Ninja Blender Bl682 Vs Bl685 | Compare and Pick The Best One

Ninja BL682 VS BL685 are two excellent and completely functional food processors and also known ninja blenders. But question is, which one is the best blender?

Ninja Bl682 Vs Bl685 Reviews

For outstanding performance and functions, it is very hard to find out the difference between both blenders.

The models’ unique points in design, construction, noise and engine settings are listed out in our comparison table.

Check it out to realize more about two blenders!

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Picture Model  Best For Editor’s rating Price
Ninja Bl682 Review Ninja BL682 “The Winner” Professional Use 4.3 out of 5 More expensive
Ninja Bl685 Review Ninja BL685 “The Runner up” Luxurious Construction 4.8 out of 5 More expensive
Ninja BL685 Accessories Ninja 5pcs replacement parts Ninja Duo Auto IQ Blender 4.0 out of 5 More expensive

Who Are Perfect For BL682 or BL685?

Ninja BL685 vs BL682 both are perfect at first as a wedding present. If you grow up with a blender or food processor, you must appreciate them for your kitchen.

These ninja models are ideal for people who love separate stand mixers, food processors, or blenders. You can get any replacement parts of those units in the market easily. 

They are suitable for home kitchens and professional use. For making healthy food, health-conscious people seeking those models always.

Best 2 Ninja Blender Model (Comparison Specifications)

Model NameBL685BL682
Dimension7.13 x 10.25 x 17.75 inches9.8 x 7 x 17.6 inches
Weight9.88 lbs10.40 lbs
Include TechnologyAuto-IQ technologyAuto-IQ technology
Maximum capacity72-ounce72-ounce
Dishwasher safeYesYes
Blade materialStainless steelStainless steel
Speed functionFive variable speed functionThree variable speed function
Recipe bookYesYes
PriceCheck price at amazonCheck price at amazon

Compare Review: Ninja BL682 Vs BL685

Compare nutria ninja BL682 & Ninja BL685 based on their features as well so that you can understand their quality. Below we have shown every feature with other facts. It helps you to realize them separately.

Ninja Bl682 Review – The Winner

We know nutria ninja blender is famous for making flavorful smoothies or soups simply and easily. The Nutri Ninja blender system with auto IQ BL682 has come with smart settings as well as a range of sharp blades plus attachments.

Nutri Ninja Blender/Food Processor

This is renowned for creating a professional-grade and powerful household kitchen. It contains all of Ninja’s features, including a powerful 1200w/2hp motor. That’s it suitable to blend even whole frozen vegetables and fruits to give smoothie consistency.

It is a full-sized version of the Nutri ninja compact Kitchen system. This blender machine works fantastically throughout the ice, forming snow within a few seconds. Thus it makes it easier for users to prepare smoothies plus shakes at any time.

Features of Ninja BL682

1. Auto-IQ setting with manual speeds

Ninja model BL682 features four Auto-IQ settings that provide consistent blending. It is great for beginners. The benefits of the manual setting are also appreciated.

2. Auto-IQ precision pulse

This feature allows the users to control chopping to deliver smooth consistency.

3. LED timer

Users can control blending time using an LED timer that removes the guesswork and permits users to complete other kitchen jobs.

4. Crushing technology

Turning tough ice into snow within a few seconds is possible to total crushing technology of Nutri BL682.

5. Blades

BL682 comes with some blades from versatile functions:

A-Pro Extractor blade for every pitcher
A plastic dough blade for processing bowl
A stainless steel 4-bladed chopping tool
A 6-bladed tool for blender pitcher

The dough blade plus 6-bladed too include lids that lock on a release button.

6. Multiple sizes cups

BL682 includes three various sizes of cups. Users can prepare various amounts of drinks as their needs.

7. Versatile

Ninja blender model BL682 is very versatile and can make anything of frozen foods, batters, dough, nut butter, etc.

Pros of BL682
  • Powerful motor
  • Provide control over blending time
  • Automatic programs with manual controls
  • Multipurpose package
  • BPA-free & dishwasher safe
  • Versatile cup size
Cons of BL682
  • Expensive
  • Bulky & heavy
  • Not perfect for hot liquids
  • Very loud
  • Short warranty

Ninja Bl685 Review – The Runner up

Ninja BL685 is also a powerful motor blender, and it is perfect for making any type of puree or crushing ingredients within the very shortest time. This model is unique for Auto-IQ technology which increases the machine’s effectiveness.

