender ninja is pretty better than Vitamix.

Can I puree in my ninja blender?

Ninja blender let you to blend and puree. You can make different kinds of baby liquid recipes. 

Is the Ninja Professional Blender any good?

Yes, as the professional blender ninja is well and good blender machine.

Is Ninja Blender duo a food processor?

Of course, a ninja blender you can use as a food processor. Three models of ninja blenders can be used as a food processor – Ninja duo Auto IQ, Ninja MasterPrep QB1004, and Ninja BL770.

How does Auto IQ work Nutri ninja?

Auto-IQ is the best feature that makes the ninja blender well, and you get the best result.

Are all Ninja blender parts interchangeable?

No, all types of ninja blender parts aren’t compatible. Only a few blender parts are replaceable.

To Sum Up!

At last, I have finished comparing Ninja BL641 Vs BL642. Those series blender models come with strong motor power and also consistent food process.

I hope, after comparing both of the models, you can select ideal ones quickly. After all that, I make the winner the BL642 Ninja blender. Because it is budget-friendly and contains versatile cups with strong power.

So, which one do you think is a winner? Leave a comment below!

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