How to Grind Coffee Without a Coffee Grinder?

Have you bought whole coffee beans instead of pre-ground coffee, unfortunately? But you don’t have the best coffee grinder at home.

Do you in a dilemma? What should you do now? Should return the coffee bean to the shop or buy a coffee grinder instantly? No, both of the ideas aren’t intelligent at all.

There have several super options that can give you fresh and tasty coffee at home and for which maybe you haven’t thought before ever.

From this article, you will learn – how to grind coffee without a coffee grinder?

Is it possible?



You can do it using some specific tools that you have in your kitchen for other jobs.

We will know you – what appliances and how to use them to grind whole coffee beans.

Let’s start.

Get Ready

Ready and start with a few items:

  • A bigger butcher block, a cutting board, and a counter place so that the beans can’t run or fly here to there.
  • A scoop but it is optional
  • A plastic Ziploc bag or a larger paper sheet
  • Kitchen towel or paper to save from scattering
  • Elbow grease
  • And also need the patient to grind coffee beans and brew

Now choose the process from our grinding option list and start whole grind coffee without coffee grinder for cold brew.

Grind Coffee Beans Using Appliances

1. Blender

The regular blenders will work well for the coffee grind. It is not only great for making shakes with smoothies but also fantastic as a medium based coffee grinder machine.

Add a few amounts of whole coffee or coffee beans into it and try to grind them at an unswerving speed. When you think that the coffee grounded well, you can put them and add more to grind. You can also take the blender to use for old coffee beans to grind.

2. Food Processor

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor? Yes, the food processor allows you to grind coffee beans, and it works like a blender and grinder.

A few amounts of coffee put into the food processor that you need. Start grinding and continue it until turn into your desired texture.

If the coffee is stuck into the blade or at the bottom, shake to loosen them and continue grinding.

3. Immersion blender

Like a food processor or blender machine, immersion blender works well to grind coffee beans.

Though it might not be an optimal selection, it can be done well in a pinch. But be aware of the container that you are using.

Ensure that the container is large enough so that the whole coffee won’t spill over the sides of that container.

Grind Coffee Beans Without Using Appliances

Mortar & Pestle

Using mortar and pestle grind coffee bean is a long process and need more times than other methods. So, here you have to take a lot of patients and manage time for this job. Though it takes much more time, the result is so effective.

Before grind the coffee beans, you should ensure they are dust-free. Then just two tablespoons of coffee put into the mortar for a cup of coffee. Keep in mind, if you fill it up with beans, it won’t grind well. While your ground, the beans stir them so that they ground well.


You can use a hammer as the mortar and pestle substitute. Take a Ziploc bag or plastic freezer bag, put sufficient coffee beans into it, and cover them with a kitchen towel. Hammering the seeds carefully and give your own technique so that you can ground the coffee successfully.

Before using a hammer, you have to justify what types of hammer you should use. We can recommend using a medium-size and high-quality stick. Otherwise, the coffee won’t’ ground well and good at all. Don’t need to give much more pressure to grind because it can destroy the beans instead of grind.

Rolling Pin

It won’t matter if you want to use a wooden or marble roll that is heavier than other wooden roll or stainless steel rolling pins. Just should focus on that point that your coffee bean will ground with well.

The rolling pin can ground the coffee bean much better than the hammer. Take coffee beans as your requirements and put them into a plastic freezer bag or Ziploc bag and lock or seal the bag very fine. Then you should roll the rolling pin from one side slowly.

Hand mincer

A hand mincer or kitchen grinder is just like pencil sharpeners and a kitchen device that use to cut meat or vegetables. So, you can realize how it can be used to grind the coffee beans. The internal blades of it are good and enough to grind grains.

However, put the right amount of beans into the hand food grinder and grind them carefully without giving any pressure.


When you unpack the original box, you can get a nutcracker. A nutcracker can help you to gain ground coffee and works as a KitchenAid nut grinder.

Kitchen knife

The ninja kitchen knives also used to grind the coffee beans. The larger blade knife will work well to grind the coffee beans. Turn the knife at the right angle to work with the surface and press pressure gently and push down to crush the whole beans.

Frying pan

A frying pan can use as an alternative to a blender to grind the whole coffee by crashing them. The frying pan contains the largest surface area that is perfect for making ground coffee beans.

When you are ready to press down, remind don’t push the handle. Place the handle on both sides of the pan and then push it down gently.

Do’s and Don’ts While Grinding Coffee

While you will grind the whole coffee beans using available tools in your kitchen, you must maintain a few rules. Below we will show you some tasks where some you should do, and some are shouldn’t do.

  • Do: Ensure all the essential types of equipment are available, and they are also neat clean before use. Coffee can soak other flavors easily. So, when you use mortar, clean it with warm water so that the taste of the spices can’t go into the coffee.
  • Don’t: If you need to grind coffee every day, you should not use an alternative always. In this case, you should buy a coffee grinder for your kitchen.
  • Do: Make your whole coffee bean smaller before going to grind them. So, what should use to slight them – a rock/ a brick? Or a steamroller? The possibilities are endless green coffee.
  • Don’t: You should not use too much coffee when you use alternative tools like Ziploc or kitchen towel to grind coffee beans.

Let’s hear your solutions.

In summary, there have discussed the most significant options on how to grind coffee without a coffee grinder. Don’t be super smart and use the cup of joe when you don’t have a coffee grinder.

You can follow the tips and tricks that make you creative, and you can use several tools available in your kitchen to grind the coffee beans quickly. Those efforts can satisfy you to make delicious coffee.

Without them, if you have any different experiences, you can share them with us because we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment for us.

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