Are Tinned Meat Grinder Safe?

It is normal to be concerned about the safety of your food. So, people often ask if tinned meat grinders are safe for grounding meat. Yes, tin-coated meat grinders are perfectly safe for grinding meat. The tin does not flake or leach in the meat when you use the meat grinder

Meat grinders are made of various metals. Some of the old-fashioned cast-iron meat grinders are coated with tin or zinc. These alloys keep iron from getting rusty and keep the meat from directly contacting with iron. Thus, it is actually safe for the food. 

Are Tinned Meat Grinders Safe

Besides, the tin used to coat the meat grinder is food safe. It is lab-tested, and the food safety administration will not allow anything dangerous to be used in food processing equipment. 

Moreover, the meat does not stay in contact with the coated alloy for too long. It comes out of the grinder as soon it is minced. So, there is no possibility of the coating getting mixed with the food. 

Even if the coating of the meat grinder comes off after years of use, it will not be dangerous enough to severely contaminate the meat or other food. The only risk you may face if this happens is the rust formed on the meat grinder. The meat grinder gets rusty for the lack of tin coating. In this case, you can remove the rust and re-coat the meat grinder with tin. 

However, you may still feel suspicious of using tin-coated meat grinders. It is understandable since no one wants to take risks regarding health. Then, you have two more options- plastic meat grinders and stainless steel meat grinders.

But plastic meat grinders are not as durable as cast iron or stainless steel meat grinders. They easily break. Again, some plastic grinders may contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). It is a harmful chemical that can dangerously contaminate food. 

Therefore, the best option will be stainless steel meat grinders. Both manual and electronic meat grinders made of stainless steel are available. Stainless steel does not get rusty. Besides, it protects the meat from contaminations like bacteria. But remember tin-coated meat grinders are also safe.

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