What is a Gravity Knife? All You Should Know About Gravity Knife

It passed done five decades already when the gravity knife was invented. It was World War II, and this knife used gravitational force to push the blade. 

Yet this knife remains breaking news for discussion or as hot gossip as an attraction part. The first topic of it was legitimacy when later it measures with the fame.

So, what is a gravity knife?

Keep reading on and know more data that we have a share in this guide.

We have talked about what’s a gravity knife, the history of this knife with its works, legality, and even maintenance process.

What is a Gravity Knife?

A gravity knife was made with a folded handle and a blade. It is a small-size knife and can be used as a pocket tool. The blade can open by a gravitational force with a spinning motion to push the knife. With this opening system, anyone can easily open and use this knife in a single hand that means you can use it with the freehand.

The main purpose of this knife’s design is to let releasing the folded knife with one hand. When another is busy handling another task, this knife can open just a wrist toss.

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History of the Gravity Knife

From history, we speak about the gravity knife. This knife was created for the first time in the Second World War with the aid of paratroopers and crew members of airplanes. They used it to release themselves from the parachute at the time of landing. Keep this intention this knife made so that they can use it by one hand quickly. 

The gravity knives originated in German when the German paratroopers would be knotted in the parachutes during the war. All types of knives of that time were needed both hands to use. This type of knife was hard-hitting to use in this tough situation.

Further, there had a risk to catch by the kindred forces before getting freedom from the uneasy situation. In this situation, the gravity knife is introduced as bless for the troopers or soldiers.

Later, the kindred soldiers who hold them from German prisoners got to the UK and the USA. They titled this knife the gravity knife as they could use gravity to unlock it. A gravity knife was designed before the creation of a reliable switchblade knife.  

The first gravity knife was invented in 1937 that made by the German air force, which Luftwaffe Fallscirmjager-Messer named.

How Does a Gravity Knife Work?

A gravity knife built with a blunt stab blade can be folded with a metal frame plus a wooden handle. To discharge the blade from the frame, you need to push the trigger manually.

The gravitational force can allow the blade to open totally. A little backhand flip can let you illustrate the blade. Once you can flip the handle back and you can be locked the position of the knife.

To lock the knife method is easier than the opening procedure. Flip the switch and lose the lock. An easy forwarding motion can lock the knife in the knife’s previous position.

Uses Of The Gravity Knife

In the early days, the gravity knife was used to assist the paratroopers to alight or jump from airplanes to save from traps and difficult situations. Though this knife wasn’t planned as a fighting kit, the gravity blade is even used for combats.

This knife is available with several attachments like an awl and marlinespike. The marlinespike is useful for marine ropework and is familiar with untying knots. In the same way, the awl is used for snooping open and setting up the blocked weapon. All those add ons folded into the gravity knife.

Types of Gravity Knife

The gravity knife is not similar to a good bushcraft knife and does not come in various types.

Two types of gravity knife are available in the current market now, they are:

1. Standard gravity knife: it just likes a folding knife with one side hinge. To open this type of knife, you have to press the lever on one side and turn over the wrist in the rear-handed style.

This lever needs to secure the blade and eliminates it from the zigzag freely on the turning point.

2. OTF (Out The Front) gravity knife: This type of knife is designed in such a way so that the blade can remove from the hilt. It is built to slide out directly. At this moment, the lever will over the front of the position atop the hilt. You should pull the lever to move the hilt ahead and take your hand back. Now move the knife smoothly onward where the handle locks it.

The Legality of the Gravity Knives

Now we are going to speak out about the legality of the gravity knife.

Some countries like the United Kingdom and Canada consider the gravity knife as a prohibited weapon. They think it criminal to carry. The most well-known it while comes to a question to give legalization in New York.

In the 1950s, many countries have made the gravity knife for sale illegally with other knives like a pocket knife or chef knife. And that time, many gangsters use it as weapons in their criminal activities, especially in New York.

After seven years plus two vetoes, the gravity knife was legalized in New York in 2019. And finally, the gravity knives have gotten a release from the dangerous category weapons.

Care and Maintenance of the Gravity Knives

Luckily, the gravity knives won’t need too much more care and maintenance like other knives such as Japanese chef knives. But the process of handling the gravity knife is similar to other knives. Below have some top tips that help you to maintain the gravity knife in peak condition.

  • Focus on cleaning the locking trigger. Use a sharper thing to remove the garbage. Over dirt make the knife difficult to open and close.
  • Keep the blade always sharper but don’t use the power grinder to sharpen the gravity knife’s blade. To sharp the blade, your gravity knife uses a steel or electric sharpener or honing rod.
  • Use mineral oil on the handle with other parts that need to move, as the blade. Ensure to wipe extra oil before closing the gravity knife.
  • Store the gravity knife properly and keep it out from direct heat and humidity. It is good to protect your knife properly.   

Similarity Between Gravity & Other Knives

What are the similarities between gravity knives with other knives? Well, let’s see.

  • The switchblade and the gravity knife are similar. Some people consider both of the knives similar though they have a few distinct.
  • The main exception is that how both of the knives work? Both knives have blades inside their handles, and the opening tools of them also the same.
  • The switchable and the OTF gravity knives work with a spring guide.
  • Many latest folding types of knives look like gravity knives through their work is always not the same.

Final words!

In conclusion, we hope you have got your answer; what is a gravity knife? You also know from here how to use it? Is it legal or not? Yes, the gravity knife is legal even it is allowed in New York. But some American states yet banned this knife for unlawful use. Here, you have to check the knife laws before modern gravity knife for sale, buy, carry, and use the gravity knife.

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