What is the best meat to grind for burgers?

No one could answer this question. Why? Because they have different taste buds, I appreciate the response. But still, some burger freaks like me exist! We want to know the science of burgers. Now are going to know the best meat to grind for burgers.

Now, if you are one of like me, hang on. I am going to reveal the secret of -best meat to grind for burgers. Let me answer some questions first

What ingredients make a burger great? 

Patty. Yes! The patty makes a burger great. A patty with 20 to 30% of fat content can make a mouthwatering burger. Now there is a question.

Why is fat content important?

To make the burger juicy and delicate. Simple math.

So, these questions lure me into writing about the next hook. Yeah! I am about to answer the big question.

What is the best meat to grind for burger patties?

Beef is the best meat for grinding patties, considering fat content. I know Lamb has the most fat. But the thing is -above 20 to 30% fat content can remove the essence of burger. Plus, Lamb and pork do not taste as delicious as beef.

I hope you got the answer. Now let me answer the next hook you are waiting for!

What is the science behind a perfect burger? 

A perfect burger lies inside the meat quality. So, how do you know that? Let me explain through the following stage.

Quality of beef:

If you look at the butcher diagram, there are 17 types of cut. Each body part consists of different meat. And all the meat has its unique fat ratio. Based on this fat content, tastes differ. Even the quality of burger changes for that.

best meat to grind for burgers

So, let me explain the top four butchers cut in depth. This will help you to decide the next meat part for your burger patty.


Chuck cuts from the upper shoulder of the cow. It has a balanced fat. And most of the chefs rated this 4.9 out of 5. They say; chuck has a combination of 80/20 fat for the classic burgers. Trust me!! Chefs like Gordon Ramsay prefer this meat.

He has a famous burger shop in Las Vegas. And that burger shop is always crowded for classic burger; Ramsay says, “chuck patty incorporates the built-in fat. That is why it looks juicy and tastes mouthwatering.”

So, this beef part should be your first choice to grind.


This second meat cut is from the cows’ back region. A 100 gram top sirloin has 12-gram fat. And it’s higher than chuck meat. So, the ratio of fat is 90/10. Chefs say; it’s a moderate cut for a budget burger patty.

Budget burger means cheaper than a chuck meat burger. This does not contain a sustained amount of fat during the heat. So, adding a portion of meat can taste grassy and sour. I recommend this ground meat for a budget burger.


Less fat with delicious taste. That is my marketing hook for this meat because it contains 80/15 fat. Now, which body part does this meat exist? The rear leg part of a cow. It takes time to cook for its low fat.

For that reason, the chefs recommend roasting the meat. Roasted round is flavorful and delicious. So, if you are concerned about less fat, try round cut beef for grinding. It may not taste as good as a chunk cut meat, still worth a bite. My dad loves this patty since he avoids fat.


It comes from the chest part of a cow. This portion has the highest fat content. So, it should be ground well for having many inner connective tissues. And the price of a brisket cut is low. For that reason, chefs prefer this low-budget, burger maker.

Now, how does it taste? A bit sour and grassy.

So, these are the best meat to grind for the burger patty. Is that all I am here for? No! I will break down the science of grinding. Before that, one last thing I want to share.

Grinding and pattie making tips:

Remember, patty plays a vital role in burgers. So, it should be ground well. Here are some tips to make the patty great.

  • Cold meat is easier to cut. So, freeze the desired cut at least 15 minutes before grinding.
  • Keep the grinding blade in a freeze for 30 minutes before cutting. It will make grinding better.
  • Cut your meat into 1 to 2 inches size. This type of size grinds well.
  • Don’t forget to season the meat during grinding. It enhances the flavor and taste.
  • To keep the burger tender and delicious, add salt. Salt helps to remove the muscle protein.

The science behind burger patty:

No more wait. Let’s dive deep into science. So the science is; beef has the long muscle fiber to connect its tissues. And this fiber is tough. Grinding shears the fiber to chew it better. It also releases sticky protein.

This sticky protein binds a burger together. Yet, too much sticky protein can make the patty hard. It removes the taste of a burger. Based on this scientific definition, here is what I have got.

Homemade ground meat is better than processed meat. So, ground your beef at home and get the real taste of the burger.


I have answered the most searched question best meat to grind for burgers in my article. To organize the information under one roof, I had to research a lot. This was fun. As a burger enthusiast, my satisfaction is not confined in a bite.

I want a mouthful pleasure inside my tongue and brain. And this is the reason why I make this piece of content. Enjoy your next burger!

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