Ninja Bl770 Vs Bl780 Review | Which One Suitable To Buy

Ninja Blender comes with the best blending systems from ninja. All models are highly qualified, and it is time to see which a mega kitchen blender is a fantastic option, the Ninja BL770 vs BL780.

Yes, while they are amazing, blenders include similar parts, accessories, and activities. But it is a significantly closer race. Two units are identical and the most impressive blenders in the current market.  But, one of them is superior.

Ninja BL770 Vs BL780 Review

Today we are here to compare both units and find out a better one from both blenders.

Stay with us, see what happens!

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Image Model Name Best for   User rating More Info
Ninja Bl770 Review Winner/Best Overall: Ninja BL770 Long time use 4.8 out of 5 See on Amazon
Ninja Bl780 Review Runner up/Best Alternative: Ninja BL780 Large capacity 4.6 out of 5 See on Amazon

Why We Love Ninja Company?

Ninja is a manufacturer which makes household home tools like ovens, processor and a blender. Normally, their blenders or food processors have amazing create high-quality and even though.

They are normally fabricated from BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. The two blenders are great for steadiness, stability, and durability. Most jars, lids, blade assemblies them can pass appropriately. Some of the blenders consist of bulk attachments, parts with accessories.

Ninja bl770 vs bl780 Review: Comparison table

Before going further, check out the comparison table to have a clear idea–

Model NameBL770BL780
Dimension9.4 x 8.3 x 17.9 inches8 x 7.5 x 17 inches
Weight9.20 pounds15.19 pounds
NoiseNosierLess Noise
SpeedsFour variable speedsFour variable speeds
Slicing bladeYesNo
MaterialPlastic, Stainless steelPlastic, Stainless steel
Pitcher72 oz72 oz
Food Processor64 oz64 oz
Smoothie CupsTwo 16 ounceTwo 16 ounce
ApplicationHome & Personal UseHome & Personal Use
PriceCheck Price At AmazonCheck Price At Amazon

1. Ninja BL770 Review – (Best Overall)

The Ninja BL770 is a powerful kitchen equipment that is a great blender overall. It comes together with the functionality of both blender and food processor.

Ninja BL770 Review

It combines with bulk attachment, such as different blades with jars. All versatility parts are essential for various kitchen activities like preparing the dough, purees, juice, and even margaritas.

The food processor or jars of it are perfect for making amazing smoothies and even crushing ice. The jar has a larger capability with more facilities.

It can do a very excellent job of blending any ingredients to make a smooth texture. The food processor of this blender box comes with some extra parts. It is excellent to crush ice or making smooth almond butter.

However, this blender can’t allow you to mix any hot mixing in it. So, we recommend the users never making hot soap using it. On the upside, it is very easy to clean and also dishwasher safe.

What We Like

  • Classic design & budget-friendly
  • Manual cleaning safe
  • Bulk sizes of cups
  • Powerful motor with effective result
  • Include dough mixer & sip with lids
  • Multifunctional- blender & food processor
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tamper-free system

What We Don’t Like

  • Louder noise
  • No pre-programmed settings
  • Old version
  • No walk away blending program
  • No timer

2. Ninja BL780 Review – (Best Alternative)

Before comparing Ninja BL780 vs BL770, we should know them separately, which helps us to know actually which one is superb.

Ninja BL780 Review

This Ninja BL780 mega kitchen is significantly less expensive compared to Ninja BL770 but matches with quality and few key features. It offers great value for your investment. It is very capable of serving and blending.

Like Ninja mega BL770, this Ninja blender BL780 comes with a main jar, a food processor, with two single-serving cups. You can use this blender to mince, chop, slice vegetables, fruits, or grind meat.

Though this blender also does not allow hot liquid, it is suitable for making puree soap. You can use its cooktop to heat it.

If you want to pick a blender that cooks as well, check out this Ninja BL780 supra kitchen black.

Overall, it has many capabilities but is not most versatile.     

What We Like

  • Less noise
  • Classic aesthetic
  • BRA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Tamper-free system
  • Three manual speed control with pulse
  • Multifunctional- Blender & Food processor
  • Single touch pulse button
  • Best mixer for dough
  • Automatic & easy to use
  • Suitable for a large family
  • Simple, sleek design

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no cooling with heating element
  • Only renewed model
  • Four & six blades assembly
  • Hot soup isn’t allowed
  • No walk-away blending programs

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Ninja BL770 vs BL780: Let’s Find Out the Winner

The BL770 and BL780, both blenders are professional ninja blenders. The features of blenders are similar for which you can consider as of great and reliable kitchen tools. They can be confused you to select one finally. So, we suggest that if you have no issue with money, you can use the blenders based on your requirements.

But if you want to find out the winner, compare those units with us to make a winner.

Design & Construction


  •  Ninja BL770 and BL780 features are classy appearances with a crafty black finish.
  •  Include a big food processor with two blades
  •  Two single-serving cups which makes 72 0z drinks


  •  Bl770 is smaller than BL780, which makes it portable plus durable.
  •  BL770 is more long-lasting than BL780.
  •  BL780 is very weighty than BL770.

