Ninja BL770 Vs BL771 Review | What Is The Best?

Who takes first place in the blender’s world in the present market? Yes, a few brand names where ninja brand is the best. If you are planning to pick an impressive one, I recommend considering Ninja blenders.

Ninja also comes with some magnificent items, making it tricky to opt for the precise product.

Now you may be thinking of ninja blender BL770 or BL771. Wow, you have caught the right products.

But struggling to identify what a topper is? This guideline will show you which one is idyllic from Ninja BL770 Vs BL771 to make a choice. 

Even if you ask me to recommend, I definitely suggest Ninja Mega System BL770. But, why? 

Here, I’ll compare both blenders so that you can recognize the best option.

Let’s know the blenders at a glance!

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Image Model Name Best Deal Release Date Rating Price
ninja bl641 Reviews Winner: Ninja BL770 Extra Attachment 2012 4.8 Check Price
ninja bl642 Reviews Runner Up: Ninja BL771 Original Model 2012 4.5 Check Price

The Best Ninja BL770 Vs BL771 Review

Ninja BL771 mega kitchen system or Ninja mega kitchen system BL770, which one will be ideal for you? Scroll and compare one by one fact both of them. And finally, know what will be great and winner.

Let’s jump in deep!

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System Bl770 – Best Ninja Blender

Ninja BL770 Reviews


  • Has powerful 1500watt motor that is crushing ice, frozen fruits, and vegetables.
  • It includes an eight-cup food processor bowl.
  • The food processor bowl can chop and make more than 2-pounds of dough within half of the minutes.
  • It includes 2- 16-ounce Ninja Cups with go-to-lids.
  • It is BPA-free plus dishwasher safe.
  • All parts of it are food-graded and suitable for a healthy smoothie.


  • Versatile & portable
  • Recipe inspiration book
  • Sturdy and super sharpen blade
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Less noise


  • Not preset
  • Not follow Auto-IQ technology

2. Ninja mega kitchen system BL771Not Available Now

Ninja BL771 Reviews
Ninja BL771 Reviews


  • It follows complete crushing technology
  • It has 2-hp as a professional kitchen blender system
  • XL 64-oz food processor bowl
  • 2 professional 16-oz ninja cups for vitamin extraction
  • 72-oz pitcher capacity
  • recipe book for new recipes
  • Super great blending power.


  • Easy to operate without following any manual
  • Ideal for dough mixing
  • Easy to crush frozen fruits and ice
  • Perfect for getting ideal smoothie paste
  • Powerful motor blend in a second
  • Well-built and blend easily


  • The motor makes a pretty noise
  • Plastic container may be claimed

Similarity In Specifications

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Vs BL771 are similar in their specification. Here, we see them:

SpecificationNinja BL770Ninja BL771
Dimension9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches9.5 x 8.25 x 17.75 inches
Weight9.2 pounds9.2 pounds
Variable Speed3-speed3-speed
Jar capacity72-oz72-oz
Food processor jar64-oz64-oz
Smoothie cupsTwo 16-oz cupsTwo 16-oz Cups

Difference In Features

After seeing similarities, let’s compare ninja BL771 Vs BL770 blenders based on their differences. Here we will show you which one is the winner depends on some features.


The Nutri Ninja BL770 Vs BL771 features a commanding blade built from stainless steel. They are highly rust-resistant and twisting. But the blade of ninja BL771 is better than BL770 Ninja for chopping or making dough.

On finding an appropriate blend of fruits and vegetables or smoothies without missing nutrients and vitamins, you should think about BL771. Because the BL770 doesn’t come with two extra blades. This model takes out all nutrients from the ingredients of the foods, which is the best most important fact for our good health.  

Winner: Ninja BL771


The designs of both blender models are pretty similar in design and manufacture. Both of them are planned with top-quality materials, which increase their performance on every front. They are perfect for blending frozen foods, food processing, and even food vitamin extraction. But the overall design of BL770 models is super and great than BL771.

Winner: Ninja BL770

Noise Level

The noise level of both blenders is not a pleasant fact as the ninja mega system blender. These types of blenders always include a 1500w motor, and they make loud noise during operating. But it will be considered when you think about their high-quality features.

