Do I need a chef’s knife and a Santoku?

Before deciding, you should know about the chef’s knife and Santoku. So let’s try to learn-

santoku knife vs chef knife
santoku knife vs chef knife

What are chef’s knife and Santoku?

Chef’s knife is used for preparing food as a cutting tool and is designed to slice large beef. Though it has individual models, in general, it has an 8″ length and 1.5″ width blade. French and German are the two most common types of the blade of chef’s knife.

Originally, Santoku is a Japanese knife, is used to cut meat, fish, and vegetables.

What are the differences between a chef’s knife vs santoku knife?

  • The fundamental origin difference is that chef’s knife is a western knife made in German and Santoku made in Japan.
  • The chef’s knife blade is made of softer steel; on the other hand, the Santoku knife is made of more rigid steel.
  • Chef’s knife has 8″ length, and 1.5″ width blade, standard blade length of Santoku knife is between 6 to 7″.
  • Chef’s knife is used to cut big meat, dicing vegetables, chopping nuts, and Santoku is used to do almost any kitchen function.

Which is better, a chef’s knife or a Santoku?

It is very tough to choose the better one cause there is a few difference between them. And the difference is in their cutting edge angle, part of the blade length. So you can be benefitted from individual knife so there no universal better knife.

Should you replace your chef’s knife with Santoku?

Both of them are applicable for several functions. This is because they are so identical in their using purpose. Depending on your need and like you can replace to each other.

Which is suited for everyday cooking?

Which is suited for your everyday cooking, it just depends on your choice. But if you go through a search, you can be clear about it. The chef’s knife length is slightly large than Santoku’s. It can help in cutting roast beef. Whereas Santoku knife is light and simply small, and their blade is short of use. Santoku can be suitable for use if you do not need to cut any big thing.

What is the Santoku knife used for?

Santoku and chef’s knife both are closely similar, and their purpose is almost identical. Santoku knife is used for multipurpose due to the translation of Santoku is “three virtues” that is planned for three cutting function, like mincing, dicing and slicing, and chopping of fish, meat and vegetables. Its nickname is “housewife knife,” as it is more prevalent in women due to its harmless appearance.

What should you look for when you buy a new Santoku knife?

When you go to buy a new thing at first, you should be aware of your pocket. Like this, when you purchase a new Santoku knife, you have to think about the cost. Is it possible to buy it for you or not? Then go to the consideration of its maintenance. Is it easy to clean? After that, look at its blade and design. The most important thing is that which brand you like.

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