Weston #22 Meat Grinder Reviews With Features [2021]

You are here so that I can guess you are seeking the best grinder of series from the well-known manufacturer.

Well! It’s a good idea for those to cook to make lovers who have the intention to create new recipes for their family and friends.

In this case, we say you about the best grinder from the famous grinder manufacturer.

Weston #22 meat grinder is the best meat grinder of the Weston series grinder machine that only will give you a great chance to make new items of meat.

Keep on reading and make out why this grinder we recommended.

Weston Butcher Series #22 Electric Meat Grinder (1 HP)

Weston 1hp Electric Meat Grinder

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  • 750-watt air-cooled motor 1-HP/120 volt
  • Non-slip rubber feet to remain the machine steady
  • Grinds 9-12 lbs of meat per minute
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Rugged and comfortable handle for easy hauling

Why 22 Electric Meat Grinder

The Weston meat grinder 22 is the last you will ever need. With powerful air-cooled motor and metal gears, it’ll grind anything that you want to stuff down the feeding tube. It is constructed from stainless steel plus comes with all accessories. 

So, you don’t have to purchase any extra parts for snack sticks. If you want to process a significant amount of meat for either your commercial or personal use, you need to look at this Weston #22 grinder review.

If you have the purpose to search for the best meat grinder for your kitchen, you can visit the Weston meat grinder review.

Features: Weston 22 Electric Meat Grinder

If you have a plan to buy any meat grinder #22 so soon, you have to continue with this Weston meat grinder 22 reviews and features at first.

Powerful Motor

The Weston 22 (10-2201-W) is bundled with a grinder machine and planned for grinding an extraordinary amount of meat. The line of this grinder from Weston is able to grind with 50% more supremacy than the counterparts. If you have a plant to use this machine for heavy jobs, you can do it quickly. 

The motor has been upgraded from the pro series that let you grind about 720lbs of meat per hour. The motor comes with a lastingly lubricated motor, and so you shouldn’t need to worry about having the motor jam. It allows you to enjoy a seamless motor mechanism.

Seamless Activities

The motor of this grinder is not only motor well-lubricated but also the gear of it is well-oiled. Making the machine so faster those features are so significant that they help you grind a large quantity of meat with surprising efficiency. But it is real; the motor needs a break for a few minutes during continuing grinding fatty meats.   

But, here, what can surprise you…

The Weston 22 grinder includes a motor that is constructed to use for a long duration without breaking chance. So, you can suppose this grinder to procedure a significant quantity of meat at once. In this case, it is perfect for commercial use. 

UL Certified

The Weston commercial meat grinder 22 is also UL certified and set as the standard product as well as safety. In addition, this grinder is ANSI standard 8-approved. As this meat grinder is considered a commercial grinder that can be used in restaurants and even for any meat processing business. 

Build Quality

The Weston #22 meat grinder’s build quality has been upgraded to grind various types of meat with unbelievable force. You can throw many types of meat like deer, elk, or moose at this grinder, no matter for other meat. According to the expert cooking, Weston meat grinder 22 is the top meat grinder for deer


The Weston 22 meat grinder is surprisingly easy to use and manage. It comes from stainless steel materials, and all the accessories are ideal for making sausage. It includes two grinder plates, coarse and medium. Three funnels with stuffing stars provide the endless flexibility to grind the meat perfectly.  

Accessories: Weston #22 Meat Grinder Parts

Let’s talk about the accessories and parts of this grinder one by one to make your job easy to know why you should use?

Feeding Tube

The Weston #22 is the size of a 22 grinder that has come 3 ¼-inch. The feeding tube is 3-inch wide without a meat tray. This is a commercial grinding tube that is grinding the meat faster and a considerable amount of meat within a short time.

Grinding Plates & Cutting Blades

The Weston meat grinder 22 comes with a single cutting blade and two grinder plates. The coarse grinding plate includes 3/10-inch holes where a medium plate is 1/5-inch.

Parts of this Grinder

All the parts of this machine are housing, tray, head, auger, plates, and knives made of stainless steel. The internal gear comes from metal that ensures that the grinder will be last longer. The stuffing tubes, the snack stick tube, and high-speed auger made of plastic.

Sausage Accessories

The Weston meat grinder comes with three sausage stuffing tubes that are also seven inches long. All the tubes are 20mm, 30mm, and 40 mm. It comes with a stuffing star to regrind the meat again while you plan to make sausage.

Accessories Included

  • Two-grinding plates
  • One-cutting blade
  • Stuffing tube
  • Adapter ring
  • Stuffing star
  • Snack stick tube
  • Stomper
  • Strong handle

If you want to replace any extra parts, they are available, and you can quickly get in the market.

Pros & Cons: Weston 22 Meat Grinder?

Now you have got the best idea and familiar with the Weston 22 meat grinder very well. It’s time to talk about the advantages and drawbacks as the final points to reach the final decision.


All grinders always offer the following advantages:

  • The grinder possesses durable steel housing.
  • It reverses the switch for simply jamming.
  • The motor can deliver quick and smooth operating.
  • The heavy-duty handle will make it easy to pick and lifting the machine.
  • It has constructed with a circuit breaker.
  • It concessions an auger and larger meat pan with so sharper knife.
  • The grinder is certified to UL standard that comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The Weston manufacturer offers full customer support from the first day of purchasing.
  • This Weston grinder is perfect for home and commercial use.


There have a few drawbacks that aren’t serious, but you should know about them for your alertness.

  • The cleaning job can be pretty hectic when you grind a lot of meat with fat.
  • Many consumers feel that it is too heavy to move anywhere.
  • You may think it is slightly so expensive than other models but great value for money.

Consumer Reports

The Weston 22 meat grinder has achieved four out of five. Most consumers love it using for their restaurant and even use it in their home kitchen room. They bought it extremely happy for faster and quicker grind any type of meat using the powerful motor. This is best to invest your valuable money in your kitchen.

Final Thought!

Wrap-up and lead you to decisive thinking that the Weston 22 meat grinder provides a high-quality commercial-grade electric grinder. It is constructed from durable and sturdy stainless steel material.

The internal gear is metal that performs well with serious output power. It grinds an incredible quantity of meat so faster though it costs higher. The time and money savings you for a long duration will be worth for one-time investment.

So, hopefully, selecting the most effective grinder is easy for you after reading this review. Click here to view on amazon

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