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Well! If you are incredibly passionate about going hunting or having your own restaurant, you need an electric meat grinder meant to grind a large bunch of meats. For a huge, heavy, bulky, and space-occupying grinder machine, LEM Big Bite Meat grinder #8 is just ideal.

Now you may ask us, ‘Why have you to buy it? Or how does it stand apart from the multitude?’

Forgiving a lot of answers like those asks, we are writing LEM #8 meat grinder reviews post to enlighten you with the best features and benefits and an FAQ section to answer some potential questions.

You will get all answers like the quality, use, and maintenance guide of this review.

Let’s get started!

Top Pick LEM #8 Meat Grinder Reviews

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  1. A Brief Overview
  2. Who Is LEM #8 Meat Grinder Perfect For?
  3. Why You Should know This Meat Grinder
  4. Features: LEM #8hp Meat Grinder
  5. Accessories
  6. The Benefits of This Meat Grinder
  7. Customer Feedback
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Final Verdict

A Brief Overview

For professional grinding LEM, a .5hp meat grinder is a perfect choice. This machine is budget-friendly and particularly suitable needs of the users. This meat grinder machine becomes more popular due to its quality and higher speeds. It enables to grind about seven pounds of meat in per minute.

It is a perfect meat grinder for those who don’t want to waste their valuable time processing the meat for sausages, meatball, or burgers.

It comes with different stuffing tubes and stainless steel that process any meats for various food processes. The process of this grinder machine bites a important share of the meat thanks to Big Bite Technology.

You can try this LEM #8 meat grinder because it is designed with a good warranty and customer support with standard features. 

Here below, we are going to represent a lot of significant factors. If you read this LEM #8 meat grinder reviews that will be easy to make decisions.

Who Is LEM #8 Meat Grinder Perfect For?

  • It is appropriate for any sorts of the infrequent hunter.
  • If you have your own pets in your house, you need this grinder unit.
  • If you are modest, who also loves to get much more space in your kitchen.

Why You Should know This Meat Grinder

LEM meat grinder .5 hp is a machine that was planned only for grinding on a small scale. Coming with .5hp, this machine is suitable to mince some deer year. If you always don’t desire the monotonous loud sounds emitting from many right meat grinders, what is made for you? 

LEM always try to construct items that can convene the consumers’ demand of several types that have grinders from the extremely small to size to very big.

However, this machine is just way up from other meat grinders to deliver a better turnaround. Using this grinder machine, you can grind around 7-pounds of meat per minute. With this price, this grinder is ideal for dealing at all.

Features: LEM #8hp Meat Grinder

Let’s talk about the key features of this meat grinder and know the exact aspects to compare with others and make the right decision.

Size & Weight

Before that, we have mentioned to you about this meat grinder, and you don’t manage big space in your kitchen room. This LEM meat grinder #8 is .50 hp and dimension of it is 18.5 x 9.1 x 15.6-inches. The meat pan is stainless steel, and the dimension is 12 ¼ x 9 1/8 x 2 ¼-deep.

It is a lightweight meat grinder that is so transportable where you need to use it. This is one of the lightest grinders in the market, and the weight of it is 28.7-pounds.


The LEM meat grinder includes a sleek and compact design that creates this machine interesting to the customers. The stainless steel housing makes it highly attractive that increase the good looking of your kitchen room. 

Big Bite Technology

This LEM #8 electric meat grinder comes with big bite technologies that facilitate the auger to take the extra big bite of any meat and progress it into the grinder head quicker compared to other grinders. The best feature about this technology is that you can grind a big sized of meat so faster without blockage the machine.

Easy to use and clean

It is not a significant matter if you know how to run the grinder or not what you selected to purchase. This grinder machine comes with a manual book that will instruct you to use, manage, and clean the device properly. This machine will teach you how to assemble and disassemble the machine and how to clean it after each time use.


It is a compact device that performs great for smaller grinding. It is smaller in size but performs so great. It is really hard to get this size grinder machine and perform great with standard quality. This grinder machine grinds at least 7-pounds per minute. The metal gears plus stainless steel motor housing enables it to progress quickly. The lubricated feature helps to reduce the loud motor noise.


This LEM meat grinder comes with stainless steel metal gears that make it so durable. The rolling bearing helps it to provide service for a long time. The heavy-duty handle assists the user to handle and move it quickly. The handle was constructed strongly, that makes it so sturdy and durable.

Affordability & Warranty

The price of this meat grinder is not high comparing the high-quality that it offers. Featuring the use of advanced technologies and upgrade version, this machine comes with a budget-friendly price.

Let’s talk about the warranty for it. The LEM meat grinder makes sure a 5-years warranty, and on top of them, you will get lifetime customer service from the manufacture.


Now check out the package that the machine contains and know them properly so that you can use this machine without any hazard.

Despite being a small-sized meat grinder, this LEM .5hp meat grinder comes with all essential accessories this package. All of the items are standard that should have. Items are:

  • Big Bite auger-1
  • Meat Stomper-1
  • Stainless steel knife-1
  • Stainless steel-3
  • Stuffing tubes-3

The Benefits of This Meat Grinder

It’s high time to talk about the advantages of using this LEM #8hp big bite technology meat grinder.

Light duty with the more dealing capability

It can be seen as pretty light in duty, but it also can handle more works than a customer expected. The manufacturer shared that it was capable of processing about two deer per year. It has to be qualified to handle most of the processing needs.

Compact in size

This LEM meat grinder is a small and reliable grinder that easily fit in tough spots still in your kitchen. The design of it makes it simple to blend with other kitchen tools or gadgets. It is compact that makes it has better portability.

Powerful Motor

Any consumer would be happy to use this meat grinder, and it contains 370 wattages and 110 voltage motor. This powerful motor helps to grind even unlike meat.   

Safety and Healthy

You always have to make sure that you grind meat using a safe grinder machine and make sure it constructs a healthy finish. This

#8 LEM meat grinder 0.5hp machine is safe and produces a lump of quality meat from your healthy living. 

It also has hand washable attachment to make sure you process the meat into a safe and healthy environment. It is a 120-voltage grinder machine, and thus it has a fewer chance of causing an accident due to power problems.

Durable Aluminum Parts

This meat grinder includes many aluminum parts that make the machine sturdier. It won’t break easily even when it dropped. All of the aluminum parts construct it better probability against rust problems. 

Customer Feedback

The LEM #8 hp meat grinder is a big bite technology stainless steel meat grinder. It becomes more popular with the consumers for its standard quality performance. Most customers prefer this grinder machine due to its stainless steel constructions plus permanently lubricated motor, and those features help this machine perform well. Most of the customers love this device and have a raking rate of 5 out of 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use the #8 hp grinder machine to Grind Bones?

A: No, it doesn’t suit to grind bones with this LEM #8 hp meat grinder.

Q: How does it better than other models?

A: This grinder machine comes with a powerful motor.

Q: Can you use it to grind vegetables?

A: Yes, this machine allows you to grind any vegetables like an onion with any meat or beef.

Final Verdict

If you seek a beast to grind a large chunk of meats so faster, we suggest you pick this meat grinder. This LEM #8hp meat grinder review has shown you a cleared concept before you. It is not expensive, but you get strictly for what you pay. This contains a high version that grinds a large amount of meat. So, we believe this grinder machine can be the best meat grinder series.

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