LEM 1hp Meat Grinder Review | Best #22 Electric Meat Grinder

LEM meat grinder machines have a reputation for their high-quality builders and performance and the LEM products 1hp stainless steel electric meat grinder isn’t an exception. 

The LEM 1hp meat grinder frequently mentions the best electric grinders that are genuinely amazing for concrete design, commercial-ranking performance, and compact build. This grinder is a heavy-duty meat grinder device in every sense.  

However, it just is a fantastic model of advanced technology that continues to be a popular appliance for any cooking fan.

This LEM 1hp meat grinder review will help you to learn more about this model that must allow you to know why you should choose it for your kitchen.

LEM Products 1 HP Meat Grinder Review Heavy Duty Grinders

LEM 22 Lb 1 HP Electric Grinder

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There is no doubt that building all the distinct and proficient in selecting one is the first step to creating those yummy plus plump sausage that you have been longing. From this logic, we are going to reviewing the 1hp meat grinder LEM as the best meat grinder.

So, welcome to this break down of our selected LEM meat grinder 22 models.

Why the LEM 1hp LEM Meat Grinder?

  • The LEM #22 meat grinder is designed for individuals seeking a heavy-duty device to grind the whole deer.
  • Complementary to the kitchen counter, it will be an ideal selection for any at home kitchen cook.
  • Offering professional ranking grinding, this grinder machine is one of the best commercial devices.

Specs: LEM 1hp Meat Grinder

Let’s see a few essential specs of the LEM meat grinder 1hp.

  • Manufacturer: LEM Products
  • Style Name: #22 1-HP
  • Measure: 12 ¼ x 9 1/8 x 2 ¼-inches
  • Motor: 1.0 HP 110V
  • Item weight: 64 pounds
  • Size: #22
  • Warranty: 5-years
  • 3-Stuffing tubes: 3/8, ¾, and 1 ¼-inches
  • Meat tray: 15.5 x 11 x 3 –inches 
  • Housing: 100% Stainless steel, no plastic or other coatings
  • Grind meat: 13lbs per minutes

Features: LEM 1hp Meat Grinder

First of all, to test any grinder machine, you have to have the best idea about its features. Below we discussed all significant features of this model.

Build & Design

Designed from high-ranking stainless steel, every component of this model is resistant to rust. Stainless steel materials just focus on durability and relentless performance. Highly reliable 1hp Big Bite meat grinder parts are unbelievable to invoke the warranty.

This grinder machine operates at LEM 1.5 HP meat grinder that completely construct for those people who want much more output. It grinds any meat so effectively and quickly that actually, they are looking for.

Easy to Clean

This LEM model comes with a stainless steel body and other parts that are not just like other cheap grinders. This unit constructs focus on completing the heavy-duty jobs efficiently. You can get this grinder machine with a simple process to clean; that is a significant factor to think about before going to a final decision. It is so safer and more comfortable to clean than other competitors.


This grinder machine is an immediate upgrade device of the LEM meat grinder #12 meat grinder model. They are closely similar, but this machine’s main difference is that it allows you to grind soft bones for your pets here. Plus, it can handle 13-pounds within per minute. This faster performance makes it so famous to the consumers quickly.


Typically speaking, heat may be the reason for serious damage to electrical tools. Overheating gears into the device to degrade that automatically can ruin or stops the working machine. So, it is a reason of concern for those who are a high-capacity machine.

So, overheating is a serious issue sooner or later. Be conscious and stay safe! But it will be lucky for them who pick the LEM #22 1hp meat grinder that comes with a circuit breaker. This section can stop the machine as soon as when it overheats.

Lubrication Technology

Obviously, you would like to use your grinder for a long time, and with time, you need to deal with overheating and lubrication. But for this, the moor of the machine may overlook all that worry. Yeah! The LEM 1hp grinder machine includes a motor that comes with permanent lubricate.

Without lubrication, operating the motor for a long time can inevitably reason for heat and damage the gears. So, a permanent lubricate motor can ensure the machine continues a more extended period safely and smoothly.

Assemble & Disassemble

Assembling and disassembling this LEM meat grinder is a light wind. Handling and maintaining this grinder will come as generally for you. For the first time, follow the manual to assemble it and then use it and safely. Just feed the meat and start grinding.

Gig Bite Technology

Big bite technology is the patented technology of the company that creates the auger more effective. The auger is able to bite the larger meat and drive it into the machine heat with this technology. It lets you feed a lump of large size meat into the tubes and grind so fast safely, and you shouldn’t worry about clogging up because the auger can shrink the beef into it in the perfect size.

Attachment: LEM 1hp Meat Grinder

What additional features does this meat grinder have?

This type of question you should ask while shopping for the best meat grinder. I also ask. Like many other grinders, this machine as well comes with sufficient stuffing attachment. All of the attachments are highly efficient and useful to make a meatball and ground meat for different food items.

  • Meat tray: This tray is a large size tray that can load more meat at a time.
  • Pan: Pan is stainless steel and highly sturdy.
  • Stainless steel motor housing
  • All gears are metal comes with roller bearing
  • Heavy-duty handle that needs to move easily
  • 110 voltage and permanently lubricated motor
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • Stainless steel knife, head, auger, coarse and fine plates
  • Three-stuffing tubes plus meat stomper.

Pros & Cons: LEM 1hp Meat Grinder

What are Great

  • Less Noise
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Extremely useful and efficient
  • Sturdy & well-constructed
  • Works very faster
  • The machine quality is high
  • Never clogs
  • The motor is extremely powerful
  •  Powerful machine for bones and meats

What isn’t Great

  • A little bit expensive
  •  Fairly heavy in weight and requires enough sized space to store.

Customer Reviews: LEM 1hp Meat Grinder

The LEM 1 HP meat grinder has already achieved outstanding grading from its consumers. Things they liked about it that it is a high-quality grinder machine, and the operating system is very easy and noiseless.

With a powerful motor, it offers safety service for a longer time for its customers. Most of the customers particularly like it for super faster speeds that grind larger meat within a short time and save their valuable time,

Takeaway: LEM 1hp Meat Grinder

The LEM 1 hp meat grinder seems like a large investment, but the quality is high. The unbeatable performance makes this machine so popular to the customers. This LEM 1hp meat grinder review has shown you all the great features and so significant for the best meat grinder.

If you are a serious hunter for deer and would like to grind for more years, this machine will be ideal. Undoubtedly, this grinder machine can offer an excellent option for your home kitchen as well.

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