LEM Meat Grinder vs Cabelas | Know the Difference

If you want to know the LEM meat grinder vs Cabelas meat grinder, it is the right place for you. Yes, you have right to compare both brands so that you can pick the right product.

It is a little tricky point to discuss because everyone is a better brand in the grinder world. But there are a few dissimilarities in their unique product design, pattern, quality, etc.

To discover the best meat grinder, you must know the actual difference between a LEM meat grinder and Cabelas meat grinder.

Continue this post to inform you of more unknown facts with differences about those grinder brands that surprised you.

Let’s move on.

Lem Meat Grinder Vs Cabelas

To discuss those two brands, we present them with some points before understanding where they are different from others. Let’s see: Lem meat grinder Vs Cabelas.

About: LEM Meat Grinder

LEM brand is an old and famous brand that was mainly launched for grinding meat in 1991.

There has a long story behind this brand from pushes it to become popular in this competitive world. The brand owner is Larry Metz, who has been working last 35-years as a large meat cutter company dedicatedly.

Being a hunter, he has a good idea of making meat processing easy for the people, so he established and constructed very high-quality products for his company.

About: Cabelas Meat grinder

who makes cabela’s meat grinders?

Cabela was born from the kitchen table in 1961, but their main business to provide only a grinding machine to their consumers. This company is launched actually as a catalog business and high-quality outdoor products.

Cabela’s has been producing products for hunting, camping, fishing, and other outdoor equipment where you will get there some meat grinder models.

Features: LEM Meat Grinder

LEM meat grinder has some significant features; move and know them clearly.

1. Powerful Motor

With a ton of horsepower options, the LEM meat grinder products present the first advantage that is flexible. It is true that if you will go for strong cutting power, you must select the high-power model.

Besides, if you need a meat grinder, a machine only for a typical cooking routine in your kitchen, you should select a low HP motor. But for this reason, you have to choose a durable and long-lasting machine that must handle heavy-duty. IN this case, the LEM meat grinder will be suitable for you.

2. Well-construction

To construct the LEM meat grinder series, the company always selects the highest quality material. Therefore, a machine will accompany you for a long duration unless it’ll break for grinding hard rock. Besides, the company always offers lifetime customer service with a 5-years warranty.

3. Low-noise

LEM meat grinder operates so strongly, and it won’t make loud noise during grinding. The company is so conscientious about this reality because they know the requirements of their customers. By lubricating the engine with developing grease formation, this manufacturer has done well on the annoying sound that the machine creates.

4. Great Value

This product supplies a lot of great features that maybe you can’t expect at a low price. The LEM meat grinders are worth each dollar that you need to pay for every product. Who doesn’t would like to get a durable and sturdy feature with multiple features, right? So, don’t be uncertain to expend some additional money on a super quality machine.

Features: Cabelas Meat Grinder

Keep reading and know about the Cabelas meat grinder features to compare with the LEM grinders.

1. Motor

Cabelas meat grinder is a super durable, reliable, and heavy-duty electric grinder that boasts a larger capacity, stable speed, smooth and steady operation. Even the 0.5HP induction motor is amazingly quiet and provides the machine all power that it needs to handle all sorts of meat quickly. Plus, meat grinder Cabelas comes with a highly effective cooling system.

2. Accessories

This brand meat grinder feature not only rich, but they come with a useful accessories pack that is compatible with an extensive range of valuable attachments. All of the parts have come from high-quality materials.

Plus, most of them made of food-grade stainless steel like the neck, gear, knife, plates auger, meat tray, and even big size head ring nut. Basically, they will provide such a meat grinder with some extra cash that can satisfy virtually all of the meat-related needs.

3. Well-engineered

All of the grinders by Cabelas are well-engineered, and they are available in several additional variations. Even they offer more excellent power motor with high speed and can easily tackle any grinding projects.

The material quality of this brand meat grinder is super highly qualified and high-effective. All grinders are made of food-grade materials that make them safe from any food poison during raw meat grinding. The materials make the machine more durable and sturdy that you can use it for a long time without any hazard.

Advantages: LEM Meat Grinder

Now know about the advantages or benefits of the LEM meat grinder.

1. LEM is an older and established company with all types of products you need for meat grind. If you are a new or seasonal or professional to the whole game preparation thing, LEM comes with all that you need.

2. The product range has come from entry-level to professional or heavy-duty products that will be employed for commercial purposes.

3. LEM brand manufactures grinders, sausages, jerky, preparation, seasoning – machine, with other kitchen supplies, cooking items, and storage products. They always come up with new addition continuously. And all LEM meat grinder replacement parts are readily available also.

Advantages: Cabelas Meat Grinder

It’s time to see the benefits of the Cabelas meat grinder. Keep reading on.

1. Cabelas also provide all grinder products with advanced technology maintaining all standard quality. All items are reliable, durable, affordable, and sturdy.

2. The grinders come with all essential parts and attachments that are simple to assemble according to the manual direction.

3. Like LEM meat grinder, Cabelas provide safe products for their customers.

4. They have good customer service with a 5-years warranty.

Disadvantages: LEM Meat Grinder

LEM grinders machines only one notable disadvantage is the feeding tubes. The feeding tubes are small, and for this, you have to cut the meat into a smaller piece to grind correctly.

And the second option is that generally, the LEM products are highly-priced. But shouldn’t compromise the highest quality products with some extra investment.

Disadvantages: Cabelas Meat Grinder

Most of the recommended disadvantages of the meat grinder by Cabelas are that this brand doesn’t allow some items to grind. They don’t allow bones, nuts, and any simple hard food to grind into their grinder machine.

Winner: LEM vs Cabelas Meat Grinder

After a short description of the LEM Vs Cabelas meat grinder, what are you thinking? Yes, maybe thinking which one is the best brand and who is the winner in our discussion?

Well! It’ll clear when you find out similarities and dissimilarities between both of the brands.


  • Both of the brands provide high-quality meat grinders in the market.
  • Both of them maintain the standard quality of their products.
  • You can trust both of them for the meat grinder.
  • Both brands are reliable, old, and well-known.


  • First of all, they are different for motor power, where LEM will always win the winner for their powerful motor service.
  • Cabelas comes with many more products, and their intention mainly not on the meat grinder. In this case, the main aim of the LEM brand was launched for grinding meat. So, here also we vote for the LEM brand meat grinder.
  • You can like Cabela’s meat grinder from speeding factors because their grinder speed is more than LEM.
  • Lem meat grinder products are so light in weight than the Cabelas, and you can carry LEM meat grinder easily anywhere.

Our Final Words!

Thanks to keeping continue with us in this game of LEM meat grinder vs Cabelas. Hopefully, all concepts have cleared before, and you can agree with me that you would like to pick the LEM meat grinders from both of those compared brands.

So, you can make the winner the LEM for their only exceptional products to grind all types of meat. If you are a new grinder user or a professional or commercial meat grinder user, you can agree with my decision for some important logical points.

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