(6 Step) Electric Knife That Cuts Through Bone

An electric knife is a type of kitchen tool that uses electricity to slice foods. This tool has two serrated blades in it. Nowadays, an electric knife has become a popular cutlery tool to cut meats in a perfect shape.

An electric knife is also referred to as an electric carving knife. These knives can be used in several different ways and can easily cut through soft meats like poultry. But they aren’t tough enough to cut through meat bones. That’s why people often search for an electric knife that cuts through bone to cut through bone in certain circumstances.

What Are The Uses Of An Electric Knife?

The following are the primary reasons for cutting meat with an electric knife:

  • You can cut meat with low force when you use an electric knife. It can cut through meat without requiring a lot of power.
  • An electric knife cuts meat into perfect shape. If you like a precise and beautiful cut for your meat, use an electric knife.
  • This knife can save a lot of time for you. Usually, it takes at least 10 minutes to cut a roasted turkey in a regular way. But, with the help of an electric knife, you can do it in less than 1 minute.
  • An electric knife can slice other soft foods also. You can cut soft bread, food, or vegetables in bulk with it effortlessly.
  • An electric knife is an exclusive tool for cutting soft meat only. But not just that these can be used to do so many other things. Sometimes people use this knife to cut small wood pieces or papers.
  • This knife can cut through cardboard boxes, but it is not recommendable for an electric knife.
  • You can cut various types of paper with it for decoration purposes.
  • An electric knife can cut through thin plastic pipes.

Benefits of Using Electric Knife

Regular knives produce reliable results. But if you wish to cut things with less effort and precision, then an electric knife is the ideal tool. Let’s discuss the benefits of electric knives.

  • Electric knives are far more potent than regular kitchen knives. As they use electricity, they do not need physical power to slice through meat. You can use a cord or some batteries to power up an electrical knife.
  • Knife-related injuries in kitchens are on the rise and it is very common almost everywhere. But you can avoid such injuries with an electrical knife. This tool increases kitchen safety significantly. People can handle them easier than a standard kitchen knife while cutting meat.
  • These knives are used to slice and cut meat precisely and evenly. If you wish to cut your meat in perfect shape, you can rely on an electric knife.
  • When you use a normal knife to slice meats, sometimes you may need to put extra force. But if you use an electric knife to perform the same task, you won’t need that. Still, they produce better results.
  • Electric knives are very easy to handle. They can cut many things, but you shouldn’t use them to cut through bones or other heavy items.

How to Cut Bone Using Electric Knife

Although you should avoid using an electric knife to cut bones except for some exceptions. To cut through a meat bone, you must get some frozen meat first to make cutting with the blade easier. For ensuring a safe-cutting frozen food process there are some principles that you should follow. Let’s discuss them-

Step 1: Prepare Required Items

Get a cutting board, an electric knife, and some frozen meat with the bone before you start. Remember, you must handle the blade carefully. It’s better to follow the manual and avoid accidents.

Step 2: Clean the Electric Knife

Wash the electric blade thoroughly. This process is very significant as it helps to sharpen the blade. Furthermore, it ensures that you cut cleanly.

Step 3: Handle the Knife Safely

Frozen meats are often slippery. For this reason, put the knife away from the direction of your body. You may injure yourself if the knife slips while it is pointed at your body. Place the meat on your cutting board and keep it in place.

Step 4: Turn on the Electric Knife

Next, turn on the knife. If your knife uses a cord, plug it in. After that, turn on the switch. Then take the knife near the meat.

Step 5: Slice through the Meat

Now, make sure the meat is in a perfect position, so it will not slip. Start slicing the meat until you reach the bone. Now, hold the knife firmly to make sure it will go through the bone. Do it carefully to prevent it from getting slipped. If slicing through the bone feels difficult, stop the process. Clean up sliced meats and try again.

Step 6: Clean the Knife and the Board

After you successfully cut through the bone, clean the knife and the board with detergent. Frozen meat may contain residues that promote bacterial growth. Avoid contamination by cleaning them as soon as you have completed your task. 

Cutting Bone Using Electric Knife – Is It a Better Decision

An electric knife specializes in slicing meats. Although you can cut soft bones using it, avoid using the electric knife if you have other options available. The serrated blades of this knife aren’t so sturdy, and they may shatter easily while cutting bone. So, it is not a good idea to always rely on an electric knife to cut bones.

Regular kitchen knives are a better option to cut bones. They are strongly built to perform tasks like cutting bones. If you have a regular kitchen knife and an electric knife, you should use the kitchen knife to cut bone rather than the electric knife.


An electric knife is a great kitchen tool that excels at slicing meat. But it is not built to cut bones effectively. This knife can cut through light poultry bones effortlessly, but red meat bones are different. These bones are too tough for the electric knife. You can still try to cut them after freezing the meat. There is some electric knife that cuts through bone available in the market. If you need such a knife, search the marketplace and buy one that suits your needs. Electric knives are a fantastic collection for any kitchen.

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