What Do The Number On Meat Grinder Mean | The Size Of Grinder

The number of meat grinder determines the speed of the step. When you want to grind meat you have to select the perfect size for your grinder. You can easily find out the proper speed when you have knowledge that what do the numbers on meat grinders mean.

Different sizes of plates and blades of grinder provide you various sizes of meat. You can easily use them in hamburgers and in sausages.

What is a meat grinder? All About Meat Grinder!

What is a meat grinder electric machine which is able to chop or grind the meat properly in a specific way is known as a meat grinder.

Meat mincer and meat grinder are the same thing. The word ‘meat mincer’ is generally known to the UK people.

Grinder is actually a kitchen content and it is a very important appliance for the user to grind the meat.

Meat grinder numbers:

You will find various types of meat grinders to grind the meat. The meat grinder’s size is measured from the size of grinder plates. The grinder numbers explain the expanse of the plate of the meat grinder.

When you have a clear idea about the meat grinder number then you can easily grind the meat with your cherished size.

What do the numbers of meat grinders mean; It is a vital question for the new grinder user. If you are a new user then the idea about the grinder number will help you to grind meat properly.

Meat grinder sizes:

This size can be varied from one grinder from another grinder. The most common grinder sizes are:

  • 32″ grinder
  • 42″ meat grinder
  • 10-12″ grinder
  • And 20-22″ grinder

Meat grinder plate size chart:

The plate size of the grinder depends on the grinder size. The plate diameter size can be-

  • 23/4″
  • 31/4″
  • 37-8″ and
  • 51-16″ accordingly

Meat grinder blade size:

The blade size of the meat grinder is determined with the size of the grinder size.

The hole size of the cutting blade is 7/16″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 7/8″ accordingly.

Meat grinder head size:

It’s head size depends on the grinder’s plate size. This size is different in home and industry and in restaurants.

A large grinder has it’s large feeding tube. And the smaller grinder has it’s small feeding tube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

If you have the question, what do the numbers of meat grinders mean then you can find the answer in this article.

What meat grinder plate sizes should i have?

The plate size depends on your desire. If you piece the meat in large size then you should have the larger plate and if you piece the meat in a smaller size then a small plate is enough to grind.

At home, you can use the smaller size and with this you can grind the meat and off course you will get a good result.

With the perfect size like 3/16″, 1/4″, and ⅛” plate can grind meat perfectly. You can use these meat in hot-dog, hamburger or in different junk food items.

But at the time when you need a large grinder to mixture the meat then you need a large grinder plate.

Meat grinder plates:

There are some plates with the meat grinder. When you buy a grinder to blend the meat then you should find out a good brand grinder for yourself.

Meat grinder plates are made off stainless steel and the perfect size of the meat grinder is 3/16″ and with this you will be able to grind the meat accurately.

But when you buy a grinder which is a local and low prices product then it will not provide you a groove result. Cause, they will not provide you a stainless steel plate. So, you should buy a branded meat grinder for you.

When you choose the grinder and get it as a better choice then you should buy additional plates for your grinder.

The main reason behind this is the interchangeable character of the plate of the grinder. If you have the extra one then you can change that plate if you find any problem at the time of grinding.

Universal number 2 meat grinder:

Vintage universal number 2 meat grinder has special features. It’s blade is made with high quality stainless steel.

To chop or to grind meat there is no alternative to the universal number 2 meat grinder. It will grind the meat with your choice.

What size grinder plate for hamburger?

The best size of plate to grind meat for hamburger or for sausages is 5″, 8″, 12″, 15″ and 22″. To make a hamburger or to prepare sausages you have to grind the meat properly.

When the meat is perfectly blended then you will be able to get your desired hamburger.

Number 32 meat grinder:

This grinder is basically a hand grinder and you can easily use it to grind and chop the meat. Number 32 meat grinder has some special characteristics. Such as-

  • Meat pusher exist
  • It has two knives to chop
  • It has stuffing tube
  • The blade is made of stainless steel
  • Super grinding plate exist

For this reason when you want to grind meat with this number 32 meat grinder then with that chopped meat you can make hamburger, sausage etc. Or you can use this aa topping in any other food item like this.

Meat grinder plate uses:

There are different sizes of meat grinder plates, exist in the present market.

The plate is made of stainless steel and the size is 3/16″ and it is the perfect size to grind meat.

12 vs 22 meat grinder:

About 10 and 12 inch grinder have the same diameter but 12 and 22 inch have some basic comparison.

Meat grinder 22 is a large grinder. It’s plate, blade and head are large. No need to prepare the meat in small sizes if you want to grind in 22 meat grinder. Cause, it can easily grind the big pieces of meat.

On the other hand, 12 meat grinder is a small grinder. You can’t chop the meat easily if they are of large size. So, you have to cut the meat in small sizes to get better chopped meat.

Are meat grinder plates interchangeable?

Yes,they are interchangeable and that’s why when you will buy a grinder, you should buy an extra plate for your grinder.

If you face any difficulties then you can change it and can get your cherished chopped meat.

How much is an old meat grinder worth?

Vintage and universal meat grinders are really very popular for grinding. It’s normal that a new grinder’s price will always be higher than the old one.

You can buy an old grinder from #eBay Vs Amazon website. Maximum time the price depends on the manufacturer of the grinder.

You have to pay $12 to buy an old universal meat grinder. But if you want to buy the new one then. You have to pay about $60 for a single meat grinder.

What size meat grinder for deer:

Some perfect size deer meat grinder are as follows-

Meat grinder which is 20/22″ is the perfect size to grind meat.

Final word

A grinder is an electric machine which is able to grind different items and after getting that you can use them to make various foods. As you have to know what do the numbers of meat grinders mean as well as you have to know the other parts of the grinder. When you know all the sides of a grinder then you will be able to grind meat in a proper method.

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