Winner: Tie

Food Processor

Ninja blender BL770 and Ninja blender BL771 both include a 64-oz food processor pitcher. It lets you make anything that you need to prepare using it. But it is great that BL771 contains an extra bowl of 24-oz which gives it another point to win.

If you need to make a small quantity of any food, you can use a smaller bowl inside the food processor and blender. This capability presents only BL771. 

Winner: Ninja BL771


In conditions of accessories, Ninja BL771 offers more usable parts than BL770.

The box of BL771, you will pick a user manual, a pitcher, a food processor, 2-cups, a bowl with the chopping blade attachment, and a dough blade with a free recipe book.

In the Ninja BL770 box, add the same accessories without a chopping and dough blade attachment.

Winner: Ninja BL771


The performance of those blender models is mind-blowing and outstanding. Both models are deliberate to work professionally. They allow you to use a food processor for chopping, blending, grinding, mixing, crushing, and shredding.

Their button functionality is versatile and performs very well for operating at any time. But the performance of BL770 is better than BL771. So, which one is the winner?

Winner: BL770

Safety & Guide

One more important thing is safety and guide, which are equally considerable for BL771 and BL770 Ninja blender models. They come with BPA-free plastic, and it makes them safe for our health to use.

Winner: Tie

What Makes Ninja BL770 A Winner?

Finally, we have got the winner from Ninja BL771 Vs BL770 blender. We have also discussed both of them from a different angle and shown why BL771 is better than BL770.

Here we try to make an excellent summary to show you a clear impression about the winner blander.

  1. Ninja model BL770 features 1500w with Auto-IQ. But Ninja blender BL771 also features 1500w without Auto-IQ. So, BL770 can crush tough frozen ice within a second than BL771.
  2. Ninja Model BL770 provides better taste and nutrients than BL771.
  3. The BL770 can make a silkier smoothie than BL771, and complete crushing technology presents nutrient-rich beverages with vitamins.

Those key three points make the best BL770 than BL771.

For which one should you fix your mind?

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 VS BL771 is excellent blending and they perform very well. You will get all that you need to prepare a large number of recipes.

But selecting between of them is very tough according to your necessity. And one more significant point makes them different, which will remove your confusion about which one is better.

Yes, the main difference lies in the bowl in a bowl attachment which gives some more points BL771 than BL770.

But, I personally believe the food processor is good as it is. The bowl into the bowl attachment isn’t truly essential. And we think you don’t need to use the bowl frequently.

That’s why I recommend you to go for BL770, which is already a winner based on a lot of features. If you really need a bowl in a bowl attachment, you can consider BL770.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Nutri Ninja Blender a better brand?

Ninja Blender brand is an incredible, reliable, and most wanted manufacturer. They provide high-grade range products which are not more expensive. At the same time, they present outstanding products. So, when you go to purchase a Ninja blender, you will get a ton of significance. 

Which blender of Ninja is the most impressive?

Ninja brand supplies some models with the chief features with a higher range. The Ninja Mega Kitchen system is one of them is the most famous and familiar in the market.

Which food processor of Ninja is the best?

Auto-IQ and 1500 watt motor base blenders are the best ninja blender brand. They also include a 72-oz complete crushing pitcher, 8-cup food processor bowl, and a single 16-0oz cup with a go-to lid.

What ninja blender should choose for squeezing?

You can start with the Ninja BL456 model. To get more something, you can choose the professional blender BL660, which is an outstanding model. 

How long can a ninja blender long-lasting?

Ninja Blender gives a 1-year warranty. But it isn’t last, just a manual formality. If you can properly operate your blender, taking care will provide you at least 6/7-years flawlessly.

Key Takeaway!

Good research on market and customer review with our comparable discussion, Ninja BL770 model is always the best for most excellent performance. When writing this comparison article on Ninja BL770 Vs BL771, I noticed that the BL770 blender is the best for any kitchen from many angles.

So, it is simply clear that the majority of the facts will suggest for BL770, I am also. Leave a comment below on which one is the best according to you.

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