Ninja Bl685 Review

This model was constructed with a 1200w/2hp motor, XL-72oz container (64-oz maximum liquid capacity). The 64oz food processor bowl is ideal for making perfect silky consistency for puree, dips, or spreads.

Features of Ninja BL685

1. Blade

The extractor blade is constructed to crush tough ingredients like whole vegetables, puree, or fruits. The blade retains full nutrients and vitamins while processing the extraction.

2. Food processor bowl

The 64oz food processor bowl makes this blender compatible, and you can simply change and set it up to operate.

3. Auto-IQ Technology

There has five times quick speed function that lets you blend various ingredients very faster.

4. Two cups

It includes two single cups of different sizes.

5. Pulse technology

Pulse technology gives this model a professional-based capacity to the task.

Pros of BL685
  • Luxurious design
  • High-quality construction
  • Versatile & flexible
  • Bulk program
  • Multi purposes usage
  • Pulse technology
Cons of BL685
  • No speed setting
  • Noisy
  • Short warranty

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Package Nutri Ninja BL682 Vs BL685

BL685 Contains

Crushing blander -1 (72oz)
Pitcher – 1 (12.1L)
Food processor – 1 (11.8L/60oz)
Stacked blade assembly -1 6
Pro extractor blade -1
Dough blade -1
Pitcher Lid with pour spout
Food processor Bowl – 1 (8-cup)
Nutri Ninja cup – 1 (18oz)
Nutri Ninja cup – 1 (24oz)
Sip & Seal lids – 2
Maximum liquid capacity – 64oz
Food processor Lid with Drizzle Hole
Chopping Blade Assembly
Food processor bowl – 1
Recipe book -1
Manual instruction – 1
Check price at amazon

BL682 Contains

Crushing blander -1 (72oz)
Pitcher – 1 (12.1L)
Food processor – 1 (11.8L/60oz)
Stacked blade assembly -1 6
Pro extractor blade -1
Dough blade -1
Large cup -1 (32oz)
Medium cup -1 (24oz)
Small cup -1 (18oz)
Flip-top & seal lids -2
Two-parts food pusher – 1
Recipe book -1
Manual instruction – 1
Check price at amazon

Which is the best model?

Well! Now we are in a difficult section. Ninja BL682 vs BL685 Reviews, which one is ideal for getting the winner position?

All most every features and functionality of both blenders are similar. There has no special distinguish between them without silly points.

What makes them different? Of course, only cups make two units different. There are also a few different functionalities which though are not most different.

However, based on capacity, quality, professional grade, and activities, we can announce that Ninja BL682 is the best and winner.  

Ninja BL682 Accessories

Let’s introduce with ninja BL682 blender’s replacement parts. There are so many parts are available. Here we speak out some significant parts.

1. Anbige Replacement Parts – Ninja Blender with 2-cups

This is a good replacement parts pack with two cups and a ninja blender with an extractor blade.

2. Swess Replacement Blade – 7-pins with 32oz cup

Here you will get a single cup with a 7-pins blade and flip-top to-go lid.

3. Veterger Replacement Parts – Two Sip and Seal Lids

This package includes replacement parts of two sips and seal lids. It comes from the Veterger brand.

4. WWjiuyue Blender Replacement Parts and Blade

This blender blade is perfect for the Ninja Nutri Auto-IQ blender.

5. Veterger Replacement Part – Two Cups With Lids

Two cups with lids is a great pack for auto-IQ ninja nutria blender replacement.

Ninja BL685 Accessories

For Ninja BL682 & Ninja BL685, parts are not similar. BL685 ninja blender doesn’t have a lot of replacement options. But you can get more parts in a pack at a time.

1. Best Choice – 5pcs Ninja BL685 replacement parts

It is an ideal pack for a ninja professional 1200w kitchen system- bl685, including five items. It offers:

  • A single 6-fins blade with 7-pins gear bottom blade assembly.
  • 1pcs 18oz cup
  • 1pcs 24oz cup
  • 2pcs spout lids

Bottom Line

Ninja BL682 vs BL685 are amazing multifunctional blenders. They are a great addition to any commercial, professional, or home kitchen.  Though those are fantastic nutria ninja blenders, which you should choose? It was our question, right?

We have already found the answer, and our winner was ninja nutria blender system BL682. We also discussed the reason why bl682 best than bl685.

So, what are you thinking? Let us know in which one you want to invest.

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