Winner: Ninja BL770

Power & Performance


  •  Both blenders come with a proficient engine.
  •  Make two pounds of dough instantly
  •  Two machines include variable speed buttons


  •  BL780 comes with a 1200w motor with 1.5 HP. But another one has a 1500w motor with 2hp.
  •  BL770 is more powerful than BL780

Winner: Ninja BL770

Food Quality & Preparation


  • Either blender is excellent for most kitchen jobs.
  • Both are suitable for a large family.
  • A food processor bowl is perfect for making dough for cookies, pizza, or even bread.
  • Crush ice or other frozen beverage easily


For making food in your home kitchen both take equal part but there is nothing to compare.

Draw: Ninja BL770 vs Ninja BL780

Set-Up & Usability


  • Both are simple to operate.
  • Two units boast a pulse function for effortless blending
  • Provide fresh food holding full nutrients.
  • Single-serve function makes a refreshment personalization.
  • Included recipe guide


There is a single comparison between two models that BL770 only supports use for reversing or slicing discs. It lets you chop or mix any ingredients more quickly. This function you can’t do with BL780. 

Winner: Ninja BL770

Cleaning & Maintainance


  •  All parts of those two ninja models include pitchers, lids, cups, or bowls, are dishwasher safe.
  •  Clean their motor with damp water instead of cleaning with water directly.
  •  Most important caution is that you should be careful when you clean blades with your hand.


In this section, there is nothing to mention which makes them different from each other. All cleaning processes with maintenance are similar for both blenders.

Draw: Ninja BL770 vs Ninja BL780

Winner Box: Ninja BL770 got 3 out of 5 from our research & experience.

How does Ninja BL770 become a winner?

Let’s speak out why actually BL770 is the winner ninja blender.

  • Ninja BL770 including a more powerful motor with 1500w as well as 2hp than BL780.
  • Two blenders have a 72oz crushing pitcher, but BL770 includes reversing also slicing blades that BL780 doesn’t have.
  • Though they offer same warranty, BL700 is more durable than BL780 model.

Hopefully, finally, you know the suitable activities of ninja BL770 that make this model is the best choice for you.

Ninja BL770 Parts & Ninja BL780 Accessories

When you buy anyone from those ninja mega kitchen blenders, you will get parts into the box.

If you need to replace any parts or accessories, this section will help you find out what parts you need.

Below, we have shown you six parts that can be getting as ninja BL770 accessories also for BL780 professional blender. All of the parts are BPA-free even dishwasher safe. So, you can pick anyone you need to replace.

1. Two cups set with 4-fins blade


Ratings4.3 out of 5
Wattage1500 watts
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Weight1.76 pounds

In this pack, you will get a stainless steel four fins blade with two single cups of 16-ounce. They come from the Wadoy brand are suitable for BL770 & BL780 professional blenders.

2. Two cups set with 6-fins blade



Dimensions: 8.03 x 7.64 x 3.62 inches

Weight: 1.19 pounds

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

If you need six fins blade with cups, this parts pack will give an idea. Here you will get two pieces 16oz cups with 1pcs 8.5cm six fins blade. They are perfect for 1100 watt to 1500 watt powerful blander.

3. Ninja Blender And Food Processor Bowl Attachment Kit


Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 8 inches

Weight: 2.81 pounds

Brand: Ninja Kitchen Systems

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

Here include a large size food processor bowl which is 60oz. It adds a Chopping blade along with a lid. originally comes from the Ninja brand, which is the most reliable. It can attach with BL770 and BL780 smoothly.

4. Single cups pack of two


Color: Clear
Weight: 15.2 ounces
Material: Plastic
Brand: Preferred Parts
Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
Dishwasher Safe: Yes

If you want to replace single-serve cups, you can go for this accessories box. Here you will receive two 16-ounce cups for a professional ninja blender constructed by Preferred Parts.

5. New Ultra XL pitcher


Brand: Nutri Ninja
Weight: 1.5 Pounds
Dimensions: 7 x 5.5 x 9.8 inches
Ratings: 4.0 out of 5

What about the pitcher? Yes, there is an available ninja blender pitcher as attachment parts separately. This is a new ninja ultra XL pitcher of 72oz. It is suitable for NinjaBL770 and BL780 mega kitchen blenders.

6. Ninja XL 6 blades


Brand: Blenders
Color: As the picture shown
Weight: 0.55 Pounds
Material: Plastic, Metal
Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 6 inches
Ratings: 3.9 out of 5
Origin: China

The blade is a significant part of any blender. So many times you need to replace it many times. ‘Blenders’ manufacturer brings Ninja XL 6 blades which are suitable to attach with BL770, BL780, moreover other a lot of models.

Takeaway: Ninja BL770 vs BL780

Thanks for going through our full post. However, mutually professional ninja blenders are powerful, strong, as well as high quality. We don’t want to make the winner one of them exclusively. But they have a pretty difference which makes the units different from each other.

From this point, we can see that Ninja BL770 is a little stronger than BL780. It is a high-power engine. BL770 comes from a slightly better material which makes it more durable.

Therefore, we recommend going for Ninja BL770 because it is budget-friendly and can’t compromise its quality.

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