What Is A Good Commercial Meat Grinder?

If you mince a lot of meat every day or run a restaurant, you need a high-functioning commercial meat grinder. They ground a lot of meat in a short time. So, you can grind meat to make your special burger patties and sausages. 

But be careful when you buy a commercial meat grinder. All are heavy-duty meat grinders, but some have better features. 

Here are the features of a good commercial meat grinder: 

High Meat Grinding Capacity

good commercial meat grinder
What Is A Good Commercial Meat Grinder?

A good commercial-grade meat grinder can mince a large amount of meat faster. It is supported by the stainless steel body, cutting plates, and blades. The commercial meat grinders are big, so they have high motor power. 

Commercial meat grinders have large feeding plates to put in a lot of meat together. They also have large cutting plates and blades. Some meat grinders have 3/16” fine plates and 3/8” coarse plates. Thus, commercial meat grinders are best for heavy use. 

High Power

Typically, electric meat grinder power is measured by wattage. But the motor power of a good commercial meat grinder is measured by horsepower. A commercial meat grinder can handle a lot of work. 

Great Features 

A top commercial meat grinder must have some extra features compared to other meat grinders. They have air cooling motors that do not require too much maintenance. As a result, the meat grinder will make less noise than usual commercial meat grinders. 

A good commercial meat grinder also has a circuit breaker. If the meat grinder ever gets overloaded, the circuit breaker will stop it immediately. Thus, the motor of the meat grinder is out of harm’s way. 

Does not clog up

The best commercial meat grinder does not get clogged. It can cut and mince a good amount of meat with fat and sinew with no problem. Besides, some commercial meat grinders can ground meat with bones without getting blocked in just a few minutes.

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Comes with many attachments

Like any normal electric grinder, a good commercial meat grinder also comes with various attachments. They should have multiple grinding plates, pasta-making attachments, Kubbe attachment, food stuffer, and additional cutting blades.  

Easy to clean

Since a commercial meat grinder has to grind meat every day, it should be easier to clean. Therefore, it must have stainless steel body, cutting plates, and blades for easy cleaning. Moreover, it should be easy to assemble and disassemble. 

So, these are the features of good commercial-grade meat grinders. Because of these features, the meat grinder can not only grind meat but also grind bones.

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