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Readout Weston #8 meat grinder review with a buying guide to find more information about this powerful and sturdy grinder machine!

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Weston Number 8 Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

Weston Number 8 Electric Meat Grinder

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Why Weston #8 meat grinder?

  • A reliable and pretty motor that doesn’t overheat after hours of use.
  • The auger sucks the meat quickly
  • Made from durable and top-quality materials
  • Comes with essential sausages stuffing accessories
  • Able to grind 4 to 6lbs per minutes
  • Manufacturer offer 2-years warranty

Weston #8 Meat Grinder Review

The Weston #8 meat grinder is butcher series solid unit that is perfect for processing wild game, any meats, and venison. It also works as a doubling tool like a sausages stuffer.

It comes with a ½ HP motor that ensures faster and effective processing of more enormous amounts of wild or domestic meat. This meat grinder is designed for grinding 240 to 360 pounds of meat per hour, quickly processing a large volume.    

The additional sausage stuffing funnels make this grinder machine is worth the money as you won’t make restricted to use the ground meat for meatball or hamburger. You can select among three sizes of sausage.

With a permanent lubricated and air-cooled motor, this device provides great performance to long-term, and safe use makes assured. If you expect a commercial meat grinder for a large amount of meat processing, the hopper is bigger than the manual to facilitate a big processing amount.

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What are the Weston 8 meat grinder review features, and why should you purchase it?

Well! Some great features make it more reliable and amazing to the consumers. Let’s keep reading and learn them.


The body of this grinder machine is constructed from stainless steel. This material makes it long-lasting, and you can care for it easily. The gear comes from metal, and it makes the machine so durable. You should not fee it so cheap or flimsy. The heavy-duty handle lets you move and lifting it easily.


This Weston meat grinder #8 machine is length-16.25-inch, width- 22.5-inches, and 13.75-inch in height. It is middle in size and not so weighty, just 10.63lbs that is pretty heavy, and it adds the device more stability. It also includes two extra-large size hopper, which is stainless steel and rectangular.   


This #8 meat grinder machine allows you to grind about 4/6 pounds of meat per minute. The offset head plans with a catching knob allow for maximum meat pour. The permanent lubricated and air-cooled motor makes it perfect for performing consistently and effectively.


Safety is one of the most significant factors for any electric machine. In this case, this grinder machine is safe and sound to use for even any heavy-duty tasks. 


Warranty is another fact for the electric device, and you have to check it when you are in the market for the meat grinder. This Weston #8 meat grinder offers 2-years limited warranty by the manufacturer.


Let’s talk about the specification of the Weston 8 meat grinder.

  • Brand: Weston
  • Style Name: No.8
  • Color: Black
  • Wattage 575w
  • Dimension: 17 x 13.3 x 9 –inches
  • Weight: 10.63 pounds
  • Model: 33-1201-W
  • Horsepower: ¾ HP
  • Operation: Automatic
  • Voltage: 120 V


Some important Weston #8 meat grinder parts or accessories you have to know to purchase this grinder series.

Motor: This grinder’s motor is so sturdy ¾ HP motor that it includes a permanent lubricated and air-cooled. This feature makes sure the fastest and easiest usage.

Plates: It has two grinding plates provided 7mm coarse and a 4.5mm medium suited for high volume and top-speed grinding. They are built from high-quality stainless steel for great performance.

Sausage Stuffing Funnel: This grinder has three stuffing funnels like 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm that provides pretty of select for sausage size.

Grinding tray: It is an additional large and constructed from stainless steel and rectangular.

Handle: It is of powerful construction that makes it simpler to carry or move if needed.

Key Factors

Take a look at the key factors of the Weston #8 electric meat grinder below.

Design: It compacts a professional meat grinder and includes a double sausage stuffer funnel.

Perfect for: Anyone requires a meat grinder that is ideal for processing a large amount of meat. It is so useful for hunting and commercial uses.

Setting: The setting of it comes with on/off functions that are available without speed vibrations.

Patent Pending Of Head Design: This grinder machine’s head design is counterbalanced to allow the most excellent meat flow. It has a locking bump to remain strongly in place. 

Materials: The gears of this machine come from metal that makes the sure optimal grinding performance.

Storage: All attachments will be conveniently stored inside the stomper. The compacted design of the unit services practical storage is a counter-top for ongoing usage and a cupboard.

Cleaning: The head will be disassembled for cleaning. 

Safety Features

Circuit Breaker: it can automatically shut off the motor in the unlikely event that a malfunction might occur. It will remove harm and consequent costly repairs.

Rubber feet: Its non-slip features makes sure the machine remains stable and doesn’t move when you go for use.


  • Quality product and excellent worth for the price
  • Extremely powerful
  • Works very easily and quickly
  • Perfect for a large amount of meat
  • Easy to put together
  • It won’t slow down when used for a long duration
  • Simple operating system
  • Powerful motor


  • Dismantling  the head for washing is not easy all the time

How Does It Work?

Before operating or assembling the Weston meat grinder 8 machine that ensures to consult the user manual that you will get with the grinder machine. After assembling the machine, switch on to start feeding a large amount of meat into the grinder’s feeding tube.

Product Care

After using the machine, disassemble it and clean it properly. Just know at first how to clean a meat grinder. It is easy to clean plus hassle-free. It lets not use the dishwasher, so take warm water and dishwasher soap to clean all the parts only by hand. Let dry all the attachments typically and then store them in the right place for next use.

Customer Feedback

The Weston 8 meat grinder has received outstanding reviews from the consumers. Things you like about the meat grinder contained its powerful and quality motor and quite an operation. We also enjoy the capability to handle a large amount of meat in a short time. We thought that when the price was higher than other meat grinders.

To read about what customers had to say you can read their reviews here.

Should You Buy?


Worth for money is significant thinking in purchasing kitchen tools. The Weston #8 meat grinder review is expensive, and an excellent size category, but the quality and effectiveness of the device make it great for value. Well-performing, reliable motor and sturdy construction make the machine more popular.

Being in the butcher series of Weston, you can desire this meat grinder to operate and perform best than other grinder series. It is good to buy something that won’t make any issue operate it from a beginner level.

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